She Chose Herself


"She work up every mooring with the option of being anyone she wished. How beautiful it was that she always chose herself. "

I love this quote by Tyler Kent White,

This may sound easy, but when we've learned adaptive behavior that's caused personas, we might not even be aware our what is true on the inside. Another wards, we may think we feel one way only to discover below the surface another reality.

Through the process of truly, deeply listening and owning what is being conveyed on the inside, though it may have been previously denied and pushed down, we begin to come into congruence.

We aren't a bunch of pieces walking around. We are whole beings, but until we welcome the parts of ourselves we've orphaned, we will feel fragmented. 

Practice giving yourself permission to listen and respond to the depths of what you hear. Be sure to stand in your own corner. Be sure to choose yourself!

Day 13 of 30 Painting In 30 Days, She Chose Herself

You Are a Song


Sunset High

Imagine if when we looked at each other and heard a sound, or saw a scene, or beautiful image?


FullSizeRender-24 copy 3

I passed this street art above over the weekend and loved the message.  

Imagine hearing a melody or seeing a sunset when we look into another's eyes. For it is when we learn to suspend judgment and see the unique poetry in each other that we truly see.  

We are spirit beings, but so often we think of ourselves in compartments that don't truly exist. Awakening to the powerful reality of spirit over natural sight immediately alters and broadens our vision.

Our spirits are eternal so they aren't cloaked in persona or ego. Practicing abiding in the present and Presence means seeing beyond the natural seen realm. This is certainly foreign to many folks, but this is true reality, which enables us to carry peace and joy despite circumstances and outer measurements society forms of success.

Spirit is the only lasting reality, all else withers and fades. All of the false beliefs we hold crumble as we continually awaken to the reality of Eternal Love.

Some folks in my faith persuasion believe you have to jump through all sorts of hoops to arrive at this, but the truth is that all hoop jumping was accomplished on our behalf. This is not about willpower, in fact willpower hinders us from practicing the Presence and abiding in peace through one's spirit. Its through acceptance and openness that we enter in.

If you aren't seeing beauty in others, maybe you aren't truly seeing. 

Day 13 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days, Sunset High


Are You Flitting Like a Bee?


Like jumping rope, some new ventures, seasons and years begin by taking a few awkward and seemingly spasmodic jumps to get into the rhythm of things. That is why I've challenged myself the last few years to do 3o days of creative expression. Although as an artist I will continue creating long after the 30 day mark, I still like to give myself a jumpstart.

Research has proven that creativity is a powerful means to process what's in our head and to move it to our heart, through our hands. It also jumpstarts and inspires greater creativity. That is why I incorporate art into much of the workshops and retreats I do with women.

Some people flit around like a bee in the charcoal drawing above (not a painting at all) for Day 8 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days. They jump from one thing to the next without focus. Been there done that, which isn't always a bad thing. It is actually a great way to learn what things you actually want to continue and develop and what things you want to discard.

However, adding intention, direction and planning takes flitting into focus. Although I am a creative, one of my top strengths defined by the Strength Finders Assessment, which by the way I have all new clients take, is focus. If focus were not in my profile, I would want to team up with someone who had that strength. Instead, I have other areas where I lack particular strengths and try to add others with those strengths or skill sets to my team.

What ways are you being intentional about your New Year? Are you giving yourself permission to awkwardly jump into something that you might feel uncertain about, so you can explore the territory? 

To follow along this month come back to the blog everyday for a new painting and post and see the art that others are posting from around the world at:

Seeing Beyond

FullSizeRender-24 copy

Everyday, I come alive a little more to things I didn’t even know I already possessed. Its sad to think of mankind living below the level of what is intended and available to us. Some won’t wake up until they’re breathing their last breath and then so blinded by the light of eternal love, they’ll begin to see as if for the first time. My Day 5 painting in the 30 Paintings In 30 Days series reflects the joy of seeing things as if for the first time. It is entitled: Robust Joy. You can follow all of the amazing artwork here

Walter Lanyon, one of my favorite authors, writes in the Laughter of God,

“I was a child with a small measure at the seaside, trying to carry off a little water when the whole sea was at my disposal, and I understood for the first time the exhaustless sea of substance about me, and that the idea of hoarding was but a childish feat grown into a Goliath by false teaching and beliefs. I suddenly became aware that the substance was everywhere, in everything, out of everything, and the only place of lack was in the hypnotic state of belief—and I alone created and moved in this vacuum.

