Seeing the Unseen

Kimberism: When something within us is disowned it wrecks havoc.

The Latin root of creation is literally “to bring forth.” I believe what stands in the way of bringing forth all that is in us is our inability to consistently move past the present that is looming larger than life and see into vast, unseen possibility.  

If you've ever birthed you know how difficult transition can be. You feel confused and anxious around your lack of clarity and inability to see the manifestation of what you are birthing. In the moment when you feel like giving up, as many women call tell you, you have to focus, do the work that is before you and believe in the fulfillment of what is yet unseen. 

I am, in a season of “bringing forth” like many of you. So it’s no surprise that we have to muster up our moxie and push past the messages that tell us to, “Give up, move aside,” or simply “lay down.”

The thing is once we do muster our moxie, and refuse to be taken down, we will see the birth of the promise.  That’s why it was no surprise that I met a woman last night at an event who invited me to close my eyes and pick one of her beautifully whimsical note cards. The card I picked just happened to say, “If you can see it you can be it.” 

What vision are you struggling to see manifest? Have you given up, because all evidence is saying, “Beneath that baby bump is just hot air?” Don’t give up! Hold on to your moxie, keep focused on your work and watch for the manifestation of your vision.

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