Day 24 It's Time For Corrective Lenses

Day 24 Measuring Up

Recently I got a pair of prescription glass. This is the first pair of prescription specks I’ve ever worn. Like learning to ride a bike I’ve encountered a brand new learning curve that's requiring practice.


It seems odd that I would put on lenses intended to improve my sight and initially be unable to see! Imagine the many things we might be unable to see, things right in front of us, because of our depth of perception and lack of correct focus? But what if it only required a slight change in focus to open up a world of sight?


I love learning and unlearning new things. I love seeing things with brand new perspective that may not have previously been on my grid. I try to look at obstacles that appear blurry and unclear as opportunities for expansion in sight and insight.


The greatest sight adjustment I can think of comes through the lens of grace. The idea that there is nothing I can do, or need to do to receive an outrageously ludicrous exchange rate. What one of us in this tit for tat world doesn’t struggle with the ridiculousness of this kind of generosity?


Imagine how much we thwart grace in our efforts to justify and merit the gift. Imagine how we limit ourselves when our sight remains unalterable through our blurred lens of perception, while striving to apprehend with our dead works what is totally free.


It’s time for a pair of corrective lenses. It's time to fully receive this gift of grace.

Day 17 Are You Dying of Thirst In An Oasis?

Day 14 Dying of thirst

This morning I was thinking about the times I’ve been parched, but wouldn’t draw near to a water supply (wouldn’t get up off my *** to go the kitchen, turn on the faucet and drink!)


It’s said, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. It’s a sad reality to be in the middle of an oasis, but not see it. It’s a sad reality to be gifted another day to live and be in such despair that it’s whittled away.


What might be the difference between those that have so little and yet live with full abandon and ecstasy and those that just can’t quite grasp their goodness portion?


I’ve had seasons were I remained in drought, because of my blindness and hard heartedness. I’ve had seasons where joy escaped my grasp, as I camped out in the mindset of lack. And then it happened! I began to recall the goodness I’ve experienced, the joy and elation from seasons past and joy couldn’t help but over take me. Then I started to build on that joy in every moment looking for pieces of beauty, whether in the garbage heap or the morning sunrise. It's there and if you look for it you will find it in every circumstance.


What might be keeping you from your oasis?


Day 14 What If You Were Complete


How would you live differently if you believed you were enough right now? How would you live if you lived into questions and mystery, allowing yourself a generous amount of latitude?


I lived a good many years thinking I needed to do more, and I needed to be more, until I began to believe, merely chose to alter my lens and believe that I was perfectly complete in God’s eyes now. This does not mean I am perfect, but rather that I house perfection. This doesn't mean that I am stagnant, but still alive and growing.


This means that I don’t have to work so hard to be acceptable, or arrive at some new level, because the One who is beyond measurement has already arrived and dwells in me. What a radical shift to breathe in the ease of grace and rest that was given without effort on my part to acquire it. In fact, what I’ve worked and strived to obtain has actually hindered my ability to receive whats been freely given.


Who wouldn’t wake up excited to spend another day being fully loved and accepted right where they are? Who wouldn’t want to be loved like that ? I get to spend another day being loved and soaking up this crazy, generous free gift of life!

Day 8 Wallowing In Goodness


Sheep signed

What if I saw everything differently?

You on exhibition in me,

I often fail to recognize,

while muddling in some lesser version of myself,

a team member that forgot her team.


Rebel rouser,

fists in air,

defending overrun turf.


What if I turned the tables and only saw love?

What if I stopped projecting jagged paths and crooked climbs?

What if I grasped I was carrying all I think I lack?


Missed out bundles of all of me-acceptance spilling over,

spacious love that becomes self-love,

a go sign for more love,

a welcome mat when I’ve been unwelcomed,

x-ray vision to see with compassion,

frozen children in grown-up clothes.


What if I stopped taking it personally?

What if I loved those that stubbed my toes and saw them as gifts?

What if I wallowed in your forever goodness?



Day 10-Transformation, 30 Days of Creative Expression

Day 10

I believe TRANSFORMATION begins with a change in perception. As perceptions change, the old way of viewing the world in an “either”, “or”, mindset, gives way to greater possibility and wholeness.

Inspiration is important, but TRANSFORMATION is even more powerful. If we're merely to stay in the reality that we currently exist, in a mindset that this is it, we fail to comprehend the vastness that exists beyond our mere rational understanding. TRANSFORMATION moves one into a new realm of awareness and experience beyond what can be seen with natural sight and understanding.

Richard Rohr wrote,

“We need to rediscover the Sic et Non approach in our politics and in our churches. Otherwise, I do not know what we are offering the world except violence, because angry conversation creates angry minds and angry hearts and eventually angry behavior. It seems to me that we have the possibility from our own Tradition of raising up the capacity for humane, dialogical, Sic et Non conversations—where I do not need to prove that you are wrong. I do not need to pretend that I am totally right. I can keep my mind and my heart open.

Dualistic people use knowledge, even religious knowledge, for the purposes of ego enhancement, shaming, and the control of others and themselves. Non-dual people use knowledge for the transformation of persons and structures, but most especially to change themselves and to see reality with a new eye and heart.”

Lance Secretan wrote for the TRANSFORMATION SPIRIT@WORK® Card, a tool he uses with corporate leadership,

“During the decades ahead, we will see spiritual transformations unfold that today can only be imagined….We are at the end of an old-story human paradigm that viewed power as something to be exploited, as a means to control, as a weapon with which to intimidate others. In this age of Consciousness, power is founded on an attitude of abundance; it is spiritual, not material or physical power, and it is a divine resource residing in, and available, to us all. It is just waiting to be nourished and shared. This is a power that we have not even been able to imagine before-and it is sacred.”

How would the idea of TRANSFORMATION preceded by a change of heart and perception move you out of your logical understanding into a deeper realm?

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