You Are a Song


Sunset High

Imagine if when we looked at each other and heard a sound, or saw a scene, or beautiful image?


FullSizeRender-24 copy 3

I passed this street art above over the weekend and loved the message.  

Imagine hearing a melody or seeing a sunset when we look into another's eyes. For it is when we learn to suspend judgment and see the unique poetry in each other that we truly see.  

We are spirit beings, but so often we think of ourselves in compartments that don't truly exist. Awakening to the powerful reality of spirit over natural sight immediately alters and broadens our vision.

Our spirits are eternal so they aren't cloaked in persona or ego. Practicing abiding in the present and Presence means seeing beyond the natural seen realm. This is certainly foreign to many folks, but this is true reality, which enables us to carry peace and joy despite circumstances and outer measurements society forms of success.

Spirit is the only lasting reality, all else withers and fades. All of the false beliefs we hold crumble as we continually awaken to the reality of Eternal Love.

Some folks in my faith persuasion believe you have to jump through all sorts of hoops to arrive at this, but the truth is that all hoop jumping was accomplished on our behalf. This is not about willpower, in fact willpower hinders us from practicing the Presence and abiding in peace through one's spirit. Its through acceptance and openness that we enter in.

If you aren't seeing beauty in others, maybe you aren't truly seeing. 

Day 13 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days, Sunset High


Hope Vehicles Are Delivering!


When I heard the question being posed in my spirit, “What does the 2016 model look like?” Those that know me well know that I have a love for banged up old vintage pickup trucks. Some girls dream of new vehicles, yet for years I’ve dreamt of old pickup trucks that show the wear of time to match my eclectic high heel and blue jeans, city streets and country dirt roads life. Needless to say, I was intrigued having never been the type to keep up with the annual trend in vehicles. 


I love to eclectically blend the old with the new. I always have. Maybe it began in high school with my preference of vintage coats or my family’s creative bent and love for beautiful décor and design, but suddenly this bent seemed to be highlighting volumes to me.


The New Model

I knew hearing a question like that was for my benefit more than God seeking an answer to a question He already fully understood. I also knew it wasn’t an invitation to move into striving mode, to draw up a five year action plan for my “make it happen” personality type. If I’ve learned anything through this long season of transition, it's been sitting with the question and responding with, “YOU tell me, what does the 2016 model of Kimber look like?” and then inquiring together around the truest version of this year’s vehicle, usually a blend of some of the old original material and new design. That also means taking notice when my heart is resonating at its highest points.


As I've inquired and we’ve chatted, bit-by-bit, a spark of understanding has begun to light. As I’ve been willing to listen and learn to flow with the river, rather than force it, I’ve learned to let go of ill-fitting forms of transportation. I’ve become better equipped with a way of transportation initiated by spirit and inside out living, rather than self-will and ego. And even though my vehicle has been parked in storage for a time, I’ve sensed the engines being fired again and the gas to fuel the vehicle growing in power that is not self-made.


World Wide Delivery 

This conversation began even prior to this question when my attention had been directed to the messages on passing trucks. As if there was a flashing light leading me, I was astounded to read, “God transportation,” “Fire Protection, safe guarding lives and property,” “United Parcel Service, world wide delivery, pickups, synthesizing the world..." As the conversation continued, I noticed a theme around parceling out packages.


And then the funniest thing began to happen, every time I ventured out in the morning, often at varying hours, I would see a parade of UPS trucks. The first morning there were four and the next time five and the most recent parade included twelve trucks!


I became giddy with anticipation around awareness of the abundance of gifts that have been parceled out and are ready for worldwide distribution. And like every child awaiting Christmas the excitement has been growing around the resurgence of seemingly dead dreams, dreams that have been set aside, buried and forgotten. There are an abundance of gifts and packages in route for delivery and those that thought they'd missed it, but have given themselves to a season of rest, listening and receiving, instead of striving, are about to receive new directives that might just include a little bit of the old dream, too!


The wait has felt long, but it has been a needful time of preparation. Now it’s time to allow the dust of disappointment to be blown away and to embrace the hope of what is to come as delivery has been set in motion. Even when the world seems hopeless and overshadowed with darkness there have been good gifts stored up within you! Vehicles (you and me) are being prepped and fueled for the road with a promise of delivery parceled out for the benefit of others. 


This is a time to be on the look out for the true-new vehicle that you are in this season, the one that has been made road worthy and laden with gifts for delivery! This is a time for the hope carries to arise with their packages of joy!

