Day 17 Are You Dying of Thirst In An Oasis?

Day 14 Dying of thirst

This morning I was thinking about the times I’ve been parched, but wouldn’t draw near to a water supply (wouldn’t get up off my *** to go the kitchen, turn on the faucet and drink!)


It’s said, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. It’s a sad reality to be in the middle of an oasis, but not see it. It’s a sad reality to be gifted another day to live and be in such despair that it’s whittled away.


What might be the difference between those that have so little and yet live with full abandon and ecstasy and those that just can’t quite grasp their goodness portion?


I’ve had seasons were I remained in drought, because of my blindness and hard heartedness. I’ve had seasons where joy escaped my grasp, as I camped out in the mindset of lack. And then it happened! I began to recall the goodness I’ve experienced, the joy and elation from seasons past and joy couldn’t help but over take me. Then I started to build on that joy in every moment looking for pieces of beauty, whether in the garbage heap or the morning sunrise. It's there and if you look for it you will find it in every circumstance.


What might be keeping you from your oasis?


Day 9 Lack Rescinded


prego signed

Do you ever wonder what stops the flow of inspiration? Why does the well dry up and you feel parched and dry when the water supply is within and not out of reach?


Sometimes I put myself through mental gymnastics thinking I am isolated and alone, much like I felt as a child. That is UNTIL I realize that even if I feel alone, I've never ever been alone, except in my perceptions.


I know its popular to talk about perception, mindsets and shifts these days, but its because we are waking up to a reality that has always existed, but we've failed to see. We’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes, while in actuality the veil no longer exists.


We’ve looked outside of ourselves for the mirror image that exists within. We’ve looked for inspiration outwardly, when inspiration is busting at the seams with breath and life, hope’s meter tapping away love's melody, wooing and including us in the passionate dance and resonance of life.


When I bump up next to you I feel the spray of breath, inspiration filling the air, new and alive, bumping up against the life of inspiration within me. It’s the patter of little feet, the baby in the womb stirring to the sound of the Father’s voice and likeness in each of us.


It’s asking you what you carry, what joy you're pregnant with and what life you have to deliver? Grace announces that lack has been rescinded.


Lack Rescinded


Starving while the table is set, this gap forgetting where there is no lack.

Swallowed up in Trinity glory, friendship of fullness, ache subsided.

Wrapped in over-loved goodness, caressed and lavished inexplicably strong.

You are not far off as some might be. You are not a wonderer, not like me.

You are steady and sure and constant devotion, like the ocean overflowing the beach.

Lapped up in embrace, no morsels of rationing,

no short sale, no barter for goods. Love completeness, flourishing full.



Are You Chained By Your Thoughts?



It's easy to look around and think something outside ourselves is the cause of our struggle or issues in life. I certainly have and still do at times. But when we begin to recognize our outer struggles are related to an inside perspective, things begin to shift.


We might think our lack of income, provision, health, or relational issues are the cause of what’s stopping us. We might be tempted to measure our reality by our surroundings, not recognizing that reality is not a fixed dimension, but an interpretation.


Hopefully our awareness and paradigms will continually expand and we will out grow the limitations we’ve previously perceived. (I continue to discover thoughts and perceptions that I didn’t know I had and regularly make the choice to reframe the way I see life and I hope you do to.)


It’s when our thinking is entrenched (actually stuck in a groove) that we’ve chained ourselves to an idea that becomes a law that rules over us. A belief only has power to master us if we believe it is the law, or authoritative rule. When we move out of a legal relationship to it, we immediately open ourselves up to experience a profound shift.

How To Get Unchained

Suppose we recognize an area where we're stuck and even identify the thought or emotion that has been hindering us, how do we get unchained? Do we strain and try harder to think differently? No, trying harder actually tightens the grip of the negative or old way of seeing things.


When we stop focusing on the negative the negative stops being attached to us. When we open ourselves up to other possibilities we actually release ourselves from the entrenched thought or way of seeing and effortlessly begin to experience an exchange. When we release something there is actually a shift in our brain that allows us to perceive an alternative perspective.


Something only remains attached to us when instead of living in the expansiveness of love and the openness of liberty; we are living from the fear driven reality of a legal exchange. What do I mean by this? Notice the way doubt driven thinking measures things out in tit for tat, such as, “If do this, I am owed this” or “If I am not enough of this, this will be the result.” We all have some legal, punishment driven perspectives that hinder us until we awaken to a greater reality, beyond payment for a good performance and punishment for a perceived inadequate performance.


Many people never live beyond a legal, law, head relationship to life, as they process the world linearly, even reducing God to a rule keeper that keeps us disempowered and our hands tied, rather than owning the bad rap we may have attached to God instead live in the expansiveness, liberty and freedom intended for us. This is a big one!


A clue to recognize this perspective within yourself is to notice when you feel shame, “shoulding,” “not-enoughing,” feelings of powerlessness and victimization or internal or external judgment. These are signs that a legal perspective is hiding somewhere. (I just exchanged a legal perspective that was disempowering me for a dandy upgrade in my perspective this week!) When we get out of our head and move beyond dividing things up from a perceived knowledge of "good and evil" and awaken to true liberty, transformation takes place.

