Are You Flitting Like a Bee?


Like jumping rope, some new ventures, seasons and years begin by taking a few awkward and seemingly spasmodic jumps to get into the rhythm of things. That is why I've challenged myself the last few years to do 3o days of creative expression. Although as an artist I will continue creating long after the 30 day mark, I still like to give myself a jumpstart.

Research has proven that creativity is a powerful means to process what's in our head and to move it to our heart, through our hands. It also jumpstarts and inspires greater creativity. That is why I incorporate art into much of the workshops and retreats I do with women.

Some people flit around like a bee in the charcoal drawing above (not a painting at all) for Day 8 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days. They jump from one thing to the next without focus. Been there done that, which isn't always a bad thing. It is actually a great way to learn what things you actually want to continue and develop and what things you want to discard.

However, adding intention, direction and planning takes flitting into focus. Although I am a creative, one of my top strengths defined by the Strength Finders Assessment, which by the way I have all new clients take, is focus. If focus were not in my profile, I would want to team up with someone who had that strength. Instead, I have other areas where I lack particular strengths and try to add others with those strengths or skill sets to my team.

What ways are you being intentional about your New Year? Are you giving yourself permission to awkwardly jump into something that you might feel uncertain about, so you can explore the territory? 

To follow along this month come back to the blog everyday for a new painting and post and see the art that others are posting from around the world at:

Day 30 Transition Is the Natural Pattern of Creation



Wow, here we are at Day 30! As a artist-life coach, I recognize the vivid correlation and creative tension between seasons that demonstrate life’s constant cycle of transition. Seasons allow for metamorphosis, design and recreating of our world. Understanding seasons is to understand a way of seeing, or sight into new realms. Seasons illustrate consistent change.


Continual transitions in life can take place from an inner spiritual reality before the move into an outer expression, but more often intermingles between both the spiritual and practical. Yet how often we try to divide life up into outer verses inner, sacred verses secular, practical verses ethereal when there seem to always be two paths intertwining and coursing through our lives. These are the paths of the sensual world of image, color, texture, movement and sound and the mystical path that lead us beyond words into a world we grasp to understand.


During times of change and transition it often feels to be counter-cultural as we mystically recognize the need to incubate, allowing our roots to sink down into the soil as our seeds winter over. The problem comes when we are pushed by driving counterfeit rhythms to keep up and so we resist the natural cycle life takes by forcing productivity and definition of that which is not ready to be defined.

A seed won’t bear fruit before its time and isn’t even distinguishable from another seed while under ground, yet it is still in the greatest process of growth amidst hiddenness. It is from the place of reconciling with our season that we align ourselves with the creation process.


J. Phillip Newell wrote in The Book of Creation, “Creativity without rest, and productivity without renewal, leads to an exhaustion of our inner resources.”


We are all artist invited to dance and create with the natural rhythms of life as in the hours of growth hidden in the womb before birth. How well do we nourish our creative and mystical selves through the spaciousness of unforced rhythms? How well do we allow for “being” rather than “doing”, for sitting in the darkness of the womb seasons so that we may learn a new way of seeing necessary to thrive?


It is from this cycle we learn to delight in discovery, rest in unknowing, and are released to be recreated in the shadows that ultimately give way to the light of possibility. This is where we learn to live and breathe in every breath allowed us, fully embracing the moment.


Art has always been a way of seeing, a place of rest and exhilarating action, while discovering answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. Art is the process of acceptance and allowance of any given season. While marinating on the full reality of love in the present, I am nurtured and guided into the wild of who I truly am.


Again, the wonderful 30 Days of Creative Expression this year have brought about new discovery and awareness, inviting me to dive in further into the joy of being me.

Define self through eyes of artist 6 

This time has left me unencumbered from “working to better something” and again free to dive into the question of what does it look like to live from the overflow of being, rather doing?


This theme began in 2012 when with a strong sense that I was to spend the year creating art and art only.


The word I got for that year of transition was "Hopeliciousness." Now I move forward on the wings of that hope into 2015 with the word, "Believe." I move forward creating with more joy and a deeper reality of a love overflow. The natural expression of this for me is releasing art from "being." Art is like a song that can't help but declare and can't help but be released. I'd love for you to follow along for the journey and share your take aways too!



Say "Yes" to Express!

logo with borderSay, "Yes" to express! Isn’t it time?

