Day 13 Love Has a Target


Love has a target and you are it! That’s the message I heard yesterday, as I was once again reminded of the out of the world love of the Trinity.

Do you ever get caught up in the illusion of separation, as if you were stranded and alone?


Read the words to the 1996 Susan Ashton song below, Send a Message, which describes God's apprehending love that bridged the gap, bringing us smack dab inside love, where there is no separation. 


Everyone, every once in awhile

Feels lost and alone sometime

But you don't have to worry

Baby I'll be by your side

Just send a message if there's trouble here

I could be oceans away

I'll go the distance baby don't you fear

I would sail a sea of lonesome to an island of despair

I would search the streets of heartache 'cause no other love compares

If you're stranded and alone out on the edges of the earth

I'd go anywhere for love now darlin',

I know what its worth baby

Maybe, like me, there are days when you need to be reminded of these words, because you're unaware of love’s pursuit of you, or days when your struggle challenges your belief, because all that’s presenting itself around you blurs reality.


Maybe there are days when you feel small and forgotten, as if missing from anyone’s lens. Maybe you are working so hard to deserve to be loved, to earn some illusive ranking, when there is actually nothing you or I could ever do, or not do to make us any more or less loved.


Love has a target and it’s always been you and me. We’ve always been the center of God’s affection and the aim for love’s generous grace and kindness. Don’t fall for the illusion of separation. We’ve been brought right into the middle of love.


Day 10 Remember Butterfly


I painted this butterfly, because I needed to be reminded that the butterfly wouldn’t always be a caterpillar.


Today, I’m saying to myself, “hold on butterfly. It’s gonna be okay!”


I call myself Butterfly and other endearing names like, Beautiful and Sweetheart. In fact, some mornings the first thing I hear when I wake up is the greeting, “Good morning beautiful! This is your day!” I know God is excited to spend the day loving me, and I get another day to love Him.


Today, I needed to be reminded that I am a Butterfly. I needed to remember. And boy did I remember. With a goodness kiss I got a healthy reminder and I will share about it tomorrow. Come back by for a visit!

Day 7 Are You Engaging or Merely Stalking?

Dance and engage

This year I sense the nudge of conversation being initiated around questions. One of the questions I hear being asked is: Why are so many women living on the fringe unengaged with each other?


I wonder if it's because we’ve been stalking, conditioned to observe from the sidelines of our own lives for so long, watching the louder, more boisterous older sister’s side show. I don't know if you're like me, but it seems that with all that clamoring for attention, I finally bored, turned off the channel and started showing up more fully in my own life.


It seems I've gained the ability to tune in, be present and engage more authentically with others and myself, instead of yeah, stalking my life or others from the sideline.


Are you a stalker reluctant to engage? I don’t mean debate. I mean engage, relationally. Part of the sideshow I’m bored with is the debate. It never occurred to me that I would only love you if I agreed with you or won you over to my way of seeing things. In fact, if agreeing with me is the only reason you profess love for me, we are pretty dull indeed.


I want to live in the over growth of a lush oasis of color, not within a well manicured suburban lawn. I want to hear the noise of people (even when I can’t stand the chatter.) I don’t want to live in the sterile white walls of mediocrity, or conformity, where I close the door and shut you out. I want to continue being someone who cheers and hollers for all players.


I guess, that’s why I have always loved relational groups, showing up and doing life together. I can hardly help myself from attempting to start a new group. I crave engagement, over merely observing from the sidelines. Yet, I think many women don't trust the waters and are reluctant to move away from the sidelines. I get it. It’s safer there. I’ve spent my time on the edge too. But when I see so many amazing women off in their own corners, I can’t help, but want to pull open their blinds, call them out into the river to engage and support one another. We need each other. We do!


I want to see women jump in the middle of the deep end and help each other swim. Sound scary? Do you have trust issues too? You know, we can't get to the other side without just going through! 


Don't you want to experience women clapping loudly for others, and cheering and hooting and beaming at there own beautiful color bleeding into the mix. Don't you want to share the brilliance and innovation you carry, instead of compete, hoard and hide?


Are you a stalker, or are you engaging?


If you're a woman living in the Charlotte area and would be interested in being a part of a Women Supporting Women Meet-up group. Contact me at:


Day 6 Are You a Helicopter Mama?

