The Cost of a Real Education Is Steep

Heart and Soul


I don’t consider many things mistakes, because when you lean in for divine direction in decision making you trust the decision. However, I've come to understand that the perceived outcome will most likely translate differently than I had imagined on the other side of the experience.

That’s how the last four years played out for me. A big idealist dive into the deep end led to a new anchoring and transformative dose of reality I hadn’t anticipated. Now that I’ve come up for air, recovered from the shock of almost drowning, here’s what I gleaned from my steep four-year learning curve.

The Education You Can’t Get In College

  1. Sometimes you will be led to invest a lot of money in an education that promises an end result. However, what you’ll really be investing in is a hard- earned education in what's not your path.
  2. You may think your passion is pulling you into deeper waters, but it could be that what you once perceived as shallow will in due time become more valuable than you ever imagined.
  3. Dorothy didn’t find herself out looking for the latest greatest Oz. She found herself by returning home to herself.
  4. Shoe horning yourself in to fit and allowing others to define you and your route will most certainly give you blisters.
  5. What you judge to be lacking in others is on some level lacking in yourself.
  6. In the end, all the shiny objects promising a reward will show themselves for what they truly are and the true gold will be found in people.
  7. Bridges go both ways.
  8. Vulnerability is the only way to find real connection.
  9. Inner congruence is the most over looked necessity that reaps the greatest payoff.
  10. Telling your story is crucial, although it will anger people that aren’t even a part of your story, because you’ll be exposing their worst fears.
  11. There is no good or bad about a person’s story. It just is what it is.
  12. Hidden pain will kill you.
  13. You can celebrate your hard earned education, recognizing that without it you’d still be searching for what you’ve found.
  14. You are only as authentic as you can be at any given moment. Next week you may see differently and understand with even greater clarity.
  15. Self-kindness, forgiveness, and wiliness to lay down perfection will be the greatest forward moving action.
  16. Although you may feel constrained at times, you may actually be protected from what you think you want, because if you got it you’d realize it wasn’t what you wanted at all.
  17. Talk and pontification are dead-end streets. You don’t have to settle for a formulaic faith. You can experience God in a way that words cannot define.
  18. Some people will be so driven by their fears and insecurities that they will never stop competing. Let them have the bone they crave, because the  real trophy is imperishable.
  19. The further you go you will find that love is the underlying vein, the answer and remedy to everything
  20. You can’t arrive where you are heading if your authentic self is on a different path. Although the investment of an inner relationship is never popular, it is where you discover and nurture your eternal purpose. Everyone will be required to pass through this junction; some must go first to be trail guides.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

What have you gleaned from your hard-earned education?