Far too smart1

Willpower Is a Dud!

Living under the "law" is the same as willpower. It only works for a while, but can't carry you very far for the long haul. Fitness experts understand that lasting change requires a change and expansion in thinking and lifestyle. Self-help and trying harder will never lead to true transformation. Transformation happens on an entirely different plane. Even grasping this concept on a cognitive level doesn’t bring about transformation.


Transformation happens as we experience an exchange from a legal entity lens into the law of perfect liberty, which transcends intellect. This is the realm of love and faith, a reality beyond time and space or quantifiable dimensions.


It’s easy to focus on the negative because it's the lowest form of reality, but living in the negative (place of lack) and seeing the negative keeps us bound to the letter of the law rather than to life and liberty, which in my faith belief is Christ within me.


Science informs us that we can actually see the exchange take place in the brain from negativity to possibility. When we are thinking negative, low level thoughts our brain looks like a scorched, barren tree. Conversely, when we are thinking expansive thoughts of love, joy, and peace, our brain looks like a flourishing, fruitful tree.


When we choose faith, love and hope we let go of linear, control-base thinking and move into wide-open spaciousness, beyond limitation. Are you living in the freedom of perfect liberty or merely living under the law? Want help getting unchained? If something resonates in your spirit, but you're struggling to process the words through the wall of entrenched thoughts and ideas, take a risk, take a leap into freedom and get support!


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Are You Living Below Value

Turn can'ts

When I was in my early twenties struggling with an eating disorder, a young male testosterone driven friend shared with me his view of the world.

He said, “All the girls with eating disorders are so easily influenced (he really meant to get into bed) because they have such poor self-esteem and don’t realize how pretty they are. You simply tell them they're pretty and they’re yours.” 

I have never forgotten his perspective or his words.

Some of us are living below the truth about who we are. Some of us have settled for a much lesser perspective about ourselves than what is true, what is good, or what is right. Some of us need to change our mind about the way we see the world and ourselves and break old agreements; some of us need an upgrade!

What if we changed our mind- instead of living from a reactive, below-value-ridden perspective, we began to influence ourselves differently?  What if we actually shifted our perspective? What if the internal influences that have driven our perspectives changed and we began to take responsibility for driving our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves? What if we gave ourselves the benefit of the doubt?

Are you wondering, “How do I do that?”

Once when grief was attached to me like a fly on sticky paper, I heard an invitation in my being to choose joy. I didn’t feel joyful, but I chose to follow along, because I wanted to be free of the pain.I was encouraged to think of everything that made me happy and joyful in my lifetime. Suddenly I felt a change-taking place on the inside, as memories stirred and butterflied around my stomach.  My countenance shifted and a genuine smile emerged on my face. This gave me a new track to follow instead of the old familiar groove that had been etched in my consciousness, as I choose to be deliberate in shifting the track of my thinking.  To this day, I practice directing my thoughts.

Should you think I haven’t experienced the pain that you have and that this is a fluffy remedy, I have experienced a good deal of heartbreak and loss in my life and sometimes-painful memories surface. While I believe there is a real need to process through emotions and grief, rather than denying them, there is a point when its time to choose.

After loosing a husband to cancer, a mother to mental illness and a brother to suicide on Christmas, burying him on my birthday four days later, I have been intentional about taking back the holidays and my life by creating an entirely different track for myself. 

Does this sound easy? It's not necessarily easy, but all it takes is a willingness to be willing to see things differently. By putting on a different pair of lenses, we show ourselves kindness. Choosing an upgrade means receiving a greater measure of love and personally I can't do that without divine assistance. Do you need an upgrade in your thinking? Try changing the way you think.

Are You Giving Away Your Gold?

Kimberism: "Although men are accused of not knowing their own weakness, yet perhaps few know their own strength. It is in men as in soils, where sometimes there is a vein of gold which the owner knows not of. "Jonathan Swift Did your mom ever say to you, “If you don’t have something good to say keep your thoughts to yourself?" That phrase was frequently repeated when my kids were small. When ever they criticized someone or something I required them to find five good things to say about the person, or thing.

 Although this practice is a useful disciple, how often do we speak judgmental things over ourselves, or allow others to speak harmful things over us?

Many women give their power away by giving preference to others opinions or interpretations above their own. When ever we allow other interpretations to set the standard for how we view ourselves we open the door for falsehood to be spoken over our lives.

We give power away when measuring ourselves with external perceptions. Clearly words have the ability to build up or tear down. They can be greatly beneficial, or rob us of our gold.

What are you speaking, or allowing to be spoken over your life? If you believe you were made with undeniable value and intrinsic beauty you will not allow your value to be stolen.

What is the remedy? When you are tempted to think or speak critically over your life, or receive someone else's negative assessment, train yourself to sift through the brass to find the true gold in every situation.

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