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Come play a while, let your grown-up self take a break from mommying, taxi driving, brain overload, workaholic syndrome and every other thing weighing you down. You are worth the small investment. Bring a friend and come to the Art Girl’s Sanctuary to get enlivened and refreshed. It's a way of life!

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 What’s Going On At Moxieme Now?

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Happy summer to ya'll! 

Are You a Creative Incubator?

1975107_10151931338397121_1841359881_nSome people have a natural gift that brings order to the world, others are gifted at overseeing aspects of life, and then there are those who actually create and walk out new ways of seeing, thinking, being and living. I think of these as Creative Incubators.

I am a Creative Incubator.  I began seeing the world in this unique fashion during childhood when I took odd broken pieces of jewelry, watches and gadgets and reconfigured them into jewelry and art. This was long before the steam punk movement emerged, or I recognized that life design happens in a similar fashion.

This way of seeing things calls for a second look, evokes a new question or causes one to consider the possibilities, but it’s only visible to those who are willing to pull aside and explore beyond the beaten path. The beaten path is not usually where Creative Incubators thrive.

Being a Creative Incubator requires the ability to grow comfortable with the unknown. It’s not that I’ve actually ever been comfortable with the unknown, but I’ve gained a willingness to sit with the unknown while letting it morph, speak, gain shape and move through my open hands. Sometimes I resist this. Sometimes I ignore the promptings, busying myself, or simply disengaging and devaluing the rays of inspiration I allow to flitter out of reach.

Laurie Beth Jones wrote in The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for life, “Most of us are still caught in the past. Few of us can see beyond the present. Each of us must see into the future, and thus help create it, if we are to successfully accomplish our mission.”

Just yesterday morning after having previously begun this blog post I awoke from a dream where I was creating art, shaped like a church building. When I awoke I somehow I knew that I was to engage in a new series entitled: Faith Redefined. Because of my own personal journey with faith and faith culture I knew that the dream was speaking about creating something new, something authentic, raw, and beautifully redefined. I knew that boldly standing in the place of speaking truth and life through my art was an act of releasing aspects of shame, fear and judgment that have been trapped in faith cultures for eons and hindering the true reflection of beauty.

The creative process is not only a way of processing life, but also a way of giving birth to new life. Not all Creative Incubators are artists in the traditional sense, but are in some fashion bringing forth change and newness.

Are you a Creative Incubator? Do you struggle to articulate or understand what flutters within your being until you begin to walk it out, expressing and formulating inspiration as if through the beating of your wings against your own inner walls? Then suddenly a freed butterfly emerges, or a grounded bird takes flight. Are you amazed to see the stirring you struggle to identify morphing into a threshold of possibility?

What Creative Incubators Need

Caring for a Creative Incubator is paramount, because these are the ones that are easily trampled under foot or wrapped in the very bob wire they're meant to release. When this happens the world looses a fragrance like no other, a beauty that can’t be seen through muddled waters, a sound so stirring that only those listening have the privilege to hear.

These beat to a unique sound. Though they can lead the procession they’re often unseen, constrained from running with the pack or building castles.

If you’re a Creative Incubator you know when your soul is thirsty and your spirit longs to be quenched. You know that you can’t keep up with others that seem unaffected by what you sense in the atmosphere, threatening your peace and resolve. It's important to learn tips to care for yourself or other Creative Incubators you may know.

