My Sofa Reeks of Affluence

Kimberism: "....prosperity are the result of a harmonious adjustment of the inner with the outer of the man with his surroundings." James Allen It’s easy to look around and measure oneself against others, according to external, monetary and superficial measurements. Yet when we do so, often we know nothing about the person’s inner world that we may have judged incorrectly. We probably make inaccurate judgments about celebrities every time we see them on television without knowing the truth about their lives.

What if we stopped for a moment and moved out of our own insecurities that caused us to grasp for check marks and measured our world by the actual wealth we do possess. 

For instance, recently I woke up and wondered into the kitchen for my regular cup of morning tea where I stumbled upon a visitor sleeping on our sofa. I then moved back to the bedroom and bumped into my husband who had the same realization. For a moment I sighed at the thought of forced confinement in the bedroom and then it occurred to me that one of the most affluent areas in my life is often strewn across our sofas. My life is affluent with the hearts and lives of many young adults who have found sanctuary within our family. They are like jewels around my neck.

Although it may not be in your bank account, your perfect size 4 body, or influence in the government, where can you identify the mark of affluence in your life? If you need help join our Heart Through Art Program and unearth the buried treasure in your heart.

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