Day 20 Why You Should Stop Trying To Do Something For the World


Often we’ve heard that we have something the world needs and so we set out to provide the solution or gift to serve that dilemma. While it may sound reasonable that we were made with a quality or gifting that will benefit the world, I believe this thinking is entirely backwards.


What if there was nothing we really needed to do for God, because frankly, God’s got it covered? What if instead of carrying the yoke of thinking there was something we were supposed to do or accomplish, we merely lived from the overflow of who we truly are and in turn that would be the brightest, truest thing we could ever do?


Imagine the difference from being a duty bound 'yes' man and a free son.

As a parent I get excited about what excites my kids. I don’t expect their interest to benefit me. I hope they fall in love with life to the degree that it spills over as a natural expression of who they are.


 “Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we need to be and embracing who we are.” Brenè Brown


Instead of trying to do something for God, what if we got in on what He was interested in and as any loving dad can tell you, that is his kids!


Interestingly, there were two specific times in my life when I felt God was really excited about what I was sharing with him and neither times had anything to do with a noble or spiritually pursuit. However, they were the two times I was the most honest and clear about my desires. Just like a good Dad, God seemed excited about what I was excited about.


During seven years of widowhood my prayer was for a husband and father for my children, but not just any husband, one that was a great lover (there were other requests that were equally as honest.) And then there was the cute yellow house I randomly passed blurting out, “I want that house!” Certainly I’d say my interests were not pious or dubious, but rather clear!


God seemed onboard with my desires to the extent that He gave me two specific dreams to support them. One dream involved a friend interpreting a dream I had with the word Beulah in it. I soon discovered Beulah means married!


The other dream was of a map highlighting the exact location of the cute yellow house long before we were in the house market, even knew we’d be moving, or the cute house I had spotted was on the market.


How important is it that we get honest about who we are and what we desire? Darn important. We can continue to do the things we think we’re supposed to, but at what cost? Is the upstairs team yawning, while waiting for us to get clear and honest about our real desires and not dutiful halfhearted junk?


Some of you might be thinking, 'isn't that child-centric?'  It might be if you've interpreted God as distant, out of reach and non-relational. However, I believe the Father is all about relationship, not sacrifice or duty. Most of us have spent a lifetime relation to God as if we needed to appease him and ward off his wrath. I on the other hand think that is a gross misrepresentation, which has kept the masses reacting with the same distance.


Instead of living in a manner that keeps us separated from the free child he created us to, trying to do something for God, what if we got in on relationship and what He is interested in and as any loving dad would confess, that is his kids!

Day 19 Throw Until Something Sticks


My dentist said that when he was 6 years old he knew he wanted to be a dentist and by twelve he knew the exact spot he wanted to live and start his practice. Although that is amazing, it is extremely rare. Most of us need some time as adults for self- discovery and self-permission.


As a life coach I work with adult client after client that is redesigning, refiguring and rediscovering themselves and their lives. Redesign is a natural part of life’s transitions. Instead of shunning the notion, we should eagerly embrace it, because life has a way of throwing us into new experiences that cause us to shift and recalibrate our direction.


My friend Robert Ricciardeli said, “You don’t need to change who you are to become successful. You just need to live in the authenticity of who you are for success to find you.”


Recalibrating is often about leaning into your natural, God given passion, gifting and bent and seeing the design process emerge. For some this is highly specific, but for many this is the equivalent to throwing stuff on the wall and discovering what sticks, while being unafraid to try various possibilities. When you feel inspired, grab a chunk of life, give yourself permission, throw it on your wall and see what happens.

Day 18 It's Time to Sing Again

Time to sing

I’ve sung my whole life. For forty years I've written songs and even been awakened in the morning with new songs on the tip of my tongue, until about five years ago when the singing stopped.


I knew that something shut down inside, because for the first time in my life melody wasn’t bubbling up from deep within. Previously I sang when things were good and I sang when things were bad. I also knew I couldn’t "fix" the gift that I didn’t initiate in the first place, but I suspected that my trouble was mistakenly basing my outlook only on what I could see. That kind of perspective would dash anyone’s hope.


Hope is a powerful thing. In fact, hope has a lot to do with how we interpret circumstances, how we look at the future and define things that do not yet exist. I’m typically a Pollyanna, but sometimes when the manifestation of hope wanes, the lack I perceive through my natural sight causes a feeling of deficit. That’s when the opportunity presents itself to choose how I will interpret what I cannot yet see.


