Lessons From Smackass Georgia

Abundance 1Unfortunately many of the lessons I’ve learned in life have come through hitting smack bottom on the rough edges of life. I imagine the city planning committee of Smackass Georgia must have had a similar revelation. No lie, it’s a real town! I’ve been there.

Recently an old friend made a comment that I should be a bitter women due to the losses I’ve experienced. I thought about it for a second, acknowledging that because of the grace of God, love and gratitude seem to have been the better choice, a choice resulting in a full and beautiful life.

Believe me it is daily choice to let the effects of life experiences mold us for the better, rather than letting bitterness and unforgiveness take us out at the knees. We all have the same challenge and opportunity, to release and let go, or savor and stew on difficulty.

I’ve found difficulty, although undesirable, the greatest teacher. Sometimes to know the value of something you have to experience the converse. I hope to never let a mistake or difficulty be wasted, so here’s a little Friday gratitude that I hope will encourage you.

Smackass Gift and Gratitude List

  • I’m grateful for learning to Love others through the gift of encountering indifference.
  • I’m grateful for learning to be loved through the gift of a hard heart receiving.
  • I’m grateful for learning the Value of friendship through the gift of isolation.
  • I’m grateful for learning Shame resilience through the gift of shame.
  • I’m grateful for learning Self-acceptance through the gift of rejection.
  • I’m grateful for learning Gratefulness through the gift of loss and despair.
  • I’m grateful for learning to Savor the Moment through the gift of disappointment.
  • I’m grateful for learning to see Hope and Possibility through the gift of barrenness.
  • I’m grateful for learning to Carry Sunshine in my heart through the gift of darkness.
  • I’m grateful for learning the need for others through the gift of failed perfectionism.
  • I’m grateful for learning to live through the gift of dying a thousand deaths.


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Nurturing the Creative Within

Kimberism: Creativity is merely a reflection of Divine Inspiration.

Being a “creative” I can’t help but create. I believe we were all born to create in the image of the One who created us! Even though I have a natural propensity toward creating often I stumble into patterns that shut down my creativity tendencies.

Because of this struggle to stay in a “creative space” I have learned personal criteria that is essential to nurturing my creative nature. Although the keys I am about to share with you may seem unrelated to creativity, they create the right environment for innovation to flourish. I am sharing the keys that work for me, so you can determine what works for you.

My Keys for Nurturing the Creative Within

1. Awareness that Heaven Speaks and Engage In the Conversation

The number one criteria that helps me nurture my creativity is understanding, inquiring of and remaining open to the ultimate source of creativity, who I personally refer to as God. That means being open for heavenly communication.

2. Thankfulness Leads the Way

When I am thankful I remain in an open childlike posture positioned to receive. As soon as I loose sight of all that I have to be thankful for immediately my creative reservoirs run dry. For me thankfulness is lived out in a life style of worship in all I do, be it coaching clients, attending my son’s soccer game, or emptying the trash. Through thankfulness I become an open container ready to receive creative inspiration. 

3. Resist Striving

When I remain in the present I can access possibility. When I strive to control, or force things to happen I surrender grace for the present moment and time. The paradox is that sometimes I must strive to be at rest.

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