Spring's Hope

Kimberism: New life is ever present if we will receive it.

Spring offers a poignant message that has been lived out in my life over and over again. The most dramatic example was when my sweet husband Bill passed away fifteen years ago on Good Friday.

Although my shattered world was layered with winter barrenness, unbeknownst to me life was stirring below the surface. As with Easter and spring time, new life can’t be held back. New life emerged before my eyes with promise and hope.

The amazing thing about spring is that it can’t be forced, or hurried. You can’t make buds appear before their time. Yet, with no warning an unimpressive patch of earth reveals its first green shoots signaling the hope of what is to come. 

How do you hold on when you see no evidence of spring? I am a faith girl, so for me, what stands in the gap between what is and what will be is faith! Good Friday is more than a day of sorrow . It holds the sign of unending promise and power.

Are you surrounded by winter-barrenness in your life? Are you unable to see the promise of what you hope for on the horizon?

Be patient for spring will come, bringing with it new hope, new possibility and new growth. Life just can’t help itself; it keeps giving and giving and giving. Always extending newness and love. How are you positioned to receive? Are you standing ready with arms open wide for possibility? Is your tongue extended eager to soak up spring's refreshing rains? Mine is!

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