Day 27 The Sacred Now



When did this turn into legal rationing of love given and withheld? When did this turn into out performing oneself, or attempting to out perform the world?


When did this vivacious, outgoing, risk-taking, fun-loving girl began to be cautious, go into hiding, stand on the sidelines observing tentatively, instead of dancing in the living room love full for all to see? When did she learn to shut down?


Have you ever asked yourself that question, ever noticed the luster growing dull, the laugher trailing off, while duty piles high? That’s when you know its time to return to the now.

This Sweet Now

List maker it’s time to stop

Step out of tomorrow and back into now

Embrace this moment before it’s gone

Expand into Presence all love and full

Be here now, before now trifles on


Take in this beauty that will be no more

Take in this moment that will pass away quickly

The moment you try to catch it, it will be gone

Experience it, savor it and drink it in

Abundance inside this now


Thick full provision

Nothing lacking in now

It only slips away when you move a head into future

It slips beneath your fingers when you stay behind in the past

And you miss this now nectar


Fill up in the full of this moment

Get inside and whirl around

Let it expand you

This sweet now