Simple Love

Kimberism: If you think you must do a song and a dance for love maybe you've missed love altogether. In this world we are trained to think that if we want something including love, we had better earn it ourselves. Because we're prone to think that if we work hard we'll get what we deserve, such as pay, we take this mindset into all other areas. It seems like a normal assumption. Yet, love doesn't demand that we do backflips and somersaults in an attempt to earn approval. Love isn't based on performance. Its a gift.

If we think we earn love and acceptance by doing everything we're told, dotting all our I's and crossing all our T's, it eliminates personal trust completely. We might as well have a contract! With real love there are no contracts. We might think there are big risks, but there is one exception. With God, love is simply a promise--and its God's promise --we can't break it. The fulfillment of God's promise depends entirely on trusting Him, and simply embracing him and what he does.

When something is so big that we can't do it, we trust him to do it, and that trusting-him--to-do-it is what moves us out of striving and into faith, so we can rest in his love. Love is a free gift, no performing to earn it. It seems so simple, but how often we end of working harder and peddling faster to earn what we already possess.

Are you working hard to prove yourself, striving to earn love? Step back and notice that you are already loved without doing a thing.

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