Even though I hadn't entirely recognized it, there had been tremendous fruitfulness in my life over the last several years. I only needed to recalibrate how I looked and what I saw. And that's when I heard, “This is the year of singing.”


My hope has been popping off the charts over the last year. It’s not that every circumstance in my life has fallen into place, but rather that my hope and faith perspective have recalibrated. Hope is the substance of things yet to be seen.


Hope is consistently singing over every single one of us if we will tune in to hear the new song.  This is the year of recognizing and embracing hope. This is the year of the songbirds returning.

Day 12 Webbles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down

Day 19 Webbles 2

Being a person generally perceived as strong and hopeful, I am always surprised at the surprise of others when I have the occasional off day. You know how it is; sometimes you seem to be spinning in a different frequency from your normal, your vision is blurred, causing an inability to see through the here and now to a greater reality.


It’s always in those times that I expand and discover more (I hope you do to.) The light comes to illuminate my darkness and I see better than before. I discover yet another illusion camouflaged as reality.


It’s easy to panic in that wobbly space before the dawn, as if the dawn isn’t coming! But when I think over my life, I realize that even in times of wobble, I have never landed on my backside without the grace to go on. I have an anchor living in me. This anchor of hope is what consistently keeps me afloat and steady even with my occasional wobbles.


Sometimes all we see is the struggle and so we fret, or those around us wring their hands in helplessness to assist. What we forget is that the occasional gap that may cause momentary trashing, results in greater expansion of vision and perspective. We can best support others when trusting and resting in the process, as we ourselves are carried into a greater grace. When we see others and ourselves through the lens of fullness instead of preoccupation with the struggle, we find ourselves aligning with this reality.


To pretend that we never wobble is hogwash! The more we are transparent about our wobbles the more permission we give others to be real about their own. No one lives without occasional wobbles. The question is whether in the times of wobble and lack of clarity, do we grasp that hope is the anchor that does the steadying?



Day 10 Remember Butterfly


I painted this butterfly, because I needed to be reminded that the butterfly wouldn’t always be a caterpillar.


Today, I’m saying to myself, “hold on butterfly. It’s gonna be okay!”


I call myself Butterfly and other endearing names like, Beautiful and Sweetheart. In fact, some mornings the first thing I hear when I wake up is the greeting, “Good morning beautiful! This is your day!” I know God is excited to spend the day loving me, and I get another day to love Him.


Today, I needed to be reminded that I am a Butterfly. I needed to remember. And boy did I remember. With a goodness kiss I got a healthy reminder and I will share about it tomorrow. Come back by for a visit!

Day 5 Desire Isn't a Bad Thing

Chosen well1

For sometime I’ve followed the notion that things flow effortlessly and with ease when we get instep with what is being divinely initiated in our lives, rather than trying to assert our own effort and will.


Here's where I get this notion:“God does not respond to what we do; we respond to what God does. We’ve finally figured it out. Our lives get in step with God and all others by letting him set the pace, not by proudly or anxiously trying to run the parade.” Romans 3:27-28 MSG


The thing that gets some people into trouble is that in an attempt to follow what God is doing; they shun anything they desire believing their heart is evil. But Psalm 37:4 tells us that God actually “appoints” and “bestows” the things we desire. That’s what the word “give” translates to mean in this verse, “Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desire of your heart.” 


He actually appoints the things we desire. When we deny the things God has uniquely placed and appointed in our hearts, we are actually resisting God. Instead we need to recognize that we are no longer living under the old covenant that states that the heart is deceitful and wicked (Jer. 17:1). We've been reconciled and given new hearts. 

Living in the old outdated frame of reference keeps people disconnected from their heart, and the God who occupies it, living from a slave mentality, rather than sonship. Here's the deal: we actually get to live in the freedom we’ve been given, instead of running from it.


How to Get In Step

It’s when we trust God to initiate and activate the things he’s placed in our heart, rather than trying harder and working to produce them in our own steam that we get instep with him. This isn't a legal proposal, dictating that we had better stay out of a holy God's way, but an easy, breezy overflow of entering into the fullness of life through relationship that allows us to be instep. 

We can stay in the lens of legality, do's and don'ts, or the lens of liberty that has granted us all things, though all things are not what might be inspired in this moment.