Helicpoter Mama

This morning I woke up with the images of a dream still lingering within my reach. I dreamt that my family and I were in a helicopter. This was not your average helicopter, but rather one that seemed more like the size of a cruise liner.


On this helicopter we were able to ask for anything we wanted and were catered to, making sure we got whatever we asked for, as if we were known and highly revered by the staff. All the while the staff was ready and waiting to respond to our every word and need, protecting and providing care and support as we floated up above the world below.


What if there was a realm of peace and rest high above the clutter of the hustle and bustle below? What if in this realm there was the ease of maneuvering in and out of daily life as a helicopter maneuvers through tight spaces?

What if there was angelic staff assigned to support and help us in our journey, not only to protect, but also to grant our every need and wish? Would that alter the way we lived? What if instead of holding out, coping and trying to make it on our own, or piously choosing to resist making waves or demands because we imagined God to be a stingy Father, we instead availed ourselves to what has been given to us from the benevolence and generosity of an over the top giver?


In my book, it would be foolish to refuse such support, to refuse such opulent, loving grace, yet how many of us do merely by our ignorance and independence?


When I was a young women I suggested to my generous grandfather that I did not want to be included in his will. I did this because I wanted him to know how much I loved him with no strings attached. Being the generous and loving man that he was, he refused my request. Imagine if he decided to withhold his generosity and love towards me betraying his character. It just wouldn’t have happened, even to the degree that those family members that failed in love and kindness towards him still found generosity and favor as a member of the family. The gift came from his nature and not the nature of the recipient (even though as part of the family I mystically carry with the giver within my DNA.)


I certainly want to enjoy the heights, depths and lengths of this kind of generous love, to be favored and thought well of by God, not only for the effects that this kind of love has in me, but so I can demonstrate generosity of nature to others.


I don’t want to forfeit the ride of my life, because I refuse the giver the generosity of his nature. I want to enjoy being a helicopter mama on every level, not merely for my sake, but on behalf of the others that may benefit from this grand generosity.


For He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11


Praise the Lord, you his angels,
you mighty ones who do his bidding,
who obey his word.” Psalm 103:20



Love Is An Indelible Marker

Love is the main 1Should it all end today, tomorrow or next week, I want to know that I made the right choice and that I didn’t forfeit the greater by settling for the lesser. I had a first hand look at this reality eighteen years ago when my sweet young husband Bill left this world after a short five-week battle with cancer, leaving behind an indelible mark on those who knew him.

 The evidence of his choices began to show up shortly after his passing and still lives on amongst us, long after he’s gone. The first evidence was when the small town of Sandwich, NH where we lived honored his contribution of coaching children’s sport leagues with a memorial expressing the kindness that he exemplified.

 Strange occurrences also began to occur as one friend relayed that Bill came to him in a dream that caused a life turn around. These experiences went on for sometime. I even had my own encounter where I saw Bill and the host of heaven enthusiastically cheering me on to finish the race before me. And then one morning my young son Joshua excitedly came running down stairs to announce that he had a dream where his daddy was playing the harmonica with King David.None of these things trumps the way Bill touched lives while on the earth, such as the stranger he gave his coat to while offering him a ride on a wintery day. Bill taught a valuable lesson as he whistled his way through life: focus on loving well.

While I focusing on love I often find it hard to carry on as usual. The ongoing abiding glimpse into the heavenly realm often leaves its weighty presence making marketing, blogging, or cleaning the house seem entirely irrelevant.

I have tried like the best of them to “do the work.” I am a task driven, action girl from way back. My sister claims she’s never seen someone clean the kitchen faster or accomplish more, but the thing is I don’t want to merely “accomplish” if the work I do has no lasting value.

Heart with nameWhat difference does leaving your mark, make, if lives aren’t transformed or lifted up in some way? Love is not only an action word, it’s an abiding presence and without it little love is demonstrated. Without it little of importance is accomplished.

Bill wasn’t a perfect man. Without abiding in the Source of love his life wouldn’t have demonstrated the love that it did.

This is why I’m passionate about my focus on inner work, for there is a soul thirsty part of all of us that hungers for sustaining love. It’s why so much of the work I do is experiential and value driven, taking the time to refocus on the inside, instead of the steady stream of traffic, agendas, meal preparation and things to mark off the to dos that will matter little tomorrow.

