Reigning In Resistance

Kimberism: Art begins with resistance - at the point where resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor. Andre Gide
 Have you ever tried to hold onto something when there’s good evidence that it’s time to let go? Imagine your head pressed into the palm of a Goliath size wrestler as your little body flails and kicks in mid air and you get a pretty clear picture of resistance.


What is resistance? It’s the powerful substance that stands in the way of everything you might want. Ask yourself all the things that stand in the way of the fifty pounds you’d like to lose, the job advancement you’d like to experience, the leap to a new career you wish you could make, the better class of men you’d like to date, or the evasive peace missing inside. All that stands in the way is your resistance.

Most of us don’t like the messiness of change and so we cling to our resistance like a protective blanket. We fear the clutter of change, because it might jab us like a rusty nail on a construction site. However, change can be simpler than we think. Change can begin with small steps. Small or big, resistance shows up weak on the other side of change.

Take a moment and decide what you would do if you were willing to let go of resistance, take a few small steps and hop over the looming giant before you. 

Recently I found resistance showing in the oddest places. Suddenly I remembered I could say "yes" in many places I was only allowing a "no."

Here are a few adjustments I decided to make to move past my resistant no's. Treat myself to fresh fruit from the corner vendor more often, adjust to our relocation by starting a new dinner club, find a group of musicians I can jam with, befriend more of the local homeless guys, canvas the neighborhood for a workout buddy, refuse to let other's resistance stop me from enjoying every bit of life, make it a habit to go dancing at least once a month, continue to champion women even when I’m met with cold resistance and soak up as much of the beach life as possible!

Sometimes little steps open the door to move beyond greater resistance. What resistance will you move past?

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