Francois Du Toit tells us in the Mirror Bible Translation, “Truth has found its most authentic and articulate expression in human life. If our message seems vague to anyone, it is not because we are withholding something from certain people! It is just because some are so stubborn in their efforts to uphold an outdated system that they don’t see it! They are all equally found in Christ but they prefer to remain lost in the cul-de-sac language of the law."  2 Corinthians 4:2 MB

To wrap up my thoughts today, we have the freedom to chose from our heart, but we also have the invitation to choose the best things over every dangling carrot that grabs our attention. Today on day 5 of 30 Days of Creative Expression, I am journaling around, the art of things chosen well, not often. I am leaning into the invitation that is alive within and noticing where life is beating its most fervent, yes!


Enter Into Irresistible Bliss

Collage poster Moxie Me 1

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Wishing you and yours all the blessings of Christmas, a happy holiday and New Year!


Kimber Britner

My Christmas Miracle



Years ago as I watched the new version of Miracle on 34th Street with the kids, feeling like the disillusioned mother in the movie, a gentle whisper seemed to say to me, “Can you believe in Santa Claus?” I thought to myself, “How utterly ridiculous!” I was a grown, rational woman who actually was a bit surprised by my enjoyment of the movie.

But there I sat, bewildered, posed with a question by the very One I thought would feel contrary about Mr. Santa Claus. And yet how absurd to think God would be threatened by this imaginary rival. I could have ignored this strong impression that popped into my head, but I chose to follow its lead.

God has always spoken through pictures, like Jesus did when He would tell a parable to illustrate His point. I believe God speaks through pictures because they engage us, but also because He knows that there always will be those who will dismiss Him and not bother to turn aside to truly examine what He’s getting at, like some of the prideful folks of His day.

The probing continued, knowing my firm resistance to the frivolity of Santa Claus. He was prompting me to delve deeper and look into the significance of this joyful character. But like the efficient mother in the movie, I had learned how to plod along, handling the realities of life. Yet, he was simply asking me if I would be willing to receive all of the blessings and joy that Santa represented. He was asking me if I would be willing to receive a life of joy, bliss and grace that surpassed my circumstances.


God was speaking to my heart and telling me He had so much for me, but I had to be willing to receive it. He longed to lavish His bundle of joy-filled gifts on me like Santa. I could continue to live below what He had for me or I could acknowledge a fully grace-drenched life and identity. All I had to do was be willing to become like a little child and receive.

Shortly after the experience with Miracle on 34th Street, I was at a home group leaders’ meeting where a woman shared that I had been on her heart and so she had been praying for me. She said that as she prayed, an odd picture of a candy cane popped into her head. She asked me if that meant anything to me. A huge smile came across my face as I instantly recognized God’s “Santa-esque” style humor.

After this Santa experience, I decided to start a charm bracelet to commemorate the times God personally touches my life with a sign of His outrageous generosity and love. One of the first charms I put on my bracelet was a silver candy cane to remind me of His extravagant love.


Wishing you the beautiful gift of extravagant love this Christmas.

Portions of this article are taken from Moxie Me Please! Awakening to Your True Identity ©2014 Kimber Britner, All Rights Reserved

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We Are Family



Family is important to me. And although I adore my Brady Bunch family, it wasn't until several years ago that my life coach pointed out that family is actually the way I see that world and want to do business, reflected primarily through 1. Relationship 2. The atmosphere or environment of being social, such as a party! The truth be told, my best memories growing up were of the holidays spent in merriment and cheer with the large extended family and of every holiday party I got invited to! I am at my best within family and I believe it's meant to be that way.


Now living in a city built around the corporate structure of banking, you might not think this model for business and life is a good fit. I however, am thrilled with the prospects of what this perspective means. I am thrilled with what this perspective has done in my own life, as my vision continues to grow around community and family, not merely what I can create that might be obsolete in short order, but what a group of people (women my sweet spot) could do to change a city and the world. You see that’s what I believe family has the potential to do. You can see my manifesto about this here.


Family, the Good, Bad and Ugly

Family means a lot of different things to a lot of people. Those who have been hurt by it often want nothing to do with it. I have certainly lived in this reality concerning the instability in my family of origin, but I recognized that ‘s not the whole story. Family is so much more than one snapshot or necesssarily relatives for that matter.


