Seeing Beyond

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Everyday, I come alive a little more to things I didn’t even know I already possessed. Its sad to think of mankind living below the level of what is intended and available to us. Some won’t wake up until they’re breathing their last breath and then so blinded by the light of eternal love, they’ll begin to see as if for the first time. My Day 5 painting in the 30 Paintings In 30 Days series reflects the joy of seeing things as if for the first time. It is entitled: Robust Joy. You can follow all of the amazing artwork here

Walter Lanyon, one of my favorite authors, writes in the Laughter of God,

“I was a child with a small measure at the seaside, trying to carry off a little water when the whole sea was at my disposal, and I understood for the first time the exhaustless sea of substance about me, and that the idea of hoarding was but a childish feat grown into a Goliath by false teaching and beliefs. I suddenly became aware that the substance was everywhere, in everything, out of everything, and the only place of lack was in the hypnotic state of belief—and I alone created and moved in this vacuum.

And the glorious laughter rolled on, searching the very joints and marrow of me—dislodging every belief in fear, sickness, or age. And as it swept over me and through me and round about me, I was amazed with the wonder of it—the fierce, terrible thing which was at the same time so beautiful and free. The wonder of it kept singing through my soul as veil of belief was rent asunder and new kingdoms stood revealed. And the whole thing was as if one just saw a little deeper, as one looks through the surface reflection on a river and sees the pebbles and shells below, that was all; only the Laughter made this possible, for it cleared away all the effort and straining which in its attempt to see God had been halted at the reflection on the surface, instead of gasping into the limpid, glorious depth of Infinity…The glorious Divine ease with which it was expressed made dis-ease impossible.”

What joy and freedom to live in this continual union with Love and Joy. There is no substitute or distraction that is worthy of dislodging this ease. And so it is with this effortless grace that one enters by mere recognition, not labor. What a gift, being so wrapped up in love before we even recognized it.

This little bit of early morning inspiration had me talking to myself about joy during my drive time, in none other than a lovely British Prime Minister-esque accent. The way I used to talk to my dolls about life, all lined up on my bed. We are the perfect captive audience all by ourselves. We should be sure to speak words of life and that encourage and certainly make us laugh!


Day 27 The Sacred Now



When did this turn into legal rationing of love given and withheld? When did this turn into out performing oneself, or attempting to out perform the world?


When did this vivacious, outgoing, risk-taking, fun-loving girl began to be cautious, go into hiding, stand on the sidelines observing tentatively, instead of dancing in the living room love full for all to see? When did she learn to shut down?


Have you ever asked yourself that question, ever noticed the luster growing dull, the laugher trailing off, while duty piles high? That’s when you know its time to return to the now.

This Sweet Now

List maker it’s time to stop

Step out of tomorrow and back into now

Embrace this moment before it’s gone

Expand into Presence all love and full

Be here now, before now trifles on


Take in this beauty that will be no more

Take in this moment that will pass away quickly

The moment you try to catch it, it will be gone

Experience it, savor it and drink it in

Abundance inside this now


Thick full provision

Nothing lacking in now

It only slips away when you move a head into future

It slips beneath your fingers when you stay behind in the past

And you miss this now nectar


Fill up in the full of this moment

Get inside and whirl around

Let it expand you

This sweet now









Day 20 Why You Should Stop Trying To Do Something For the World


Often we’ve heard that we have something the world needs and so we set out to provide the solution or gift to serve that dilemma. While it may sound reasonable that we were made with a quality or gifting that will benefit the world, I believe this thinking is entirely backwards.


What if there was nothing we really needed to do for God, because frankly, God’s got it covered? What if instead of carrying the yoke of thinking there was something we were supposed to do or accomplish, we merely lived from the overflow of who we truly are and in turn that would be the brightest, truest thing we could ever do?


Imagine the difference from being a duty bound 'yes' man and a free son.

As a parent I get excited about what excites my kids. I don’t expect their interest to benefit me. I hope they fall in love with life to the degree that it spills over as a natural expression of who they are.


