I Suck at Asking for Help!


Recently I gave myself the assignment to practice asking for help. Because of my early conditioning, parental inversion, being the "mini grownup" with a knack for earning love and approval by not “needing” or “making demands,” I have an ugly little built-in reflex that causes me to do just about anything to avoid asking for help.

I’ve always had the strong and admirable ability appearance of managing to propel myself forward with tenacity and persistence, sucking it up dutifully and pridefully instead of asking for help. Ugh!

It’s funny how gifts can arrive in unusual packages. After several years of transitions causing me to feel marooned on an island of lonesome, the discomfort of isolation has grown to the same level as my discomfort of asking for help. Instead of defaulting to the coping method of trying to make it on my own, suddenly I’m willing to face the risk to move beyond my current barrier for the reward of support, collaboration and friendship. Although I still breakout in a sweat as the words spill out of my mouth, I’m learning to ask for help! 

I started by reaching out to some old friends for love and support. This has given me a bit of success to stay in the game. Now the scary part-asking you for help! 

Through my coaching work with women I've come to understand that few of us are really good at asking for help, so I am sticking with the process and sticking my neck out here. I'm expanding this personal assignment into a practicum for the Higher Ground Leadership® Credential Program, created by leadership trainer, Lance Secretan that am I taking part in.

My practicum entitled: 30 Days of Authentic Creative Expression will consist of art journaling for 30 days with the possibility of a few videos thrown in too. For thirty days I will focus on the CASTLE® Principles, made up of the values that create the acronym for CASTLE: Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love and Effectiveness. From that space, I will daily draw a card from the Spirit@Work® Cards, a 77 card deck of values and daily art journal about what the word, principle and description means to me in the moment. Then I will share it with you on my Facebook biz page, so be sure to follow along at www.facebook.com/kimberbritnerbiz. Not only am I excited about collaborating with others on this project and into 2014, but also further expanding my 2013 theme of inner congruence and inner work. This past year has been a huge year of growth and I am grateful that I've taken time for inner work instead of merely focusing on outer goals.

This is where I ask for your help! I would love your help spreading the word, asking others you know on Social Media to join the fun, as well as your own daily engagement, input and support. In fact, you might want to follow along journaling on your own in some way. Share your discoveries and your big wins, as I share mine. The point of creating this particular exercise as a practicum for myself is that I want to extend the bridge of engagement, friendship, collaboration and support, as I practice asking for help! I want to expand my capacity in this area through this project and in the New Year. How about you? Would you like to expand along with me?


If you would like to join in to lend your moral support, cheer or participate, and receive feedback on where you are too, please follow along and comment on my daily Facebook and art journaling posts at: www.facebook.com/kimberbritnerbiz!  

If you would like to dive in deeper, add the Spirit@Work®  app to your phone for only 99 cents. Simply search for Lance Secretan, Spirit@Work® Cards App and you can incorporate a bit more inspiration and value reflection into your daily life. Just so you know, I get no residual for promoting this App.

For those who truly jump on board as a cheerleader, or journaling participant, there will be prizes and surprises awarded to the most active participants! (Yes, I’m resorting to incentives and bribery in asking for help! :)

Thanks for playing along and thanks for your support! Get ready for January 1st start date with pencil and paper, journal and paint, or merely your own perfect presence! Let's celebrate creativity, the value of our inner wealth, playing full out in 2014 and the power of supportive community!  I look forward to seeing you on Facebook as I begin 30 Days of Authentic Creative Expression beginning January 1st!