 10 Self-Care Tips for Creative Incubators:

  1. Give Creative Incubators space to process, be it in the garden, the kitchen, the studio or the study. Incubators are deeply intuitive and often process things going on in the spiritual realm. It’s only when they recognize this and find peace in the process, that they'll truly be free.
  2. Incubators need rest and quiet even if they’re social beings.
  3. Creative Incubators need to beware of getting caught in the comparison trap. Help them honor and value their uniqueness, because not everyone can wear this hat.
  4. Fun is a necessity to round out a Creative Incubator's intensity. Support them in taking time to skip a while.
  5. The environment is a Creative Incubator's laboratory; so allow them to make it ascetically beautiful, and well organized. Staying organized will help them process what they're feeling, even if they're not natural organizers (most likely not) solicit help from others.
  6. Support them in self-care with simple nourishment like fresh flowers, a spa date, a walk in the country, regular music playing in the background, or other rejuvenating activities. 
  7.        What goes in is what comes out. It's vital to keep oneself well watered, physically and spiritually, growing a relationship with God, so the stream is not muddied or stagnant.Being an empathetic “feeler,” doesn’t mean one should let their emotions drive them. Support them in learning to dwell on what is good, true and right, by taking stray thoughts captive and using their creative, intuitive nature positively. Dealing with unforgiveness, fear and shame are absolute necessities to stay clear and open, an integral part of self-care.
  8. It's important for Creative Incubators to find like-minded souls who value their beauty and support their uniqueness.
  9. A Creative Incubator must learn to deal with shame around their unique sensitivity, because shame is the all time life zapper.
  10. Giving self-permission to recharge regularly through classes, retreats, workshops, or inspired activities that strengthen and affirm one's true identity is paramount to a Creative Incubator. One must recognize the necessity of refilling the tank. Those who create, pour out, feel and sense, need extra attention to self-care. Don't expect others to suggest this. It won’t happen! This is the gift Creative Incubators must give themselves before they've nothing left to give others. Those that struggle with this need to consider doing shame work.

Soul Thirsty Graphic 

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Day 28, Creativity, 30 Days of Creative Expression

 Day 28 CreativityI grew up with an artist mom who truly valued creativity, unlike other cultural mindsets that believe creative pursuits are a frivolous waste of time.

Art helped me process life’s difficulties using my creative ability to examine and explore. I often spent hours stringing beads, singing and writing songs, cutting metal to fabricate funky earrings, or painting and writing my free time away. I'm the only girl I know who took an electric drill to boarding school.

Gratefully my mom never told me to do something more useful, but instead nurtured my creative bent. In encouraging my creative play she was nurturing a problem solving ability too.

Art is a powerful vehicle that can help us bypass our linear mind and tap into the reservoirs of our intuitive, most creative selves. Art is not merely a product derived from a process, but a way of seeing things unique to the individual creator.Each of us has a unique way of seeing the world and a unique bent that if explored and expressed becomes a creative language. This is true whether in the art studio, or in the corporate office. Our innovation depends on being given to the process and the willingness to explore unknown territory.

Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Lance Secretan wrote to accompany the Creativity SPIRIT@WORK® Card,

“More than anything creativity depends on love. Creativity flourishes in a loving environment because love enables the ego to renounce autonomy and, therefore, to inspire the soul.”

As I am getting close to the end of 30 Days of Creative Expression, I leave you today with apiece created through a layering process. As in life's own creative process there are many layers and dimensions. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 30 Days of Creative Expression as much as I have. It's interesting the things that can awaken in us when were not striving, but allowing space for creative play. We hear things we didn’t know our heart wanted to tell us. We perceive things that our natural sight couldn't see. Our willingness to discover new things opens up new sight.

How do you allow space in your life for creativity?

Day 3 Wonder-30 Days of Creative Expression

photo-6The word for today from Lance Secretan's Spirit@Work Cards that I did my art journaling around is: ®Wonder. You can play along by getting the App on your iphone too, drawing a value card each day, or following along with the card I've drawn.

I love the word wonder. It makes me want to cartwheel through tall grass and throw up my skirt and wade out into the deep blue sea. It calls me to look again at what I have missed right before my eyes, a thousand times. It beckons me to become awe struck, gazing at every tiny particle of beauty, joy, love and life surrounding me.

I often need to be reminded to get out of my head and return to the childlike place of wonder. When I have neglected my heart for too long, there are tale-tale signs. If I have wondered off the golden streets for the counterfeit of reasoning and practicality, I most certainly have forgotten the spirit being that I am.

If I have chosen to build something and put off living until the "time is right," I’ve most certainly abdicated my true self and with it my sense of wonder. I must put everything down and with everything in me recall what I knew before I forgot it. I must run to the nearest reprieve, the nearest safe-gap to recall and play. I must reawaken my sense of wonder.

Lance Secretan wrote with the Wonder card, 

"A cynic cannot imagine an alternative possibility that contradicts his or her current beliefs. Cynics will say that reawakening spirit and values in the workplace is too difficult in modern organizations that are faced with the pressures of contemporary markets. If we continue to use the concepts of the old story organizations instead of changing the paradigm, the cynics will be right. For cynicism is simply creativity that is repressed. If on the other hand we approach all this with a sense of awe and wonder, we will be able to change the paradigm, and therefore the possibilities. None of us knows enough to be cynical."