 “Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we need to be and embracing who we are.” Brenè Brown


Instead of trying to do something for God, what if we got in on what He was interested in and as any loving dad can tell you, that is his kids!


Interestingly, there were two specific times in my life when I felt God was really excited about what I was sharing with him and neither times had anything to do with a noble or spiritually pursuit. However, they were the two times I was the most honest and clear about my desires. Just like a good Dad, God seemed excited about what I was excited about.


During seven years of widowhood my prayer was for a husband and father for my children, but not just any husband, one that was a great lover (there were other requests that were equally as honest.) And then there was the cute yellow house I randomly passed blurting out, “I want that house!” Certainly I’d say my interests were not pious or dubious, but rather clear!


God seemed onboard with my desires to the extent that He gave me two specific dreams to support them. One dream involved a friend interpreting a dream I had with the word Beulah in it. I soon discovered Beulah means married!


The other dream was of a map highlighting the exact location of the cute yellow house long before we were in the house market, even knew we’d be moving, or the cute house I had spotted was on the market.


How important is it that we get honest about who we are and what we desire? Darn important. We can continue to do the things we think we’re supposed to, but at what cost? Is the upstairs team yawning, while waiting for us to get clear and honest about our real desires and not dutiful halfhearted junk?


Some of you might be thinking, 'isn't that child-centric?'  It might be if you've interpreted God as distant, out of reach and non-relational. However, I believe the Father is all about relationship, not sacrifice or duty. Most of us have spent a lifetime relation to God as if we needed to appease him and ward off his wrath. I on the other hand think that is a gross misrepresentation, which has kept the masses reacting with the same distance.


Instead of living in a manner that keeps us separated from the free child he created us to, trying to do something for God, what if we got in on relationship and what He is interested in and as any loving dad would confess, that is his kids!

Day 14 What If You Were Complete


How would you live differently if you believed you were enough right now? How would you live if you lived into questions and mystery, allowing yourself a generous amount of latitude?


I lived a good many years thinking I needed to do more, and I needed to be more, until I began to believe, merely chose to alter my lens and believe that I was perfectly complete in God’s eyes now. This does not mean I am perfect, but rather that I house perfection. This doesn't mean that I am stagnant, but still alive and growing.


This means that I don’t have to work so hard to be acceptable, or arrive at some new level, because the One who is beyond measurement has already arrived and dwells in me. What a radical shift to breathe in the ease of grace and rest that was given without effort on my part to acquire it. In fact, what I’ve worked and strived to obtain has actually hindered my ability to receive whats been freely given.


Who wouldn’t wake up excited to spend another day being fully loved and accepted right where they are? Who wouldn’t want to be loved like that ? I get to spend another day being loved and soaking up this crazy, generous free gift of life!

Day 8 Wallowing In Goodness


Sheep signed

What if I saw everything differently?

You on exhibition in me,

I often fail to recognize,

while muddling in some lesser version of myself,

a team member that forgot her team.


Rebel rouser,

fists in air,

defending overrun turf.


What if I turned the tables and only saw love?

What if I stopped projecting jagged paths and crooked climbs?

What if I grasped I was carrying all I think I lack?


Missed out bundles of all of me-acceptance spilling over,

spacious love that becomes self-love,

a go sign for more love,

a welcome mat when I’ve been unwelcomed,

x-ray vision to see with compassion,

frozen children in grown-up clothes.


What if I stopped taking it personally?

What if I loved those that stubbed my toes and saw them as gifts?

What if I wallowed in your forever goodness?



Day 4 More Than I Can Think or Ask Kind of Stuff



Today I am art journaling around celebrating twelve years of marriage to my brainy, hunky, stabilizing, loving husband, Mark. How did we get here?


I was married to Bill, my first husband a little shy of twelve years, before we lost him to cancer and then I navigated seven years of being a singe mom before Mark entered my world. Then Mark and I married, started the adventure of our lives happily raising my brood of four kids. His two were already mostly grown.


Lately I’ve been thinking about the “never could have imagined” and “more than I could ask or think” graced things in my life, things like the two amazing men I’ve married that were ushered into my life at the right time apart from anything I did.


