Sometimes Amateurs Have an Advantage

Kimberism: Careful not to be taken in by other's Titanic-sized-bling lest you too become capsized! Many people think they are disqualified, because they’re not smart enough, professional enough, degreed enough, or savvy enough. But look around at the state of our country based on the expertise of professionals. The Titanic was build by professionals and the Ark was build by an amateurs. Which water craft would you rather have occupied?

Did you ever consider that amateurs have the advantage of Ark-like inspiration when they tap into their greatest strengths and play by their own rules. The story of Noah gives us a great illustration of over-the-top innovation that saved his family, while boastful antagonist sank with their quips.

Everyone has a specific wiring, and skill set that makes them unique. No matter what your back ground, when you begin to hone into your unique brilliance, and move out of limiting mindsets, stifled creativity begins to pop.

The question is: Are you living under the notion that you are an amateur and can’t compete with professionals? If you’re being derailed from your dreams, purpose and success because of something as small as a label, maybe you need to rev up your moxie and decide whose rules you’re going to play by.

When you’re able to own your unique strengths and talents you won’t focus so heavily on your weaknesses. You’ll do what all smart business owner do, hire a “professional” to deal with time frittering activities, while you focus on what you do well.

When you recognize what makes your heart stand up and say, “Yes” the “No’s” become so much easier. That’s when you’ll find the moxie to say “No” to intimidation, and its bullies, fear, self-doubt and self-sabotage.

What have you been putting off because you feared you didn’t have what it takes? What have you avoided, because you believed you weren’t smart enough, or lacked business savvy? Isn’t it time you joined the ranks of some of the world’s leading amateurs? Uplevel you strengths, and get the support and training you need to be one of the top amateurs that didn’t let a label derail her!

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Bibi is co-owner of Buying Time, LLC, a personal assistant service that provides a support system for individuals ranging from busy parents to small business owners, by providing errand services, home/office organization and virtual assistant services.

As a recent co-author of “Get Organized Today” she focuses on helping clients address the physical and emotional clutter that keeps them from the productive and stress free day to day lifestyle everyone desires. With the use of pie charting, checklists and overall scheduling Bibi will demonstrate how you can effectively delegate everything from invoicing clients to getting the laundry done.

 On this call, you will learn

  • How to make sure every task you delegate gets done right
  • How to identify which tasks can be delegated immediately & easily
  • How to identify who to delegate tasks to
  • How to follow up after you delegate 

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