Kimberism: Make sure "waiting" is not an excuse that capsizes your plans. Steven Pressfield said speaking of artists and children, “…they’re not aware of time or solitude while they’re chasing their vision. The hours fly. The sculptress and the tree climber tyke both look up blinking when Mom calls “Suppertime!”

Can you say that about your work? Do you look up at the end of the day unaware that time has flown by, because you've been fully engaged? If not, why not? I think the culprit could be called resistance.

I am quite familiar with resistance. It’s the voice in my head that says “give it up” or "take to the couch!" It acts as an anchor that pulls me down and keeps me separated from my best work.

Here are some signs of resistance:

  • Creating and getting caught up in constant drama
  • The idea that you aren't ready
  • Fear of what others might think if you really did what you wanted
  • The notion that you must sacrifice your life on the alter of practicality
  • Too many people need you so you don't care for yourself

Can you add to the list from your own resistance?

What does it take to rescue the truth and get it onto the pavement in our lives? What does it take to be like the artist, or child who is fully alive and engaged in their niche?

I believe it takes the following kind of moxie: 

  1. Unwillingness to settle for acceptable, or mediocre
  2. Refusal to listen to the naysayers
  3. Tenacity that just won’t quit (you get knocked down, you get up again)
  4. Determination to steward the unique gold within
  5. Willingness to be a fool and value a childlike heart
  6. Hold onto the unseen in faith
  7. Let love be your guide
  8. Willingness to laugh at oneself
  9. Willingness to receive course corrections
  10. Willingness to start over time and time again

What are you doing to release your self from resistance?

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