I’ve been thinking about other graced things like the time I mysteriously blurted out, “I want that cute yellow house” on Mina Court, when it wasn’t on the market, not even realizing I had had a dream about that exact area pinpointed on a map. Not to mention that God had been speaking to me about the Mina (currency) of treasure I needed to steward in my life. Oddly, we weren’t even house shopping at the time, but when it was time to buy a home, mysteriously the Mina house was on the market and the one we bought!


I’ve been thinking about the enduring friendships in my life, the ones where we continue to show up present and alive to each other, organically and love inspired, enjoying the gift of friendship.


The greatest things in my life have always been the “more than I could think or ask things,” rather than the many things I can conceive and make happen in my own strength. The later things are weak in comparison to the miraculous beauty of the things I’ve been freely gifted, be it large or small. These are the gifts that surprise my heart, because they are too wild and too good to have received in any manner other than the overflow of a benevolent generous giver.


I am excited this year, because I sense that this is a year of “never could have imagined" and “more than I could think or ask.” I’m excited about this season of promise where I feel a little like a well nurtured and adored bottle of wine that’s been growing in full body flavor and seasoned attributes deposited within that make it rare and tasty.


This is the year to pop the cork and experience the effervescence spilling out its goodness all around. This is the year to swim in the intoxication of more that we can imagine love. Hello 2015!


30 Days of Creative Expression


Once again I've chosen to start the New Year with open hands, not agendas, but the ease of grace rather than forceful self-will. It feels natural to start each day with a creative exercise or intuitive play, as an extension and expression of the creative Life within, as a process and experience, rather than a goal to be completed.

Each day this month, I will start the day with the idea of effortless, joyful connection, rather than reaching outside of myself for an encounter. I merely experience the Life indwelling within, singing onto the page or through the materials I choose. 

This first day of 2015 expresses the creative journey of Believe (in the image above) that I sense evolving this year. This is a natural unfolding that comes easily as I choose to walk in the unforced rhythm of grace.

If you too want to resist the zealous thrust of self-will and move easily and organically into the New Year, you might also choose to spend the next days listening, creating or journaling what arises within you. Let this be the beginning of your road map for this glorious year of possibilities ahead.

Let it ring in with newness and color and joyful ease, instead of frenetic, forced striving.

Should you choose to engage in this fun creative expression let if evolve in your own way and by all means please share your new inspiration and creations as you go.

Wishing you the ease of grace and the overflow of love in your journey. Happy 2015!

Paradigms Need to Be Challenged

Rational mind rejects

What if all of you, every part of us is sacred, everything we do? What if we are the container and can’t divide up our coming or going, our cooking or hiking into sacred and secular, because the life within us is complete, worthy of awe and gratitude, as beholding in a mirror the image of perfection?


When we live from a place of perfect approval according to God’s complete knowledge of us (and the extent to which He went to prove it), we are set on the path of liberty. It’s only when we fall for or stay entrained to the tempting idea of “I am not” that was initiated ages ago, telling us that we are somehow far below who we truly are that we get seduced and held hostage.


Francois Du Toit says, “And so we have exchanged God’s perfect approval of us, based on his perfect knowledge of us, for our imperfect knowledge of ourselves and of one another…”


This seductive alternative perspective is one where we have to work to prove ourselves as if we could master our own being separated from our original Source. And it is this very idea of separation that keeps us striving to try harder and to please.


Honestly, sometimes I forget that I’ve left the speakers of the “I am not-tree-system” that Francois Du Toit coined, turned up. When I interpret life through deficiency, instead of through the Tree of Life lens of I am perfect, fully graced, loved, secured and accepted, I disempower myself and knock myself out of the race.


It’s this “not-enough” lens that burns with a feeling of alienation, shame, inferiority, and being set aside that trips-me-up every time I engage it’s taunts. It tricks me in two ways.

1. In thinking I need to work my way into favor that allures me to grasp for control, and the need to quantify and systemize everything. It’s this outdated vantage point that whispers secret ego enticements to get me to dance, and hustle and pull the skirt over my head to earn my keep; usually without recognizing I am even doing it.