Have you grown weary? Have you sacrificed wonderment for your grown-up world? Won’t you join me in the awe pondering; the wonderment awakening and the creative play here? Let me hear your thoughts about wonder and see your musings. Don't put it off a minute longer. Come out and play!

What Are You Going to Do?

One marvelous lifeAs I contemplate where I am and where I am heading my thoughts are simple, "What will I do?"

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Often people are drawn to coaching when their normal is disturbed. It may be that you’ve accomplished one set of goals and are wondering what’s right for the next season. Or maybe you’ve left a job, experienced a divorce, loss, transition, empty nest, or realize this is a time you want to invest in your growth.

If you are ready to explore a new perspective, engage new possibilities, unleash creative play as a means to up your own game of life, then join the Untamed Heart Coaching Circle and make an investment in yourself.


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50 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

photo-6 copy

Sometimes it's important to take stock of what you know. Not for knowledge sake, but as an anchor during wobbly times.

Here is my recent list of 50 things I am sure of at this stage in life. I hold these as valuable treasures that I discovered along the journey. Sometimes I wish I had inherently known them, or had discovered them earlier, but if I had come upon them in another fashion they might not be as valuable to me as they are presently. These are things I want my daughter to know. These are things I want other women to know. These are things I hope you will consider yourself. However, I encourage you to make your own list. Determine what's important to you.


50 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

  1. Your life is more than the contents of your outer world.
  2. Every living thing grows in cycles.
  3. During winter’s barrenness don’t look for a harvest. Understand that deep rooting is taking place.
  4. True happiness is an inside job; so don’t look for happiness externally. You were made for another world.
  5. Refuse to grow up and get stogy. It’s a trick. Stay young at heart.
  6. You will never truly be free if you don’t give yourself permission to be yourself.
  7. Your voice is unique. Don’t exchange it for a copy of someone else’s.
  8. Stop and evaluate every time you hear yourself say, “I should.”
  9. Live into your passion, not a counterfeit named duty.
  10. Mediocrity is never a good tradeoff for living out loud.
  11. Your perspective dictates your attitude. Your attitude dictates your altitude.
  12. Fear makes a lousy master. Own your moxie. Own your voice!
  13. It’s an honor and responsibility to direct your life in the way you want it to go.
  14. You have a built in meter that lets you know when you’re forfeiting your peace so you can realign to maintain peace at the core.
  15. Joy and inauthenticity cannot co-exist. Notice joy deficits.
  16. Ask for what you need and eliminate unspoken expectations. Conversely, it is not your responsibility to make others happy.
  17. Forgiveness is an absolute for a vibrant life.
  18. People add joy to your life, but they don’t define you.
  19. God’s unconditional love is the anchor of life.
  20. Unashamedly express and give the unique gift you carry.
  21. Stress doesn’t come from circumstances, but your reaction to them.
  22. Fitness is a lifestyle. Get outside and run around.
  23. It’s all about love. 
  24. Creativity gets blocked when you betray yourself.
  25. Putting off your dreams puts them off.
  26. Live life as a celebration and make it a party.
  27. Define for yourself what you want your life to look like.
  28. Don’t fill your life with space holders. Make room for what you truly want.
  29. Live with gratitude and you will find you have more to be grateful for.
  30. Don't be afraid to make waves. Resist anyone or thing that tries to silence you.
  31. Don’t wait to be given flowers, buy your own.
  32. Nurture yourself with good, healthy food everyday.
  33. Create your own fun.
  34. Change your mind and your perspective changes.
  35. A man that cheats on his wife to be with you is a cheater. You deserve more.
  36. Give yourself the same benefit of the doubt you give to others.
  37. Rain or shine joy begins on the inside.
  38. Be honest with yourself about what you want.
  39. Define and experience happy feelings and recreated them often.
  40. “No” is a powerful word. Use it to clarify your “yeses”, but not as an excuse to withhold or avoid adventure and possibility.
  41. Sometimes you discover who you are not on the way to who you are.
  42. True identity: knowing you are completely loved and accepted by God.
  43. Your body is beautiful, so enjoy it at every stage. When you are older you will surely wish you understood this earlier!
  44. Hope is a song that keeps your light alive.
  45. Surround yourself with those who celebrate you and not those who shame you.
  46. Life is short. Don’t waste time trying to fit in and be liked. Remember your identity is based in God’s love alone.
  47. You are not your job, your looks, or your bank account. You are a unique expression of love.
  48. Get untamed, stay untamed and live untamed. Let your wild beauty sing like notes from a trumpet.
  49. If you are depressed find out why. Unrealized emotions can wreck havoc within. Get honest with yourself.
  50. Love yourself first, so you can receive and give love back.

