Are You A Safe Place to Come Home to?

Is your heart safeSometimes I feel the need to guard my heart turf. You know those days when an aspect of life feels unsafe and the warning signal starts flashing to enlist the boarder patrol?

I have triggers. We all do. Many of us grew up in a home with an unstable parent and went on to experience a culture of instability. What wouldn’t set off triggers?

I’ve learned to help my trigger-reactive heart through dangerous landmines. I’ve come to understand that my triggers are in place to protect me. They signal a perceived threat. Sometimes the threat may only be imagined, reminding me of a previous experience. That is when I get the opportunity to reevaluate my reaction and response in the here and now, choosing to reframe outdated Intel. Other times I may sense the real need to protect myself from intruders breaching my boarders.

This is never a neat and tidy operation, because our hearts are not machines.  However, getting comfortable with untidiness helps us befriend our heart rather than betray it. 

This is particularly challenging for those of us that are feelers. I feel “things” long before I understand what I am feeling. My heart seems to be a forerunner forever out in the trenches. It goes a head as a reconnaissance mission returning with information. Then I have the challenge of understanding what to do with this information.

Often I discover that what I am feeling has nothing to do with me. I am picking up some other concern, or another person’s issues. But then there are the times that I understand that I have taken a hit and need to examine the breach in the wall.

How about you? Do you allow your heart room to feel and express when it gets tweaked? Do you provide a safe haven to process and evaluate your useful, misplaced, or out of date Intel? The sooner we befriend our own heart, the less it will need to hit the panic button.

When we listen to our heart's clues we will be a safe place. As the author of Untamed Heart, I am all about possessing an untamed heart , but that will never become an option if we don’t feel safe. How safe are you? 

Make Your Outlandish Big Dream List

Kimberism: If you can believe it, you can live it! I am continuing on from my last post, Things that Make Your Heart Go Pitter Patter with another of my favorites, The Bucket List. However, lets just call it what it is, The Outlandish Big Dream List! I encourage you to make a list, or update an old one for the New Year too. Make your list as detailed as possible. Be bold, be courageous, be authentically you and be as outlandish as you dare to be. Don’t worry what others may think. Give yourself permission to dream big!

The next step of course would be to set in place the strategies, structures and support to see these things come to pass. Wishing will get you nowhere! Intentional action will carry you from where you are to where you desire to be. Make this a year of outlandish dreams and intentional growth.

  1. Abundance on the inside translating externally
  2. New books published in 2012 with the right support team
  3. Books selling like hotcakes with international impact
  4. Fun dinner parties
  5. My own talk show
  6. Our family show
  7. A year of wonderful clients who understand the value of investing in their lives through coaching. Connecting with ideal clients
  8. Continued transformation and fruitfulness in the lives of my coaching clients and those in my programs
  9. The perfect technical wiz to expand my business capabilities
  10. Meet fun, enriching and inspired girl friends
  11. Invitations to speak at inspired women’s events with other powerful change agents
  12. Travel to Greece for a fabulous girls trip
  13. Family Christmas trip to Mexico
  14. Collaborating with fun, savvy women/men on events 
and projects
  15. Inspired art projects and work selling through new outlets
  16. The opportunity to support more philanthropic ventures
  17. Mark working with a team he loves and enjoys
  18. Booking a commercial
  19. Having outrageous fun in work and relationships
  20. Family vision expanding, partners coming on board
  21. Income coming in beyond my expectations
  22.  A year of romance with Mark, God and life
  23. Children thriving in their giftings
  24. Excited or each new day of unexpected possibilities
  25. Singing with a band again

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