Although like many folks, some of my experiences pertaining to family, have at times left me scattered, frayed and with a defensive posture to avoid being sucked back into a toxic whirlwind, whether through my original family or the family culture of “church” that I have been associated with for thirty years. I am however grateful for the enduring qualities and example of family, relationship and love that swallows up the negative. There is an opportunity we each have to be a part of the solution and not the problem. I saw this modeled profoundly through my Grandfather, the normalcy and consistency in my life.


It’s interesting that our values are often forged as a solution to a very real challenge we ourselves have encountered, thus, my coming to recognize that my struggle with family showed me that I was made for family. We were all made for family.


We Were Made For Family

Although we exist within them, we were not made for corporate structures. We were made for family. We were made for relationship. And because we are valued and truly defined as those who are fully loved and accepted, we can live beyond our structures into something bigger, more satisfying, namely the beauty of relationship.


Remember the 1970 Stephen Stills song, Love the One Your With? Family is about recognizing and loving those around you, where you are. There are a lot of things that keep us from living in this way, especially the whiplash of previous failed attempts that have us looking over our shoulder, tentative, afraid and isolated, the very thing that keeps us separated.


However, when we realize that there is actually no separation from the One who made us, the Source of love, who is not somewhere off in the sky, but within us, all hurt and disappointment gets swallowed up by the expansiveness existing within this Love. Really, where can we go and be outside of this Love except in our mind? We are not far off; we’re swallowed up in love.


When we awaken to this reality it makes it easy to love right where we are. We can love the one we’re with!


When we understand any shortsightedness or misstep of love does not define us, we can awaken to the reality that we are a part of a big family (like it or not) and we are wildly and lavishly loved! Recognizing this creates a celebratory atmosphere where we want to live in shared merriment and joy. Welcome to the party! We are family!

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Love Surprises

Love Suprised1

I found this dandy sticker that says, Love to be surprised on a piece of junk mail and immediately rescuing it, stuck it on my bathroom mirror. I knew there was a message in the text before I even grasped the simplicity of it! Now I regularly stare at this little love note to self while brushing my teeth and putting on my makeup. I am reminded that I am loved to be surprised! Just thinking about the nature of love makes me giddy and sends me twirling!


The thing about love is that it goes beyond normal reality. Have you ever heard someone that’s fallen in love, describe mundane, rational thoughts or feelings? Love’s signature is that you fall. We say falling “head over heels” because we tumble over ourselves in the best of ways, so that head is no longer the leader. We move beyond our rational thinking and all it’s limitations. We return to being the girl or boy that believed the sky was the limit.


It’s when we return to love, that we enter into Love’s surprises and we enjoy the nature of surprise lurking beyond the lattice, watching and waiting to lavish goodness at every turn. Diving into the depths and heights of love we are able to move out of pain and disappointment, needing to “know” and needing to be in control. We simply bask in Love’s intoxication.


I love good surprises and I know that I am Loved to be surprised! Are you in need of a good love overhaul that banishes doubt and rationale for some overdue merriment and joy? Let the mere thought of being so fully, wildly, out of control and opulently loved cause you to fall over your head!

Are You Chained By Your Thoughts?



It's easy to look around and think something outside ourselves is the cause of our struggle or issues in life. I certainly have and still do at times. But when we begin to recognize our outer struggles are related to an inside perspective, things begin to shift.


We might think our lack of income, provision, health, or relational issues are the cause of what’s stopping us. We might be tempted to measure our reality by our surroundings, not recognizing that reality is not a fixed dimension, but an interpretation.


Hopefully our awareness and paradigms will continually expand and we will out grow the limitations we’ve previously perceived. (I continue to discover thoughts and perceptions that I didn’t know I had and regularly make the choice to reframe the way I see life and I hope you do to.)


It’s when our thinking is entrenched (actually stuck in a groove) that we’ve chained ourselves to an idea that becomes a law that rules over us. A belief only has power to master us if we believe it is the law, or authoritative rule. When we move out of a legal relationship to it, we immediately open ourselves up to experience a profound shift.

How To Get Unchained

Suppose we recognize an area where we're stuck and even identify the thought or emotion that has been hindering us, how do we get unchained? Do we strain and try harder to think differently? No, trying harder actually tightens the grip of the negative or old way of seeing things.


When we stop focusing on the negative the negative stops being attached to us. When we open ourselves up to other possibilities we actually release ourselves from the entrenched thought or way of seeing and effortlessly begin to experience an exchange. When we release something there is actually a shift in our brain that allows us to perceive an alternative perspective.