And the glorious laughter rolled on, searching the very joints and marrow of me—dislodging every belief in fear, sickness, or age. And as it swept over me and through me and round about me, I was amazed with the wonder of it—the fierce, terrible thing which was at the same time so beautiful and free. The wonder of it kept singing through my soul as veil of belief was rent asunder and new kingdoms stood revealed. And the whole thing was as if one just saw a little deeper, as one looks through the surface reflection on a river and sees the pebbles and shells below, that was all; only the Laughter made this possible, for it cleared away all the effort and straining which in its attempt to see God had been halted at the reflection on the surface, instead of gasping into the limpid, glorious depth of Infinity…The glorious Divine ease with which it was expressed made dis-ease impossible.”

What joy and freedom to live in this continual union with Love and Joy. There is no substitute or distraction that is worthy of dislodging this ease. And so it is with this effortless grace that one enters by mere recognition, not labor. What a gift, being so wrapped up in love before we even recognized it.

This little bit of early morning inspiration had me talking to myself about joy during my drive time, in none other than a lovely British Prime Minister-esque accent. The way I used to talk to my dolls about life, all lined up on my bed. We are the perfect captive audience all by ourselves. We should be sure to speak words of life and that encourage and certainly make us laugh!


Mama Gave Me Art But I Chose Joy

smallercharcoal copy

Today I was thinking about the joy overflowing in my heart that has come on the heals of a particularly hard year with the loss of my mom and other things. As I was skipping along in my thoughts I actually saw myself rise up as if I had wings. There has been a ton of gold composted out of some pretty shitty rough patches this year.

This morning when a young woman texted me asking me how she could overcome her heartbreak, I thought to myself, about the hard leaning in I'd done this past year and other years too. How I gave myself utter permission to feel my pain and not stow it, but also intentional processed my emotions to deliberately focus on  joy daily.

That hasn't always been as easy as it might seem particularly when my hormones crashed and my adrenals hit bottom. Every afternoon like clockwork I would experience a huge dip as the bottom fell out and I wondered how in the heck I had been so cheery earlier in the day. I soon started a natural protocol to begin the work of rebuilding my adrenals and routing out my depression, but I also positively counteracted my melancholy with militant gratefulness and proactive joy. 

Some people might think I am merely a Pollyanna. Truth be told I am, but I have been in the trenches long enough to know that I can choose to nurse despair or whatever reality I'd rather have. 

I have found that when you are determined to look on the bright side of things you are pretty sure to bump into them. No, that doesn't mean that everything always turns out rosy, but it does mean that joy and happiness are not circumstantial, but an inside job. I know that reality to be true. When I choose to find joy amidst difficulty it always amazes me how quickly I get a platter  full served up.

For instance, before Christmas I had a sinus infection that kept me down for over two weeks. My sweet husband put on one sappy Hallmark Christmas special after another to help me feel better. One silly selection in particular had me crying in my medicinal tea! As if a search light had been turned on suddenly I recognized some resentment I had been toting and due to the plot of the movie my heart immediately became softened and I was supremely grateful for the individual I had previously resented.

The tears quickly turned into laughter when I realized how ridiculous the who scenario was. Now if thats not funny, I don't know what is? God can use anything and any circumstance to rearrange our perspective, emotions and joy level. We just have to participate with the opportunity when it comes along and better yet create it through a willing, grateful heart. Who wouldn't choose joy over resentment, criticism and anxiety any day? The ticket it to be intentional about practicing it. It is a muscle that needs regular exercise and thankfully there is always something to be grateful for and joyful about.