2. Sometimes it throws me out of the game, or I throw myself out of the game when I believe I am separated and flawed.


Paradoxically, it is this very sting of rubbing me raw incongruence rubbing that causes me to harken to the truer sound, the beckoning whisper of Love that runs through every crevice of my being, awakening me to the truth and challenging the counterfeit with questions instead of answers.


For who can predict the day of their birth, or cause their heart to pulse beat after beat with unstoppable life? Who can separate themselves from the womb?


It’s this Love that initiates and celebrates what taunts of “not-enough” only swallow up and confine. It’s this Love that expands realms of possibility and discovery beyond my knowing, taking me on a honeymoon romp beyond time and limits.


When my mind has me detained by search light wardens and detention guards, I know that I have fallen for the “I am not” reality instead of my spotless design. It’s only arrogance on the lowest of level that causes one to calculate and measure insider and outsider, sacred and secular in others or myself.


What if love is the only reality that never ceases to breath, create, morph, and give life, while transcending all dimensions? What if our measuring the world up into our tiny reality isn’t even in the ballpark of what reality truly is?


Do you feel boxed in, because you keep putting yourself under the dead-end system of the law? Are you eating the rotten fruit from the “I am not enough” tree and want to eat from the wide-open spaciousness of the Tree of Life?


It’s time to think fresh! Register now for the Moxie Me Please! Awakening to Your True Identity Coaching Group beginning in Jan. 2015. Early bird pricing goes up Dec. 10th. Hurry and reserve your spot today!  For information click here!

The One Fix that Can't Be Fixed!


Do you face each day with the idea that you are broken and need something outside of yourself to fix you? Do you look for that illusive magic pill that will make you complete when you’re already filled to the brim with gold?

What if instead of believing you're deficient you owned that you're fully complete and have everything you need within you to live a full and thriving life?

 Some things don’t need to be fixed. Some things need a whole new perspective.

What if instead of seeing the world as a victim, out of control, lacking and insufficient, you realized that you're stocked full withGod's utter wealth and brilliance. What if you believed you were absolutely loved to the fullest measure the way you are now?


You see it all has to do with your perspective. I hold to the foundational belief that I am utterly and completely loved. I was made in love and I am sustained by perfect love, so how could I lack anything.

Does that mean that everyone in my life has always loved me? No! Does it mean that everything in my life has always gone my way? No, it doesn’t. It means that I don’t measure my worth or quality of life based on the exterior world, but on the reality of a love that exists beyond the material world in and through me every moment.

That makes me quite wealthy and complete. In fact, I wake up most days believing that I am completely full and have everything I need for an outstanding life.

The Struggle

Do I ever struggle? Yes, there are days when I see life through the lens of fear, caught on a low plane, I can’t see the forest for the trees. There are days that I struggle with what appears to be true, but isn’t. There are days that I measure my worth based on what you and everyone else thinks about me, which instantly reduces my inherent value in my own eyes to someone of little worth. 

The reality is that I know the truth. Circumstances may occasionally rattle me, but I am so completely loved that sooner or later I wake up to this reality and comprehend this fullness. Although there were many a year I lived victim to depression and circumstances, I now rest in and soak up all of love’s overflowing goodness, because Love anchors me.

You may be a naysayer. That’s ok. You can maintain your reality. The reality I choose ( it is a choice) centers me in perfect love, so full and complete that it swallows up all toxicity. There is nothing that needs to be fixed when one lives in love’s goodness. Every difficulty, every notion of lack, every obstacle and shadow of darkness is ultimately overcome by love. Love is my only fix!



What's The Fuss About Getting Untamed?

Get-Untamed There are plenty of people that are content to mottle through, not look up from their desk, cope, comply, bury, forfeit, overlook and deny their true inner wealth, but not me! I've let life’s pressure carve and shape this diamond. Why waste the process? Why let it be for naught? I've been willing to become unraveled, disheveled and dismantled, so I could own the beauty that is here. I am not ashamed to state it. You shouldn't be either.

