Day 30, Courage, 30 Days of Creative Expression

Courage-soul-thirsty-latestToday I drew Lance Secretan's COURAGE SPIRIT@WORK® Card.

I wrote within today's first art journaling piece, “Thrashing about with untamed soul thirstiness until your whisper brings release.” It takes courage to listen and acknowledge when our soul is thirsty and the easily ignored whisper of Spirit tells us there is more.

It’s easy to remain seeing the world through our natural eyes and fall for the illusion that all the outer bling our ego craves is the ticket to what truly matters. When we are duped in this capacity our restless soul thrashes about until we respond to the message the spirit is whispering. That takes courage.

It takes courage to step away from the pack to still oneself and listen. It takes courage to discover our true worth based on Love’s acknowledgment that can only be seen through spiritual eyes. Sometimes it's life circumstance that enlists us on this journey and sometimes it's a combination of choice and appointment.

It’s not a popular journey to pull aside from the hustle to nurture the spirit within when we're riding full and hard to make our way, but for those willing to take the courageous path, its rewards are vivid and magnificent. I find as I share this journey I hear this familiar comment, “I feel like I just had a cool drink of much needed water.”  

The root of the word Courage is cor-the Latin word for heart. Courage takes heart.

Speak to me kindly

Is your soul parched and thirsty feeding on unquenchables? Are you craving a deeper sense of connection to spirit? Are you tired of the noise and clamor and you know your thirsty soul needs a refreshing drink of water?

When I started to respond to what I heard deep within I knew I had taken a big gulp of refreshment, as illustrated in today's second drawing. I knew the truth in the whisper that became like a kiss,

The one with the most toys, power, recognition, and ego-thrusts doesn’t win. In fact they end up empty and wed to an unstoppable, insatiable appetite. You were made for more, so don’t settle for the lesser superfluous things to forfeit the greater.”

I've heard this message strong and loud for sometime now and it is why I pulled aside several years ago to hear my heart and feed my spirit. I discovered that "illusion traps" had clouded my sight and I've been on a journey of restoring my spiritual senses ever sense. Some of the vivid water-drinking-clarity I’ve received has come in messages, images and regular sacred conversation.

I'll be continuing on in this exploration of listening and marrying art and writing. As my 30 Days of Creative Expression comes to a close, I will move out of the Higher Ground Leadership Practicum I've participated in this month and in a few days head to Brene′ Brown's, Daring Greatly Training for credentialed coaches and counselors. I am thrilled to be learning, growing, and adding this training around shame, vulnerability and wholehearted living to my tool belt. I know this will be a great fit and benefit to my clients, since much of the coaching work I do with women is around authenticity, identity and sacred living from the inside out. 

I hope you will continue to follow along for the ride and share in the journey as new things come to life. Who knows maybe you'll find a refreshing drink of water too. If you enjoyed this series you might move onto my book packed with more full color illustrations You can purchase Untamed Heart, Releasing Your Creative Genius here![product id="2047" sku=""]

Is it time you mustered courage to listen and respond?