Jesus Lives In Hollywood

Jesus 1

Everyday I learn from my courageous kids and their generation. They don’t pretend to be what they’re not. What you see is what you get.

That’s why when they’re hurting it’s often expressed in front of millions of viewers and splashed across the media, rather than the hallmark of my generation, piously struggling behind locked doors.

They teach me about getting in the trenches when they invite the homeless into their house, verses observing from the sidelines. They remind me that love isn’t conditional.

They create art. They live art. They love creatively. That’s why Hollywood’s familiar homeless Jesus was invited to my son’s recent art exhibit. That’s why this photo tears me up inside and makes me weep.

Doesn’t it stop you in your tracks?


 Doesn’t it make you want to put away all the silliness, the pretense, the pontificating and the war of words?


Doesn’t it make you want to rip your clothes, because you ache inside to live a life that matters and is about more than yourself?


Doesn’t it grieve and embarrass you that it’s taken you so long to begin to love beyond borders?


Doesn’t it make you want to move outside your particular definition of religion and simply love?



It does me!






Nurture Your Infant Dreams


Imagine you are a nurse in the ICU unit of the biggest birthing center in the world. Your job is to watch over the tiny newborn infants grasping for life. I know you would want the world for your small infants. Don’t you want the world for your infant dreams?

It’s time to release new life and oxygen to your dreams. Give them growing room. Allow yourself to dream more, dream bigger than ever before.

  • Start dreaming of joyous possibilities for your life. Start by being positively outlandish with positive thoughts!
  • Allow yourself to go into your thoughts, to where your heart wants to take you—where your heart loves to frolic and dream, where your heart comes alive! Define that place. Take the ideas of possibilities and begin to own them, shape them and build them.
  • The only way to till the soil of imagination is to get in the dirt and dig around. What seeds in your life are ripe for planting? Which seeds need the right environment to thrive and grow? Can you identify the things below the surface which are aching to find soft soil so they can spring up? With the same care you imagine giving those babes in the ICU, how can you nurture the seeds of your infant dreams?

 —Kimber Britner, Untamed Heart, Releasing Your Creative Genius, 2013

Need help nurturing your dreams? Order Untamed Heart and sign up for Untamed Heart Online 8 Week Program beginning July 15th, 2013. Invest in yourself and your dreams.

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Maintaining the Creative Zone

IMG_1475How do you get into your creative zone where things happen effortlessly, solutions appear and problems disappear? I've discovered that my best work gets done when it feels like play! When I get out of my head and into my authentic, natural, intuitive self I find things flow easily. So why don’t I stay in that place and never leave?

Sometimes I forget that I get to determine how I want to do life. I can strive and push and fret, or give it all up in a second and slide into ease.

I can do life as a party (business too) if I choose. I don’t have to play by others rules. I don’t have to keep up with a race I’d rather not run. I don’t have to compete and operate from ego. I can choose the easy, breezy, free-styling life that makes love the staple, not the ration.

Though its been raining for days I choose to live life like a sunny summer day. I choose to be infected with joy and overcome with giddiness on the inside. I choose to be at ease, not run, strive, or fret, but skip my way through what ever I encounter today. I can choose to make it hard, or I can accept the grace that is available to me today. I am OK with being called a Pollyanna, because she looks better on me than Eeyore!

Find out how you can live from an untamed heart by downloading our free chapter of Untamed Heart![product id="2047" sku=""]

Bringing Sexy Back

Become Pregnant with wonderAt times when I feel pressed in by life and surrounded by drought, I find my parched soul has wondered off from the abundant water supply readily available to me. I have turned away from the brights, the colorful, the spacious long distance perspective. This is when I need to zoom out far and wide and be reawakened to the sexiness of life.

When I was young, I imagined my future as an adventure that was fast, exciting, thrilling and sexy. My exploits had all the flavor of their own renaissance—lush with color, delicious food, lavish clothing and intrigue. Not for a minute did I dream of an adventure that was stale, prudent or trite.