We each possess and carry beauty. Yours may be different than mine, but I will honor and recognize it and give thanks for it.  I don’t want to hangout with the “good girls” who color in the lines. I've been there and done that. I can recognize a parrot in a second flat! I want to hang among the brave, beautiful warriors, who soar and who fall, who risk and who leap. Not the pristine rule keepers that spout the law and miss the entire point.

Hear me scream, “Let your heart go, so it can be found. Join the risk takers and get untamed!” If that's up your alley, check out Untamed Heart:Releasing Your Creative Genius and down load a free chapter!

Living in Reception Mode

Kimberism: I think this is what hooks one to gardening: it is the closest one can come to being present at creation. Phyllis Theroux Are you living in reception mode, or are you working so hard to manufacture your own desires that you are missing out on receiving?

I believe the best gifts are those given freely with no strings attached like the time my husband surprised me with a brand new guitar. I did nothing to deserve it. I was just the recipient of his generosity.

We all know there is no way to manipulate, or drag a gift out of a distant, non-involved person, but how incredible is the generosity of a sincere giver.

Some believe that they are the author of their own lives. Yet look a little further and you will see that you had nothing to do with getting yourself here. You did nothing to conceive your life. Rather you are the recipient of life.

Whether you want to admit it or not, you and I are dependents. Although we live in a world of seemingly independent people exercising their independence, when it comes right down to it, you and are dependent on every breath we breathe. Notice that just as a branch cannot exist apart from a vine, we draw nutrients from a greater source.  We are containers for life!

Are you living in reception mode, or resistance mode? Are you struggling to be free from the vine and make it on your own hard earned efforts, or are you living as a grateful recipient?

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Party Girls Have More Fun

Kimberism: You can join the party of life or sit on the sidelines. In the end the choice is yours. In my youth the term “party girl” was used to describe someone who had an imbalanced affinity for socialization. Not too long ago I decided to do life and business from a “party girl” perspective. I decided to reclaim the term “party girl,” because I would rather join the party than sit on the sidelines!

I hope you realize that I’m not talking about substance abuse, unless the substance is life. I have lived way too long to settle for dispassionate duty in any area of my life when I can enjoy the grand romance of life instead.

Have you ever met people who pull a party out of their bag no matter how bleak the circumstance, because they see into a seemingly different dimension? That’s my Grandmother for you! She always manages to find joy even amongst the sourest bag of apples.

How about you? Have you recognized areas in your life that have fallen prey to the stoic adult world of obligation, duty and propriety? Have you settled for an illusion of happiness, instead of truly embracing the party?

Granite, not everyday is a picnic, yet we still get the choice to show up for life and enjoy the party. If you feel phased out of the party and want to get back in, or know there has to be more in your life and want to connect to something bigger than yourself sign up for my free telecall, Super Charge Your Life with Irresistible Bliss! You will find out how you can:

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  • Tap into the undeniable graces of effortless bliss
  • Find out what’s your irresistible easy
  • And begin to thrive in whatever circumstances you are facing

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Spring's Hope

Kimberism: New life is ever present if we will receive it.

Spring offers a poignant message that has been lived out in my life over and over again. The most dramatic example was when my sweet husband Bill passed away fifteen years ago on Good Friday.

Although my shattered world was layered with winter barrenness, unbeknownst to me life was stirring below the surface. As with Easter and spring time, new life can’t be held back. New life emerged before my eyes with promise and hope.

The amazing thing about spring is that it can’t be forced, or hurried. You can’t make buds appear before their time. Yet, with no warning an unimpressive patch of earth reveals its first green shoots signaling the hope of what is to come. 

How do you hold on when you see no evidence of spring? I am a faith girl, so for me, what stands in the gap between what is and what will be is faith! Good Friday is more than a day of sorrow . It holds the sign of unending promise and power.

Are you surrounded by winter-barrenness in your life? Are you unable to see the promise of what you hope for on the horizon?

Be patient for spring will come, bringing with it new hope, new possibility and new growth. Life just can’t help itself; it keeps giving and giving and giving. Always extending newness and love. How are you positioned to receive? Are you standing ready with arms open wide for possibility? Is your tongue extended eager to soak up spring's refreshing rains? Mine is!

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