Stepping Into the Unknown

Kimberism: "The future is always beginning now."  Mark Strand The only way to truly live and grow in my estimation is to take risks, yet taking risks requires a great amount of faith and moxie. During seasons when we step out of the boat onto the waters of the unknown its easy to crave the security and comfort of the past. Risk taking is a process and with it comes varied emotions.

However, I have discovered that its necessary to let go of the security of the past to embrace the unfamiliar, wild and woolly taunts of the future. Although the future may at times seem harrowing, it holds unforeseen possibilities. If we keep looking over our shoulder at what was, we will miss what lies ahead.

Part of letting go for me comes through creative exercises, staying in the now, exercising faith and being honest about what I am letting go of. I need to be honest about my feelings of lack, having yet reached the promise of whats ahead. Acknowledging and letting go allow me to begin to hope and see into my unseen future. Below I've let you in on some of my "letting go" process that allows me to embrace what is new. Now take a minute to acknowledge and let go yourself.

I acknowledge what I crave and let go to embrace the future:

I crave popping over to snuggle up on a welcoming sofa, drinking hot tea and walking each other through life. I crave girl friend chatter, the kind that says you’re safe no matter what you're going through.

I crave dinners out, ruckus laughter, movies, surprise gifts, soul exposure, mani-pedis, shopping, closet cleaning, deep conversation, inspirational and creative ventures, fun partnerships, savvy women wearing big girl panties some days and childlike authenticity the next, supportive prayer and the occasional tear stained cheeks met with the comfort of hand-holding-support. I crave longevity, where no one quits or walks away.

I crave the feeling of home, no ploys for positioning, no one pushing his or her agenda. I crave siting out on the patio, noshing on great food and conversation. I crave lost and new friendship.

I let go of what was to embrace all that is yet to be. I embrace newness as a welcomed friend. I plant my feet into today and say thank you to yesterday. I embrace the journey and the adventure of the here and now!

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