My Christmas Miracle



Years ago as I watched the new version of Miracle on 34th Street with the kids, feeling like the disillusioned mother in the movie, a gentle whisper seemed to say to me, “Can you believe in Santa Claus?” I thought to myself, “How utterly ridiculous!” I was a grown, rational woman who actually was a bit surprised by my enjoyment of the movie.

But there I sat, bewildered, posed with a question by the very One I thought would feel contrary about Mr. Santa Claus. And yet how absurd to think God would be threatened by this imaginary rival. I could have ignored this strong impression that popped into my head, but I chose to follow its lead.

God has always spoken through pictures, like Jesus did when He would tell a parable to illustrate His point. I believe God speaks through pictures because they engage us, but also because He knows that there always will be those who will dismiss Him and not bother to turn aside to truly examine what He’s getting at, like some of the prideful folks of His day.

The probing continued, knowing my firm resistance to the frivolity of Santa Claus. He was prompting me to delve deeper and look into the significance of this joyful character. But like the efficient mother in the movie, I had learned how to plod along, handling the realities of life. Yet, he was simply asking me if I would be willing to receive all of the blessings and joy that Santa represented. He was asking me if I would be willing to receive a life of joy, bliss and grace that surpassed my circumstances.


God was speaking to my heart and telling me He had so much for me, but I had to be willing to receive it. He longed to lavish His bundle of joy-filled gifts on me like Santa. I could continue to live below what He had for me or I could acknowledge a fully grace-drenched life and identity. All I had to do was be willing to become like a little child and receive.

Shortly after the experience with Miracle on 34th Street, I was at a home group leaders’ meeting where a woman shared that I had been on her heart and so she had been praying for me. She said that as she prayed, an odd picture of a candy cane popped into her head. She asked me if that meant anything to me. A huge smile came across my face as I instantly recognized God’s “Santa-esque” style humor.

After this Santa experience, I decided to start a charm bracelet to commemorate the times God personally touches my life with a sign of His outrageous generosity and love. One of the first charms I put on my bracelet was a silver candy cane to remind me of His extravagant love.


Wishing you the beautiful gift of extravagant love this Christmas.

Portions of this article are taken from Moxie Me Please! Awakening to Your True Identity ©2014 Kimber Britner, All Rights Reserved

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