Something only remains attached to us when instead of living in the expansiveness of love and the openness of liberty; we are living from the fear driven reality of a legal exchange. What do I mean by this? Notice the way doubt driven thinking measures things out in tit for tat, such as, “If do this, I am owed this” or “If I am not enough of this, this will be the result.” We all have some legal, punishment driven perspectives that hinder us until we awaken to a greater reality, beyond payment for a good performance and punishment for a perceived inadequate performance.


Many people never live beyond a legal, law, head relationship to life, as they process the world linearly, even reducing God to a rule keeper that keeps us disempowered and our hands tied, rather than owning the bad rap we may have attached to God instead live in the expansiveness, liberty and freedom intended for us. This is a big one!


A clue to recognize this perspective within yourself is to notice when you feel shame, “shoulding,” “not-enoughing,” feelings of powerlessness and victimization or internal or external judgment. These are signs that a legal perspective is hiding somewhere. (I just exchanged a legal perspective that was disempowering me for a dandy upgrade in my perspective this week!) When we get out of our head and move beyond dividing things up from a perceived knowledge of "good and evil" and awaken to true liberty, transformation takes place.

Far too smart1

Willpower Is a Dud!

Living under the "law" is the same as willpower. It only works for a while, but can't carry you very far for the long haul. Fitness experts understand that lasting change requires a change and expansion in thinking and lifestyle. Self-help and trying harder will never lead to true transformation. Transformation happens on an entirely different plane. Even grasping this concept on a cognitive level doesn’t bring about transformation.


Transformation happens as we experience an exchange from a legal entity lens into the law of perfect liberty, which transcends intellect. This is the realm of love and faith, a reality beyond time and space or quantifiable dimensions.


It’s easy to focus on the negative because it's the lowest form of reality, but living in the negative (place of lack) and seeing the negative keeps us bound to the letter of the law rather than to life and liberty, which in my faith belief is Christ within me.


Science informs us that we can actually see the exchange take place in the brain from negativity to possibility. When we are thinking negative, low level thoughts our brain looks like a scorched, barren tree. Conversely, when we are thinking expansive thoughts of love, joy, and peace, our brain looks like a flourishing, fruitful tree.


When we choose faith, love and hope we let go of linear, control-base thinking and move into wide-open spaciousness, beyond limitation. Are you living in the freedom of perfect liberty or merely living under the law? Want help getting unchained? If something resonates in your spirit, but you're struggling to process the words through the wall of entrenched thoughts and ideas, take a risk, take a leap into freedom and get support!


Join the Moxie Me Please! Coaching Group starting in Jan. 2015 and move into the expansiveness of possibility. Register today! Early bird pricing ends Dec. 10th. For information and to register click here!



Paradigms Need to Be Challenged

Rational mind rejects

What if all of you, every part of us is sacred, everything we do? What if we are the container and can’t divide up our coming or going, our cooking or hiking into sacred and secular, because the life within us is complete, worthy of awe and gratitude, as beholding in a mirror the image of perfection?


When we live from a place of perfect approval according to God’s complete knowledge of us (and the extent to which He went to prove it), we are set on the path of liberty. It’s only when we fall for or stay entrained to the tempting idea of “I am not” that was initiated ages ago, telling us that we are somehow far below who we truly are that we get seduced and held hostage.


Francois Du Toit says, “And so we have exchanged God’s perfect approval of us, based on his perfect knowledge of us, for our imperfect knowledge of ourselves and of one another…”


This seductive alternative perspective is one where we have to work to prove ourselves as if we could master our own being separated from our original Source. And it is this very idea of separation that keeps us striving to try harder and to please.


Honestly, sometimes I forget that I’ve left the speakers of the “I am not-tree-system” that Francois Du Toit coined, turned up. When I interpret life through deficiency, instead of through the Tree of Life lens of I am perfect, fully graced, loved, secured and accepted, I disempower myself and knock myself out of the race.


It’s this “not-enough” lens that burns with a feeling of alienation, shame, inferiority, and being set aside that trips-me-up every time I engage it’s taunts. It tricks me in two ways.

1. In thinking I need to work my way into favor that allures me to grasp for control, and the need to quantify and systemize everything. It’s this outdated vantage point that whispers secret ego enticements to get me to dance, and hustle and pull the skirt over my head to earn my keep; usually without recognizing I am even doing it.


