Day 25, Love, 30 Days of Creative Expression

Day 25 LoveToday I drew the Love SPIRIT@WORK® Card! It’s hard to beat this topic.

Lance Secretan wrote, “Here’s the truth: inspiration to greatness comes from love, not from fear, competition or war.”

In my opinion, love is the reason we are here and the driving force in and through the universe. Human love is a small inkling and shadow of the Divine love that delights to uphold the fabric of time.

Love is a mystical entity that no words can do justice. However, in simple terms, love is the letter in the mailbox from a friend that arrives just when you need it. Love is the preference shown to the lady in the grocery line with one item, while you have 50.

Love is the sacrifice of the last piece of chocolate cake when you could have eaten the whole thing. Love is the food given to a hungry stranger that you may never see again.  Love is the hand holding offered a friend when she receives a diagnosis and everyday of her fight. Love is what propels individuals in the work to eradicate slavery when it never reaches their own front door.

Love is the kindness shown to those who show no kindness to you. Love is a gift that the moment you experience it, you stop in your tracks to let it sink deeply within. Love is selflessness and although humanly imperfect, is Divinely magnificent. Love never fails and never ends, so the list never stops.

How does love uphold you and your world?

Day 17, Authenticity, 30 Days of Creative Expression

Blue chair watermarkTodays SPIRIT@WORK® Card is: Authenticity. Like the sheer covering over the chair in my drawing today, Authenticity is about willingness to be vulnerable and to be seen.

Lance Secretan wrote, “It is not until we acquire courage that we can become real and being real is not about hiding our truth, or our emotions and vulnerabilities. On the contrary it is about revealing them-being authentic.”

Authenticity is a beautiful thing when we courageously choose to be seen, as we truly are, no camouflage, no pretense, just showing up with our cheer veil of imperfect humanity and beauty. 

I imagine most people would prefer the real deal to a counterfeit, but it takes courage to expose what others might judge or not understand. However, if we are to live at peace with ourselves, we must practice mustering the courage to show up authentically

The best role we could have in this life is the one where we get to be ourselves. It is an honor and a privilege and there is no way to improve on that! 

How are you showing up courageously authentic in your present circumstances?