You may be wondering what in the heck this has to do with today's painting? Art has to do with seeing and perspective. My life is a creative canvas that can't be compartmentalized. The reality of who I am all comes out in my work and in my play. I am a spiritual, intuitive human being and that is the only way I know how to roll, being. :)

Check out day 4 of the all the artist participating in 30 Paintings In 30 Days 

Excitement Stirring


Day 3 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

is entitled, Excitement Stirring. This is done in acrylic on Bristol paper and is all about the excitement bubbling up on the insides as the New Year commences. You can join the fun, or check out all of the great work being posted at


This week I begin a Rising StrongTM group with wonderful women excited to dive into Brenè Brown's wonderful material that I am certified to facilitate. I have also been diving deep into planning the first retreat by The Delta Sisters this April, entitled, Untamed Creative.

This is along awaited dream for my sister and I to hold retreats at our family farm in rural Arkansas, 40 miles outside of Memphis. This first retreat will be a wonderful mix of art, great food, ambiance and powerful life coaching inspiration. I have been getting so excited just reading through the material and format. I hope some of you will be joining us for a great investment in wellbeing, body, soul and spirit.


Tomorrow begins the first full week of the New Year and I am rearing to go, booked solid and finally recovering from my holiday jet lag. I hope you all are as excited about the New Year and if not, you need to schedule a coaching session with me and lets get your hope and vision renewed!

Until tomorrow!

A New Year of Creativity!


Once again, for the third year in a row I am starting the New Year off with 30 Days of Creative Expression. However, this year I am joining hundreds of others from a round the world doing the same thing, 30 Paintings In 30 Days over at

Join me for the fun of creating or enjoying all of the great art work from around the world.

Here was my first piece of the year, Happy Sailing done with oil on a 6x6 canvas. The top piece is day two, Contemplating Goodness done on Bristol paper with pencil, watercolor pencil and acrylic paint.



Happy New Year and happy creating!

Painting In My Nightgown

Painting in gownsigned

Loss always carries with it gifts packaged and parceled out in unexpected places. Some of the greatest gifts I have received have come through the backdoor. They weren’t delivered with the spongy sweetness of cake or the sparkling enticement of frosting, but rather crept in when I least expected them, disguised by the darkness of night.


Loss is a natural catalyst, like lighter fluid applied to charcoal briquettes before the flame is ignited. Loss has away of being the accelerator to the kindling about to catch fire. And so now I find that my mother has left behind some of those precious accelerator gifts that weren’t readily available when she was here.


It’s only now that I am free to catch fire, for previously the tussled sea threatened to capsize my attempts at steadying our wobbly craft, dousing my flame with every breaking wave. It’s only now that I can ride the waves of color, become a torch upon the bow, free to stand without fear that the pirates have taken over the ship.


It’s the ebb and flow of releasing the struggle to button down the hatches. It’s finding a package of freedom ready to be opened, so I can release every do-good-adulting, because suddenly painting in my nightgown is liberating. When before it meant a two year old was left in charge.


Now I open every fuchsia and lime green present, rent to the rafters with see through connection, no separation or confusion about who’s the mom, and who’s the child. I reclaim those forgot years and now I get to paint whenever I want in my nightgown. Apparently you can paint your way into freedom if your mom was an artist that gifted you untold colorful backdoor gifts. Thanks mom for all of your color.

Day 30 Transition Is the Natural Pattern of Creation



Wow, here we are at Day 30! As a artist-life coach, I recognize the vivid correlation and creative tension between seasons that demonstrate life’s constant cycle of transition. Seasons allow for metamorphosis, design and recreating of our world. Understanding seasons is to understand a way of seeing, or sight into new realms. Seasons illustrate consistent change.


Continual transitions in life can take place from an inner spiritual reality before the move into an outer expression, but more often intermingles between both the spiritual and practical. Yet how often we try to divide life up into outer verses inner, sacred verses secular, practical verses ethereal when there seem to always be two paths intertwining and coursing through our lives. These are the paths of the sensual world of image, color, texture, movement and sound and the mystical path that lead us beyond words into a world we grasp to understand.


During times of change and transition it often feels to be counter-cultural as we mystically recognize the need to incubate, allowing our roots to sink down into the soil as our seeds winter over. The problem comes when we are pushed by driving counterfeit rhythms to keep up and so we resist the natural cycle life takes by forcing productivity and definition of that which is not ready to be defined.

A seed won’t bear fruit before its time and isn’t even distinguishable from another seed while under ground, yet it is still in the greatest process of growth amidst hiddenness. It is from the place of reconciling with our season that we align ourselves with the creation process.


