The Present Is Where Delight Lives

Kimberism: Have you noticed that the you in the present is much better company than the you still in the past? Having been invited to attend an acting class after being away from the craft for years, I was amazed that much of what I had always enjoyed about acting was the fact that it drew me out of my head and into the present moment. Although I moved away from acting this theme continued to be consistent in my life. Not only do I work to stay in the present, but now I coach clients to do the same.

Another tool I have used since I was twelve years old is the tool of writing. Journalling is a significant tool to bring one front and center with the present instead of trolling in the past. Poetry is a fun aspect of writing that I use to release creativity and stay in the now. Give it a try. Try writing what comes to mind without judging, or censoring. Put your words down on paper and see if you don't find yourself in the present. Here is an example of a poem I wrote.


Soaking you up like a thirsty paper towel

Blank page longing to be filled

Colliding with heaven’s delight

Falling off the edge, falling into love

Total surrender into seeming nothingness, only its complete spaciousness

You don’t box me in with your brand of freedom, wide open and tall

So new, so unknown that I search for my old walls

But you invite me into expansion, to unimaginable love

Unmeasurable depths, untamable, unstoppable, unyielding

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