I love to be taken up into the flavor of other cultures. I think we all do. Just look at the number of travel and cooking shows there are on TV—shows that help us explore hidden lands and mysterious flavors and textures, far removed from most of our everyday worlds. My heart and senses ache to trollop in the vineyards of Southern France and dance to the music of a sultry samba in Venezuela—where the women ooze sensuality and not Protestant nicety. I want to be blinded by the beauty of the silks saris in India, dance in the surf of Mozambique and eat fresh mangos in the jungle with the natives.

It bothers me that we have so sterilized and whitewashed the idea of appropriate sanctified living. Sometimes we so civilize and pillage our lives of their color and creativity that we rob them of their beauty.

To restore that sexy feeling of a spacious life:

  1. Re-engage with your spiritual self through nature, through art, and through love. Get out of your normal routine and let your definition of God be expanded.


  1. Challenge your senses with the rich color of a starry night display, revel in nature, take in a vibrant art exhibition, or the explosive sounds of live music or a theater experience. Celebrate life with good friends, good food, hard work, or volunteering.


  1. Open wide your awareness to every breath you breathe. Engage your body by shouting, dancing, jumping about taking in the spectacular beauty of this sexy life.

How do you plan to awaken your heart to the color and creativity in life?

Exert from Kimber Britner, Untamed Heart: Releasing Your Creative Genius, 2013

How Are You at Self-Coaching?

Ride of Your Life 1“…wonder opens the door to the delights of imagination, of curiosity, creativity, intellectual discovery. " -- Mary O'Connor  

Sometimes people say they don’t have funds to invest in hiring a coach. My response usually is, “What are you doing to implement self-coaching?” Self-coaching is a powerful tool that anyone can apply who possesses a sense of wonder.

Long before I went through the process of training to become a professional life coach, I spent hours and years, reading, studying applying my sense of wonder to gleaning from a variety of different sources. One of the best tools available that requires the least investment is reading.

Books require the least amount of commitment, the least amount of expense and most certainly the least amount of accountability, but they offer an opportunity to try something on to determine if it is a good fit. Many workshop facilitators, like myself, offer books that give an introduction to their work. After enjoying the sample platter you might be ready to dive in deeper to other offerings, such as workshops, online programs, conferences, or retreats.

If you're not in the position to hire a personal coach, start your spring and summer with the gift of self-coaching.  Be sure to expand into unfamiliar territory for the greatest opportunity to stretch and grow.

Another great tool for growth is the adventure of travel. Stay tuned as I share my adventures on my trek to Nashville and Memphis!

If you want a great book to jump start your own self-coaching purchase, Untamed Heart: Releasing Your Creative Genius!

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Children Know How to Create

Kimberism: "An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." Edwin Land When I taught elementary and high school art classes I made a quick observation. When introducing a project using various shaped recyclable containers and cartons for making intriguing animals, most children didn't even blink before ideas were popping and animals were coming to life. However, there was one exception. The children that spent their free time in front of the television, computer, or video games, rather than outside creating forts and alternative worlds, struggled with imagining and play. They were unusually self-conscious, stuck in their head and feared making mistakes.

It seems equally true today in an adult world. Those that allow themselves to move out of their heads away from stimuli that is force feed, or passively consumed are able to tap into the deep reservoirs of creativity within.

If you struggle with seeing yourself as creative, or feel blocked, why not act like a child, get out of your head and open up the world of imagining and making room for the multitude of creative genius that actually resides in you!

Take one small step today to make room for your childlike creativity to be released.  What will it be?

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Things that Make My Heart Go Pitter Patter

Kimberism: "Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift." Albert Einstein As I start out a New Year I always reevaluate my goals and dreams. One of the fun things I have done to get my creative juices pumping in years past is to make a list of the things that make my heart go Pitter Patter. Here is an updated version of an oldie but goodie, 25 Things that Make My Heart Go Pitter Patter. What are the things that make your heart go pitter patter? Make your own List. Need help jump starting your creativity? Join Heart through Art and unleash new passion and innovation. 

