Strategizing Life to Enjoy the Sweet Stuff

Kimberism: "Nothing happens until something moves." Robert Ringer

Now that I live in Southern California I try to incorporate the beauty of the beach and local vegetation into my life as much as possible. Consistent with my California life style, part of my strategic planning for 2011 includes a bi-weekly writing day at one of my favorite beach spots, The Casa Del Mar Hotel. The lobby boasts of ample, over-stuffed, cushy, chairs, and a beautiful area overlooking the beach.

Although I have been in Cali for seven months dreaming of the perfect beach spot where I could write and work, I kept pushing the notion away. Why? It took effort to nail down my haven. Although I've had something readily accessible I failed to make it a priority.

However, when I finally noticed that this beautiful image of an idyllic work spot kept surfacing in my spirit, I knew I needed to respond. How many nudges, or great ideas have you put off that may take little effort to implement? How many great ideas that will take much more intention and planning have you ignored, because of the work required? Sometimes all you need is a strategy that will enable you to knock it out.

I’ve also hired a virtual Assistant to help implement my goals, which means someone will be taking the pesky jobs that steal my time and energy off my plate, so I can be more efficient at what I do best. This enables me to spend my time smartly.

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