J. Phillip Newell wrote in The Book of Creation, “Creativity without rest, and productivity without renewal, leads to an exhaustion of our inner resources.”


We are all artist invited to dance and create with the natural rhythms of life as in the hours of growth hidden in the womb before birth. How well do we nourish our creative and mystical selves through the spaciousness of unforced rhythms? How well do we allow for “being” rather than “doing”, for sitting in the darkness of the womb seasons so that we may learn a new way of seeing necessary to thrive?


It is from this cycle we learn to delight in discovery, rest in unknowing, and are released to be recreated in the shadows that ultimately give way to the light of possibility. This is where we learn to live and breathe in every breath allowed us, fully embracing the moment.


Art has always been a way of seeing, a place of rest and exhilarating action, while discovering answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. Art is the process of acceptance and allowance of any given season. While marinating on the full reality of love in the present, I am nurtured and guided into the wild of who I truly am.


Again, the wonderful 30 Days of Creative Expression this year have brought about new discovery and awareness, inviting me to dive in further into the joy of being me.

Define self through eyes of artist 6 

This time has left me unencumbered from “working to better something” and again free to dive into the question of what does it look like to live from the overflow of being, rather doing?


This theme began in 2012 when with a strong sense that I was to spend the year creating art and art only.


The word I got for that year of transition was "Hopeliciousness." Now I move forward on the wings of that hope into 2015 with the word, "Believe." I move forward creating with more joy and a deeper reality of a love overflow. The natural expression of this for me is releasing art from "being." Art is like a song that can't help but declare and can't help but be released. I'd love for you to follow along for the journey and share your take aways too!



Day 19 Throw Until Something Sticks


My dentist said that when he was 6 years old he knew he wanted to be a dentist and by twelve he knew the exact spot he wanted to live and start his practice. Although that is amazing, it is extremely rare. Most of us need some time as adults for self- discovery and self-permission.


As a life coach I work with adult client after client that is redesigning, refiguring and rediscovering themselves and their lives. Redesign is a natural part of life’s transitions. Instead of shunning the notion, we should eagerly embrace it, because life has a way of throwing us into new experiences that cause us to shift and recalibrate our direction.


My friend Robert Ricciardeli said, “You don’t need to change who you are to become successful. You just need to live in the authenticity of who you are for success to find you.”


Recalibrating is often about leaning into your natural, God given passion, gifting and bent and seeing the design process emerge. For some this is highly specific, but for many this is the equivalent to throwing stuff on the wall and discovering what sticks, while being unafraid to try various possibilities. When you feel inspired, grab a chunk of life, give yourself permission, throw it on your wall and see what happens.

30 Days of Creative Expression


Once again I've chosen to start the New Year with open hands, not agendas, but the ease of grace rather than forceful self-will. It feels natural to start each day with a creative exercise or intuitive play, as an extension and expression of the creative Life within, as a process and experience, rather than a goal to be completed.

Each day this month, I will start the day with the idea of effortless, joyful connection, rather than reaching outside of myself for an encounter. I merely experience the Life indwelling within, singing onto the page or through the materials I choose. 

This first day of 2015 expresses the creative journey of Believe (in the image above) that I sense evolving this year. This is a natural unfolding that comes easily as I choose to walk in the unforced rhythm of grace.

If you too want to resist the zealous thrust of self-will and move easily and organically into the New Year, you might also choose to spend the next days listening, creating or journaling what arises within you. Let this be the beginning of your road map for this glorious year of possibilities ahead.

Let it ring in with newness and color and joyful ease, instead of frenetic, forced striving.

Should you choose to engage in this fun creative expression let if evolve in your own way and by all means please share your new inspiration and creations as you go.

Wishing you the ease of grace and the overflow of love in your journey. Happy 2015!

Say "Yes" to Express!

logo with borderSay, "Yes" to express! Isn’t it time?

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Here’s the good news: You don’t have to be an artist to reap the benefits of releasing your creativity. Giving yourself time to create is like sunshine to a flower. It causes you to stretch and grow in all areas of your life.

