Release Your Pizazz

Kimberism: "Your body knows when you're doing what you love." Chris Walker Although I love experiencing the varying hues of color from all kinds of people, have you ever noticed how like-minded people can stir your inspiration and release new pizazz? That's what I experienced while speaking to a group of women who recently invested in themselves through a day training I led. These women came hungry and ready to rev up their vision, passion, and purpose. They quickly grabbed a hold of the concepts I shared and made teaching invigorating.

Its easy to struggle with ones uniqueness when hanging out with birds of a different feather. Clearly waterfowl tend to show up differently than the non swimmer! I quickly learned that my feathers were not suited for the formality of corporate work, but put me in a room of spiritually minded, creative women and my authenticity shines!

How often do you take a breather from the masses to indulge in spending time with your tribe? Like a timely massage, or an ocean walk, connecting with your peeps can release new inspiration and pizazz.

Take time this week to indulge yourself with a day of mental rejuvenation. Get re-energized and release new pizazz. Hangout with your peeps! © Copyright 2011 Moxie Me Institute, BE U LLC. All Rights Reserved WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? To publish this article in your ezine or website please include the following blurb: Kimber Britner is president of Moxie Me Institute, Author, Speaker, Professional Coach and Innovation Expert. Moxie Me Institute helps heart-led women bring their greatness to the world by connecting them to their passion, purpose, and inspired vision. Join us to rev up your moxie and bliss!