Savvy Women Leverage Their Smarts

Kimberism: Smart people own their value and then multiply it. In today’s economy more than ever it is vital for women to understand their value. Understanding one’s unique ability and value is highly important, but it matters little if it is not maximized. 

In today’s market many people are discovering the absolute necessity of re-invention of one’s strengths to new ends. Have you learned to leverage what makes you great? Are you using your expertise in the most up to date and effective ways?

I love using my creativity in new ways and I love helping smart women do the same. Imagine for a minute that you could take the thing you love, and do the best, and expand it beyond the reach that you have now. How would it feel to help, inspire, and touch more people?

Smart women are thinking outside the box and moving beyond a dollar for hour model. At Moxie Me Institute we help women maximize and monetize their expertise, because we know that heart-centered entrepreneurs struggle with this the most.

At the Craig Dushwalt's Rock Star System for Success Event I attended over the last few days I spoke with several women who professed this same sentiment as "creatives" that struggle to monetize what they do. Are you investing in yourself by investing in what you need to succeed? I challenge you to choose one thing today to do to invest in getting equipped, so you can bring your gifts to the world. The world needs what you have and are meant to gift. 

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