Come play a while, let your grown-up self take a break from mommying, taxi driving, brain overload, workaholic syndrome and every other thing weighing you down. You are worth the small investment. Bring a friend and come to the Art Girl’s Sanctuary to get enlivened and refreshed. It's a way of life!

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Happy summer to ya'll! 

Day 28, Creativity, 30 Days of Creative Expression

 Day 28 CreativityI grew up with an artist mom who truly valued creativity, unlike other cultural mindsets that believe creative pursuits are a frivolous waste of time.

Art helped me process life’s difficulties using my creative ability to examine and explore. I often spent hours stringing beads, singing and writing songs, cutting metal to fabricate funky earrings, or painting and writing my free time away. I'm the only girl I know who took an electric drill to boarding school.

Gratefully my mom never told me to do something more useful, but instead nurtured my creative bent. In encouraging my creative play she was nurturing a problem solving ability too.

Art is a powerful vehicle that can help us bypass our linear mind and tap into the reservoirs of our intuitive, most creative selves. Art is not merely a product derived from a process, but a way of seeing things unique to the individual creator.Each of us has a unique way of seeing the world and a unique bent that if explored and expressed becomes a creative language. This is true whether in the art studio, or in the corporate office. Our innovation depends on being given to the process and the willingness to explore unknown territory.

Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Lance Secretan wrote to accompany the Creativity SPIRIT@WORK® Card,

“More than anything creativity depends on love. Creativity flourishes in a loving environment because love enables the ego to renounce autonomy and, therefore, to inspire the soul.”

As I am getting close to the end of 30 Days of Creative Expression, I leave you today with apiece created through a layering process. As in life's own creative process there are many layers and dimensions. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 30 Days of Creative Expression as much as I have. It's interesting the things that can awaken in us when were not striving, but allowing space for creative play. We hear things we didn’t know our heart wanted to tell us. We perceive things that our natural sight couldn't see. Our willingness to discover new things opens up new sight.

How do you allow space in your life for creativity?

Day 27, Vision, 30 Days of Creative Expression

Day 27 VisionLance Secretan wrote concerning the Vision SPIRIT@WORK® Card that I drew today,

“Great leaders develop a vision so compelling that it becomes a magnet for passion-a cause. They do not develop cookie-cutter or connect-the-dots approaches to leadership. They combine visceral energy with a clear and focused vision, founded on strong spiritual beliefs and values. This combination radiates a light so bright that followers find it irresistible-it becomes a cause.”

I am a visionary. I’m a big picture thinker. It's not hard to recognize this when you see my lack of strength in the area of detail. I’m so wired in this capacity that sometimes I find it hard to direct all the vision I have. One key I've discovered to help in this matter is to understand that all vision is not created equal.Some vision trumps another. Wherever we set our sight we tend to be drawn in that direction. Wherever our heart is it’s said that’s where our treasure is also, but we need to examine if our vision is the worthiest of visions at any given time.

It’s easy to run here and there after many a vision, but there are seasons when a vision needs to develop, mature, grow in clarity and even prove its worthiness. Not many of us like the down times when we are forced to winter over so our roots grow strong and sure, but this process is necessary for our development as individuals and for the development of a vision.

I would rather allow this process to do its work in the vision and me than run off half-cocked into a venture that eventually shows the cracks of unpreparedness, instability and immaturity. During the time of preparation it could be said that it is important to hold the course, and “steady on” until new development, clarity and growth are established. After all if you're like me, you don’t want just any old vision.

I want a vision that is transformational not only through the process of development, but also through the season of unveiling and executing. Therefore, it is necessary to watch over a vision and nurture it in whatever stage it is in.

Walter Lanyon wrote in The Temple Not Made With Hands, "And , since you cannot perform this process yourself, are you're willing and ready to come under the deep secret laws of "letting" the gestation take place in the silence of your heart? Behind the eggshell which appears to be limitation, within the cramped cocoon which swings through the winter gale on the branch of a tree, a new birth is taking place."

How well do you allow the necessary process for a vision to develop?

Day 8-Joy, 30 Days of Creative Expression

Day 8The New Year has begun with a surge of JOY as if I am standing out in a wide-open space where I’ve always belonged. I credit much of this to my ever-increasing awareness of the unchangeable reality and JOY producing fact that right or wrong, weak or strong, achieving or receiving, I am fully loved. Not much has changed in my circumstances, but my well of being is broadening.