If we’re not intentional about how our time is spent and our focus directed, you can bet the condition of the heart and our inner world will be last in line, while we run here and there in pursuit of meaningless activities.

People won’t remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel, because love is like an indelible marker. 

Love is originated by the Source of true love and so it will last and never wash off. I want to be one whose life leaves love’s indelible mark, don't you?

 If you know it's time to focus on your heart, join us for an upcoming retreat, or contact me about individual coaching at:


Day 6- Kindness 30 Days of Creative Expression

Day 6I’ve often had a vision of a girl extending her handful of flowers, but the world was too busy to take notice. Do you ever feel that way?

It’s easy to get discouraged in a world that is running a thousand miles a minute, work to accomplish, places to be and meals to tend to. It’s easy to think why bother, when no one bothers back. 

Honestly, I face moments like that until I hear a little bird’s twill that reminds me as it always has that the world is a much brighter place when living from love:Kindness begets kindness.

Leadership trainer Lance Secretan wrote to accompany the Kindness SPIRIT@WORK® Card,

“The ancient Greeks called it Agape: in Sanskirt it is Maitri: and Metta in Pali. The English term is loving-kindness. Serving others and practicing loving kindness may not be the first image that springs to mind when we think about corporate executives or leaders of organizations. But it should be. Let’s make it so.”

When I am living from a kindness state-of-being, kindness oozes instead of trickles. I don’t wait for acknowledgement. I give it generously and happily in service. I can only do that when I am living in the present to Love. When I am aware of the Love that occupies my being and created the Universe, rather than measuring myself based on outer approval or performance, there is no shortage of kindness, the overflow and extension of love.  

How do you nurture a kindness state-of-being?

The Power of Elementary Things

Kimberism: Simple acts of kindness hold great power. Although kindness can appear unimpressive it carries an influence that will far surpass position, prestige, or wealth. Recently when driving by an elementary school I was overcome with a sense of God’s presence. I was a little baffled that I would feel this so strongly since I have never had the desire to be an elementary school teacher. However I probed a little deeper and sensed that the message I was getting was about “elementary things.”

It isn't complicated. From my vantage point loving and accepting people and helping people accept themselves is one of the most elementary things. Through the many roles I occupy I am frequently reminded of the basic desire we all have for genuine acceptance, belonging and kindness.

Although love and kindness are elementary they are far from ordinary, simple, but impactful. I myself remember feeling swallowed up by life and a few simple, but poignant acts of kindness helped to bring balance to my world over the years.

  • How are you incorporating the elementary things in your life and business?
  • How are you seeing people as the gold, rather than the means to a current outcome you desire?
  • How can your elementary acts of kindness make a difference in the lives of those around you?

Don't over look the power of elementary things.

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My New Friend

Kimberism: Gifts come in big packages, small packages and sometimes marred human packages. When I first saw Steve I did what many do in a city where there are many homeless, I just kept walking. Then I followed my sister’s example and stocked my glove compartment with crackers for stop-light-pan-handlers. However, I've abandoned this tactic after crackers were thrown back at me from an ungrateful man!

Like many I have swung between wanting to ignore the onslaught of humanity right in my face, and wanting to rescue every homeless person I've seen. However, I made the choice to push past the boundary of my comfort zone by taking steps to befriend the homeless I see regularly in my neighborhood, hence Steve.

Steve is a 67 year old man who walks with a limp and wears a straw cowboy hat. He obviously hasn't bathed for sometime, nor washed his clothes. However, I've found that I care about this sweet man who now calls me by my name and beams with warmth and charm. After Steve went missing I told my family of my concern and was relieved when he showed up in his usual spot explaining that he had been sick.

Once Steve offered me some of the crackers a nice lady had given him and as we chatted I learned that he lost his dad five years ago, but has siblings in his home town. He told me that he sleeps in a location far away and I’m not sure how he manages to get there each night with a limp.

Oddly, every time I see Steve he asks, “Can I get you anything” as if he’d pull up to his refrigerator and grab a tray of appetizers! I've laughed thinking, “What is he going to give me?” However, I've discovered that Steve has given me a special gift He's expanded my world and my heart, by helping me move past my fears and beyond detached charitable gifts for someone I've never met.

Steve has helped me see God through a dirty homeless man who has nothing, yet is kinder than many people bursting with possessions and yet are completely empty. I would say he has given me quite a lot. Thank you Steve!

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