2. Sometimes it throws me out of the game, or I throw myself out of the game when I believe I am separated and flawed.


Paradoxically, it is this very sting of rubbing me raw incongruence rubbing that causes me to harken to the truer sound, the beckoning whisper of Love that runs through every crevice of my being, awakening me to the truth and challenging the counterfeit with questions instead of answers.


For who can predict the day of their birth, or cause their heart to pulse beat after beat with unstoppable life? Who can separate themselves from the womb?


It’s this Love that initiates and celebrates what taunts of “not-enough” only swallow up and confine. It’s this Love that expands realms of possibility and discovery beyond my knowing, taking me on a honeymoon romp beyond time and limits.


When my mind has me detained by search light wardens and detention guards, I know that I have fallen for the “I am not” reality instead of my spotless design. It’s only arrogance on the lowest of level that causes one to calculate and measure insider and outsider, sacred and secular in others or myself.


What if love is the only reality that never ceases to breath, create, morph, and give life, while transcending all dimensions? What if our measuring the world up into our tiny reality isn’t even in the ballpark of what reality truly is?


Do you feel boxed in, because you keep putting yourself under the dead-end system of the law? Are you eating the rotten fruit from the “I am not enough” tree and want to eat from the wide-open spaciousness of the Tree of Life?


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Does What Worked For You Once Work For You Today?

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In 1997 the second year Christmas rolled around after my husband Bill passed away, my smart welding grandmother tossed out a new idea. Instead of having me slave in the kitchen for an elaborate Christmas dinner, we would order Chinese take-out. This idea became a family tradition that we continued to celebrate for years, along with serving up a smorgasbord of Hors d'oeurvre on Christmas Eve.


Now that the kids are on the West coast and I will be celebrating Christmas with my East Coast family, things look differently and therefore need to be reexamined. It’s been said that change is the only thing that remains consistent. To stay in sync with change, intentional choices must consistently be examined and exercised.


Are you living in default, or are you making deliberate choices today and in the season to come?


It’s important to look at your life regularly and evaluate what you are tolerating and what you would actually choose instead. Process the information in this manner:

1. Ask yourself, “What do I want?” Although this might seem obvious, you’d be amazed how many people shuffle along through life without addressing what has been placed in them to nurture and to live out.


2. After identifying what you want, it is important to: Determine where you are at this moment in relation to your desire, dreams, vision and goals.


3. Determine the next right step to move forward toward your vision or goals and take incremental, intentional action.


Even the most independent of us needs regular support in life, including those that live in the woods, provide their own food, and live off the grid. Each of us needs to link arms with those who have different skill and gift sets.


As you determine what your goals are in the season ahead, consider joining the Moxie Me Please! Coaching Group to help you unearth your gold, gain clarity and vision around your voice, your passion and your true identity, move closer to your vision, and get activated.


One of my goals for 2015 is to support more women in stewarding and activating the wealth that they carry.


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Things Clients have said:

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 "I had such great fruit from our session. God brought the whole thing to the surface for months after.  I love your sense of freedom and creativity. It's truly inspiring!" 

"You bring out peoples inner bling!"

"The first session of the program did something so deep, it was awesome!"

"Kimber you’ve been instrumental in provoking forward thinking in me. I love how you empower women. You’re the type that gently leads…you have a strong grace. I would guess that would be GRACE & TRUTH, together. Then you release! I’ve never felt judged by you and you truly have a spirit of counsel. I feel safe with you!"

I Pick Up On Cues

Dessert bloom complete

Not the first, but the second web guy I’ve worked with has gone missing, vanished from contact and out of sight. I read a post yesterday from a woman in the UK stating that her thirty-one year old web designer was tragically killed, so picking up on cues, I paused, I prayed for my missing in action web guys and then I paused again, because I knew that my missing “Webers” have been held up from me intentionally in the cosmic chute. This cue, I knew, because “missing in action” was my specialty; taking the missing and helping them look into mirrored beauty. Helping them pause so they can truly see.

But oh how I am a doer. I like to get things done-wired for action and forward movement. My top strength sighted by Strength Finders, is: Activator and so it’s natural that I like action. Yet here I am on this winding journey of learning to cease from action, to slow the engine, to retire youthful self-will and missing Webers and instead, wait. Wait? Waiting for what? Waiting for the greater and not settling for the lesser of my bullet speed active, idea-producing mind.