25 Things that Make My Heart Go Pitter Patter

  1. The way my husband looks at me and holds my hand
  2. Big family life
  3. Helping women live inspired, passionate lives that make a difference
  4. God's amazing creativity and love for me
  5. My creative kids who aren't afraid to be different from the pack
  6. The ability to dream
  7. Hearing and responding to the music in my heart
  8. Stretching, risking and always growing
  9. Living from a place of divine inspiration and vision
  10. Women and our wonderful ways
  11. Communicating, writing, creating and ideation
  12. Color and texture
  13. Girl's get-aways
  14. Dates with my man
  15. Beautiful clothes
  16. Travel
  17. Laughter and fun and more laughter and fun
  18. Recognizing that the only limitations are self-imposed
  19. Joy from the inside out
  20. Selfless acts of love
  21. Beautiful beaches
  22. Liberty to be myself
  23. Good food and good conversation
  24. Dancing
  25. God's kindness and man's embrace

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Making 2012 A Year of Growth

Kimberism: Love of life is a beautiful thing! A young child learning to eat table food for the first time, or take her first wobbly steps, needs the nurture and support that encourages her to walk and eventually run. You don’t drill and force what will organically develop over time. You offer yummy scraps of food that can be gobbled up with glee and a gentle hand of assistance.

As we move into new territory as adults we need a similar kind of nurture that allows room to spread out into what will be. When my four children where born at home during the delivery process I was allowed the wonderful freedom to roam around as I liked. Taking new ground and allowing new things to be birthed in life also depends on the internal freedom to explore and expand.

As we begin the New Year it is easy to push ahead with goals and plans forsaking the natural flow, or organic process. However, after coaching many people who hit the wall in 2011 with their contrived efforts for success, they now understanding the importance of not birthing a vision prematurely. A vision will only be able to be maintained if the foundation is in place to sustain it.

There is a natural process of healing, rebuilding and morphing that takes place in life. Although painful and wearisome at times, it can be a beautiful, organic process if given to the creative flow.

My recommendation for 2012 is to invest in the work necessary to secure a solid foundation in which to build your dreams upon.

  • Determine what a successful year would look like to you and set your intention around that
  • Some need to invest internally in proportion to external investments and vise versa
  • Seek a year of balance, determine what that looks like for you
  • Commit to growth with clear, small, attainable goals and objectives
  • Set in place accountability through coaching, mentoring, or support that will move you forward
  • Live true to your values
  • No matter what season you're in, sprinkle it with fun

If you need support contact us about private coaching. See our group coaching program Heart through Art here.  Wishing you a New Year of success, growth, and advancement!

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Gypsy Heart


Kimberism: Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.  ~Pablo Picasso

Often I encourage clients to let their Gypsy Heart out to play! In the hustle and bustle of adult life it is easy to surrender the vitality of the childlike-heart we once possessed.

A friend of mine taps into what she refers to as her gypsy heart by running as fast as she can along a trail alone in the woods. She feels the wind blowing through her hair, connecting her to her untamed, wild heart, reminiscent of the Indian Princess she imagined being as a child.

Eric Liddell in the movie Chariots of Fire had an extraordinary ability to run. He said he felt God’s pleasure when he ran.

There is a space for each of us where we connect to our most carefree heart. Much like falling in love, there are experiences that lead us to the heights of our senses, as Eric Liddell put it, where we experience the pleasure of God. As if birds soaring, our hearts are meant to be un-tethered and free. What helps you connect to the freedom in your heart?

Some of the ways we can connect to our Gypsy heart are:

  • Through activities that get us out of our head
  • Connecting to God
  • Connecting to love

Try giving yourself time this week to feel the wind in your hair, the grass beneath your toes, or whatever releases your childlike-heart to come out and play.

And if you want to connect to more of the Divine in your life, hurry to sign up for my FREE telecall, Supercharge Your Life with Irresistible Bliss!

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Creativity Unraveled

Kimberism: We are  creations that continue the process. Creativity like one’s breath is always flowing through us. We may not be aware of its presence, but it is influencing the way in which we see the world. Little attention given to the inner muse of inspiration certainly will keep creativity from freely being released. However, when we actually become aware and respond to our intuitive impulses that initiate ideas, concepts and images we will begin to create.

Creativity is not merely seen through a musician’s gift, writers prose, or a painter’s canvas. Creativity involves looking at things in a new way, breaking out of patterns to establish something new.

We all have this ability, although some are more receptive to see the vantage point of opportunity. Creativity is exhibited any time something is looked at, or expressed differently. Creativity is the ability to birth something new.

If we are creative beings this should be our nature state. As we tap into fresh inspiration we become receptors for creativity to travel out onto the pavement of our lives.