Lance Secretan wrote about the JOY SPIRIT@WORK® Card,

“When our work becomes art, we will create grace, experience joy, and invigorate our souls with freedom and fulfillment.”

Who wouldn’t want more of that?

Some connect JOY with circumstantial happiness. Yet JOY is a lifestyle, not merely a response to life. JOY comes from the inside out, from a place of being, rather than from outside circumstances in.

How does JOY or the lack of it reveal where you are currently, and how you are living from a JOY place of being, rather than achieving?


I Suck at Asking for Help!


Recently I gave myself the assignment to practice asking for help. Because of my early conditioning, parental inversion, being the "mini grownup" with a knack for earning love and approval by not “needing” or “making demands,” I have an ugly little built-in reflex that causes me to do just about anything to avoid asking for help.

I’ve always had the strong and admirable ability appearance of managing to propel myself forward with tenacity and persistence, sucking it up dutifully and pridefully instead of asking for help. Ugh!

It’s funny how gifts can arrive in unusual packages. After several years of transitions causing me to feel marooned on an island of lonesome, the discomfort of isolation has grown to the same level as my discomfort of asking for help. Instead of defaulting to the coping method of trying to make it on my own, suddenly I’m willing to face the risk to move beyond my current barrier for the reward of support, collaboration and friendship. Although I still breakout in a sweat as the words spill out of my mouth, I’m learning to ask for help! 

I started by reaching out to some old friends for love and support. This has given me a bit of success to stay in the game. Now the scary part-asking you for help! 

Through my coaching work with women I've come to understand that few of us are really good at asking for help, so I am sticking with the process and sticking my neck out here. I'm expanding this personal assignment into a practicum for the Higher Ground Leadership® Credential Program, created by leadership trainer, Lance Secretan that am I taking part in.

My practicum entitled: 30 Days of Authentic Creative Expression will consist of art journaling for 30 days with the possibility of a few videos thrown in too. For thirty days I will focus on the CASTLE® Principles, made up of the values that create the acronym for CASTLE: Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love and Effectiveness. From that space, I will daily draw a card from the Spirit@Work® Cards, a 77 card deck of values and daily art journal about what the word, principle and description means to me in the moment. Then I will share it with you on my Facebook biz page, so be sure to follow along at Not only am I excited about collaborating with others on this project and into 2014, but also further expanding my 2013 theme of inner congruence and inner work. This past year has been a huge year of growth and I am grateful that I've taken time for inner work instead of merely focusing on outer goals.

This is where I ask for your help! I would love your help spreading the word, asking others you know on Social Media to join the fun, as well as your own daily engagement, input and support. In fact, you might want to follow along journaling on your own in some way. Share your discoveries and your big wins, as I share mine. The point of creating this particular exercise as a practicum for myself is that I want to extend the bridge of engagement, friendship, collaboration and support, as I practice asking for help! I want to expand my capacity in this area through this project and in the New Year. How about you? Would you like to expand along with me?


If you would like to join in to lend your moral support, cheer or participate, and receive feedback on where you are too, please follow along and comment on my daily Facebook and art journaling posts at:!  

If you would like to dive in deeper, add the Spirit@Work®  app to your phone for only 99 cents. Simply search for Lance Secretan, Spirit@Work® Cards App and you can incorporate a bit more inspiration and value reflection into your daily life. Just so you know, I get no residual for promoting this App.

For those who truly jump on board as a cheerleader, or journaling participant, there will be prizes and surprises awarded to the most active participants! (Yes, I’m resorting to incentives and bribery in asking for help! :)

Thanks for playing along and thanks for your support! Get ready for January 1st start date with pencil and paper, journal and paint, or merely your own perfect presence! Let's celebrate creativity, the value of our inner wealth, playing full out in 2014 and the power of supportive community!  I look forward to seeing you on Facebook as I begin 30 Days of Authentic Creative Expression beginning January 1st!



