Stinky Cheese

Ever since my daughter Chloe was small she has been a big fan of cheese, Brie and Gruyere amongst her favorites. When she was little she requested Gruyere by calling it “stinky cheese!” You gotta admit it has quite an aroma.

Once when she was perusing the gourmet cheese section at our local grocery store, she stumbled upon a huge mismarked wheel of Jarlsberg. Immediately she trotted herself up to the checkout station gloating in her enormous find. Although she was prepared to see the price corrected, her ginormous wheel of cheese ended up only costing her $10.00!

She came home overjoyed, spouting that God loved her so much that He gave her a boat load of cheese for only $10.00.

This whole experience made me consider the importance of reinterpreting things of value that may have missed our notice. Chances are there is version of “stinky cheese” in your life that could morph into a huge, mother-load, find! What is the great value that you have yet to see, but is apparent to others?

You have a unique, and ginormous value that may have gone undetected. Its time to cash in on your unique “stinky cheese”! What is sitting right under your nose that you need to leverage? I'd love to hear what you've discovered.

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