Julia Cameron said in her book, Heart Steps, “We are ourselves creations. We are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves. This is the God-force extending itself through us. Creativity is God's gift to us. Using creativity is our gift back to God.”

Again, we see that creativity and our God-connection are intertwined. Many of us would acknowledge that our connection with God is undeniably creative. I am constantly confounded by the way God chooses to speak, introduce ideas, and enter into relationship with His children. Clearly creativity is a two way interchange, a complete circle of sorts. We receive the seed of inspiration and then as it’s birthed out from our lives it becomes a kind of mirror of the One who inspired it in the first place.

Ways to Position Yourself to Receive Fresh Inspiration:

  1. Invite and welcome (don’t spun) the gift and the giver.
  2. Eagerly engage in opening the gift like a child, whenever you sense the opportunity. (Few children wait to dive into a present, but rather rip the paper off, and tumble onto the floor to play. Look at everything in like as an unopened present.
  3. Willingness and openness to look at things from a fresh or different perspective.
  4. Tap into your senses (Realize that sometimes senses speak louder than words if we pay attention.)
  5. Get out of your comfort zone by tasting and seeing something vibrant and new.
  6. Get quiet and listen.
  7. Capture the expansive 10,000 foot view of your surroundings.
  8. Engage in laugh out loud, wet your pants laughter.

For more thoughts, insights and exercises pertaining to upleveling your creativity check out my ebook, Right Brain Advantage: Creating Success By Thinking Like a First Grader. You can purchase it at:

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Are You a Zebra in a Cattle World?

Kimberism: Show off your stripes. You could start a new trend! Have you ever felt like a Zebra amongst cattle? Not because you are entirely too exotic for the rest of us, but because you seem to be painted with stripes and find it hard to blend in.

Sometimes I feel like my stripes betray me. When I am trying to blend in to the scenery those stripes declare that I am different. Different was never that popular as a southern girl!

In the movie, What a Girl Wants, Amanda Bynes plays Daphne Reynolds a misplaced daughter of a wealthy British politician running for office. At ever turn she discovered her stripes caused quite a commotion though she dutifully tried to fit in.

Wisely her friend Ian asked, "Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?" Great question, right?

How about you....Do you try to fit in instead of joyfully standing out? Do you seek to graze like cattle when you prefer to gallop on the open range?

Instead of trying so hard to fit in, why not own your uniqueness?

I've Got the Music In Me

Kimberism: "A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence." Leopold Stokowski Some of you know that since I was twelve years old I've been a singer and songwriter. Even though I left the world of acting and singing behind and moved into other creative, entrepreneurial ventures, recently I was reminded that I've still got the music in me!

I am frequently surrounded with melodies from my exquisitely talented son Samuel, as he sings sending glorious sounds through our home. Every now and then he invites me to jam with him as we do our own rendition of Steve Nick’s Landslide.

Why am I telling you this? It would be easy for me to set aside this gifting that I've possessed from childhood and move over for a younger more talented version. However, if I did I would be putting to bed something vital to my overall well being.

Although I have no intentions of hitting the road, and pursuing a musical career again, I understand the importance of this often forgotten part of myself. The 80’s served as my glory days as a member of a band for a season under Kim Fowley’s management (manager of the famed Runaways), as well as others. Nevertheless this gift still needs room and expression in my life.

Music inspires genius in me. If I allow it to remain on the sidelines of my life undernourished and out of sight, I do myself a disservice. If I allow accusing voices to taunt me with, “Just keep quiet and invisible, because aren’t you a little dated?” I will be snuffing out a very important flame. You may be asking, “Why is this important?” Its important, because this flame ignites greater creativity throughout my life.

Science has proven that the most successful people are the ones that welcome and make room for right-brain activity. Do you want to see greater success in your business, personal life, and all around well-being?

What have you put in hiding that needs to be reawakened?  Have you allowed something that stirs your soul to be kicked to the sidelines, and labeled “out dated?” If you truly have the music in you it would be a slap in the face to the one who gave it to you in the first place to silence it. Isn't it time to own your own voice?

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WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? To publish this article in your ezine or website please include the following blurb: Kimber Britner is president of Moxie Me Institute, Author, Speaker, Professional Coach and Innovation Expert who' helps women maximize their expertise and get their gifts out into the world through one-on-one coaching, teleseminars, group coaching, events and powerful tools.  We invite you to join our community of heart-centered, spunky, women and get your moxie activated!