I've Been Done

IMG_1420I’ve been done

Scraped and shattered

Brittle edges-sandpaper crunch

Layer upon layer peel back the dirt


Surrendered to the brightness of one perfect touch

With scalpel in hand cut down to the bone

Walled off resistance in response to forgotten casualties, relationships dismissed

Ritual’s blinding disregard has gouged heavy grooves in my soul

No eyes see

The gaping


Strings strung true, but it’s all in the tuning

I cave under the musician’s pluck

Alignment to you-colliding with intimate love

Who you’re meant to be

What I’m meant to see

Art in the undoing

Beyond logic, or sanctimonious howl

One lost tree in the garden

Bended knee softens me some how


Not a trifle, as some would like it to be

Splintered and scattered ravaged sons

No one grieves

I’ve been done

Undo me

Jesus Lives In Hollywood

Jesus 1

Everyday I learn from my courageous kids and their generation. They don’t pretend to be what they’re not. What you see is what you get.

That’s why when they’re hurting it’s often expressed in front of millions of viewers and splashed across the media, rather than the hallmark of my generation, piously struggling behind locked doors.

They teach me about getting in the trenches when they invite the homeless into their house, verses observing from the sidelines. They remind me that love isn’t conditional.

They create art. They live art. They love creatively. That’s why Hollywood’s familiar homeless Jesus was invited to my son’s recent art exhibit. That’s why this photo tears me up inside and makes me weep.

Doesn’t it stop you in your tracks?


 Doesn’t it make you want to put away all the silliness, the pretense, the pontificating and the war of words?


Doesn’t it make you want to rip your clothes, because you ache inside to live a life that matters and is about more than yourself?


Doesn’t it grieve and embarrass you that it’s taken you so long to begin to love beyond borders?


Doesn’t it make you want to move outside your particular definition of religion and simply love?



It does me!






What Are You Seeing?

ID-100170974We see life through our own particular lens and because of this our worlds can be very small. Why not? When we were kids it was all about us. We never even noticed that our parents might have been struggling, or that our neighbors were unhappy. We thought everyone saw what we saw and believed what we believed. If we thought the sky was green we were certain everyone else did too.

 It's interesting that sometimes it takes a life-altering event to shift our lens. At first the lens might be narrowly focused, but somewhere along the way we may notice our perception expanding. Suddenly we are aware of others who might be hurting too. We have a new sense of compassion. Although hurting people existed previously our lens was so narrowly focused we couldn’t see them. Suddenly our lens expands to see a larger perspective.

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The same is true of many things we currently see through our lens. We might think everybody sees the way we do until we learn that our persecution is our perception. We honor others when we allow them to hold their own perspectives without insisting that our lens is the only lens, because clearly it is not.

If you were a kid who painted the sky green and your art teacher insisted that it must be blue, I am sorry, for clearly she was seeing through her interpretation and lens.

The more secure we become about our identity apart from external titles and roles the more we will be comfortable with others differing views. We won’t feel the need to dogmatically plaster our perspective, or lingo on others. We will be more open to ask questions and genuinely understand someone instead of making assumptions about whether they are an inside or outsider. Suddenly the need to be the winner will fade and we will find our vantage point expanding as we ourselves expand and grow.

Take notice of the invitation and challenge to expand your lens. In what area are you being challenged to grow? Practice taking off all restrictors to situations and becoming open to unlimited possibilities. What possibilities exist with an expanded lens?

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Maintaining the Creative Zone

IMG_1475How do you get into your creative zone where things happen effortlessly, solutions appear and problems disappear? I've discovered that my best work gets done when it feels like play! When I get out of my head and into my authentic, natural, intuitive self I find things flow easily. So why don’t I stay in that place and never leave?

Sometimes I forget that I get to determine how I want to do life. I can strive and push and fret, or give it all up in a second and slide into ease.

I can do life as a party (business too) if I choose. I don’t have to play by others rules. I don’t have to keep up with a race I’d rather not run. I don’t have to compete and operate from ego. I can choose the easy, breezy, free-styling life that makes love the staple, not the ration.

Though its been raining for days I choose to live life like a sunny summer day. I choose to be infected with joy and overcome with giddiness on the inside. I choose to be at ease, not run, strive, or fret, but skip my way through what ever I encounter today. I can choose to make it hard, or I can accept the grace that is available to me today. I am OK with being called a Pollyanna, because she looks better on me than Eeyore!

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