Rebel, Rebel, I'm Hip to Your Ways

When you’re new to an area and begin the search for a hair stylist it’s easy to forget about the risk involved on a typical beauty boot camp day. Although you may previously have had a stylist extraordinaire, when trying someone new there is always the chance you might come out a different shade of who you are. Rather than baring your beauty muscles, you might feel more like sheepishly ducking down the alley! I battled the latter temptation this past week.

Even though I clearly explained to the new stylist that my hair tends to go rebel, picking up brassy, red tones, wouldn’t you know it... it did! Expecting that this stylist would believe me, and more importantly have the experience to counter my rebel locks, I was bamboozled into a much dowdier shade of who I am! My day at beauty boot camp went rogue when my blond locks turned mousy!

Today as I face the world with a head of mousy, brassy, blond/brown hair, I dare not give into the tendency to shrink back into someone less than who I am. You know how we girls like our hair! That means I am digging to my core to muster up my moxie!

We all have days like this when our insides don’t match our outside world, in my case, my outsides don’t match my inside world. This is when we face our “choices” head on in the middle of the road.

On days like these, we have the choice to stay captive to our inner Gremlins and the tendency to hide, (a Gremlin is a term to describe your inner scripts that hold you back) or we can move forward by owning the truth about ourselves. I have found that these steps are mandatory when my personal value is challenged.

3 Things to Do When Your Insides Rebel

1. By all means decide who is boss

2. Walk straight into what your Gremlin is trying to keep you out of. It’s sure to be a good thing

3. Fake it until you make it

When we give ourselves the benefit of the doubt over the accusing scripts that work to derail our confidence, it is sure to be a winning move. How are you hip to rebel voices in your own life? In what area of your life can you implement these simple steps to stand up for your better self, rather than cave to rebel saboteurs?

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