I've Been Done

IMG_1420I’ve been done

Scraped and shattered

Brittle edges-sandpaper crunch

Layer upon layer peel back the dirt


Surrendered to the brightness of one perfect touch

With scalpel in hand cut down to the bone

Walled off resistance in response to forgotten casualties, relationships dismissed

Ritual’s blinding disregard has gouged heavy grooves in my soul

No eyes see

The gaping


Strings strung true, but it’s all in the tuning

I cave under the musician’s pluck

Alignment to you-colliding with intimate love

Who you’re meant to be

What I’m meant to see

Art in the undoing

Beyond logic, or sanctimonious howl

One lost tree in the garden

Bended knee softens me some how


Not a trifle, as some would like it to be

Splintered and scattered ravaged sons

No one grieves

I’ve been done

Undo me