Sharpening Intuition

Kimberism: "All great men are gifted with intuition. They know without reasoning or analysis, what they need to know." Alexis Carrel 

As much as we like the idea of being free to do whatever we want suggested in the phrase, “If it feels good do it,” I find that the converse exhortation applies well in life. If it doesn’t feel good, you may need to pass on the opportunity.

Recently something felt wrong to me, and I lacked the peace I look for when making decisions. Although I spent a lot of energy discussing the ends and outs of my choice, the bottom line was it didn’t feel right, and so I adjusted my course of action.

Most people have sensed a red flag cautioning them to halt at one time, or another. Isn’t it nice to know that your intuition is working to help you out? Think how handy it can be in making business decisions. Yet not everyone relies on their gut feeling for decision making. I wonder how our decisions might be affected more positively if in fact we trusted our intuition.

The thing about intuition is that it can’t be measured for accuracy by judging its practicality, rationale, or grown-up posturing. Intuition can simply be our core sending us a message. We don’t have to understand why the message is there, but we do have to decide if we will respond to it appropriately, ignore, or deny it, recognizing that the inner message may be inconvenient and totally contradicting our outer plan.

I’ve learned that every time I deny something I feel at my core it usually returns to bite me in the rear. The more and more I trust my intuition, the more the gap closes between trusting merely in what I can see with my eyes verses what I may sense.

Boy, this can mess with control issues. It takes risk to surrender the control of the tangible for a mere internal sensing. How do we even begin to hone this illusive thing?

I believe the way be begin to hone intuition is to listen to it, respond and honor it. Give it a voice in our life and make room for it to be explored.

How comfortable are you with trusting your intuition even when you don’t understand the why around the message it may be sending? How will you make more room to honor your intution in your business ventures, as well as your personal life?

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