Party Girls Have More Fun

Kimberism: You can join the party of life or sit on the sidelines. In the end the choice is yours. In my youth the term “party girl” was used to describe someone who had an imbalanced affinity for socialization. Not too long ago I decided to do life and business from a “party girl” perspective. I decided to reclaim the term “party girl,” because I would rather join the party than sit on the sidelines!

I hope you realize that I’m not talking about substance abuse, unless the substance is life. I have lived way too long to settle for dispassionate duty in any area of my life when I can enjoy the grand romance of life instead.

Have you ever met people who pull a party out of their bag no matter how bleak the circumstance, because they see into a seemingly different dimension? That’s my Grandmother for you! She always manages to find joy even amongst the sourest bag of apples.

How about you? Have you recognized areas in your life that have fallen prey to the stoic adult world of obligation, duty and propriety? Have you settled for an illusion of happiness, instead of truly embracing the party?

Granite, not everyday is a picnic, yet we still get the choice to show up for life and enjoy the party. If you feel phased out of the party and want to get back in, or know there has to be more in your life and want to connect to something bigger than yourself sign up for my free telecall, Super Charge Your Life with Irresistible Bliss! You will find out how you can:

  • Live from a spacious, wide opened place of delight-led living
  • Wake up giddy and excited about life everyday
  • Connect to Something bigger than yourself 
  • Tap into the undeniable graces of effortless bliss
  • Find out what’s your irresistible easy
  • And begin to thrive in whatever circumstances you are facing

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