Who likes waiting? Like a kid in the candy store I want my hands on the candy. I want my hands in the till! For an action girl waiting flies in the face of everything I think I know! It flies in the face of those who pound the pavement, make it happen and wave their stats to prove it. It flies in my face, so I throw tantrums, “Why can’t I run? Why can’t I conquer and complete? Why can’t I be amongst the doing doers? Why can’t this gold I carry be released?"

This “I can do it” independence wipes her sniffles of comparison and poem by poem her uneasy hand steadies in this wake. Then I am reminded that I was made for “different” and different is not what I usually want to be! Then I’m reminded that we are all gatekeepers of sorts and it's important to know the gates that we keep.

So I trim my light in the darkened stillness. I hold the space for other miners and songbirds that have forgotten to sing. Graffitied across my soul, I was told, “You get the songbirds singing,” and so this waiting is perhaps not waiting for me.



You are a gatekeeper of one thing or another, be it mysteries, or spaces, be it open or closed. There is a telling and there is a knowing that only you can know.

I walk in the quiet where action curtails. I walk in the heart-world beyond sofa and tea. Substance expands, but only if you allow it. Take its hand and walk through the doorway where a listener hears, but a runner cannot perceive.

I call to the quiet, standing in the doorway. I gather up morsels for others to eat. It’s not skyscraper technology, or analysis inquiring. It’s the simple, the beautiful the ancient and the found, the corridors whisper of yearning for oil. Stay in the busy and you will miss it with superfluous glitter and mountain rounding desert.

Walk into one doorway or another. Fill up, or stay empty, a lantern holder’s choice. Yours or mine, you cannot compare it. Choose for yourself for time can’t help but reveal it.

You Were Always Adored


This week I witnessed the breathtaking birth of our first granddaughter, Amelia. As this precious new life came bounding into the world, helpless, naked and without any credentials. I was awestruck with the perfection built into this little life. No one told her that she needed to “do” something to be loved and cherished. Not for a moment was there hesitation to welcome her, or ponder her worthiness. She was adored before she even left the darkness of the womb.

Because of the perfect blueprint within her, she immediately gravitated toward the source of her nourishment, nursing from her mother without instruction, effort or fuss. And as she grows she will continue to gravitate toward her greatest fan and life source named, mama.

Amelia grew in the darkness of a hidden place, until the time she was revealed. And even now, she will be dependent on support to care for her, love her and clothe her in all she will need or do.

Life is made up of the same repetitive seasons that Amelia will continue to experience, like the rest of us. There are seasons when visible growth is unapparent, but the greatest growth is taking place in the unseen hidden chamber of darkness.

The last few years have been that sort of season of rest, stillness and preparation in my life. If I had not given myself to the time of rest, but rather busied myself with superfluous, unnecessary activity, I would have delayed the clarity and scope of full vision that came as a result of openness and willingness to be still.

Sometimes we try to fill the empty space, because it’s hard to sit with the gaps. We find things that seem “good,” but are not the “best” to occupy ourselves. Imagine if Amelia set out to "work on" her development in the womb. Imagine if she sought to clothe her own nakedness, or struggled to deem herself acceptable with some form of activity? What if she tried to grow herself instead of receiving the love that was growing her?

Amelia, like every single one of us came into the world as a beautiful BEING, not a Doing! And she will spend months, and even years doing nothing, but receiving love and learning bit by bit small steps into doing. She will never become a Doing, she and the rest of us will forever, be BEINGS.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to fall in stride with our seasons. When in a womb like season, we have the opportunity to embrace it with rest, and ease and reception of divine love encased around us. Through it we are growing in new dimensions. When we are again brought forth into action, we are never to forget our innate nakedness, or need for love, support and dependence on our very life Source.

Nothing we will ever do will be more perfect than the Being that we already are. Today, settle into your fully loved identity, whether you are working or resting, be enveloped in the womb of your original, completely loved identity. Like Amelia, remember what its like to let yourself be loved.

Your Life Is A Manifesto

Jumping off from last week’s discussion around values on, A Little Bit Vibrant and A Little Bit Moxie Radio Show, today fellow life coach Nicole Greer and I talked about creating and using the powerful tool of a Manifesto. You can find the recording of today’s show here.  And find the recording of the previous show on Values, here. 


Why are manifestos important?

A personal manifesto is a powerful tool that is a declaration of your core values and beliefs, what you stand for, and how you intend to live your life. It can function as both a statement of principles and as a call to action. A personal manifesto helps to establish:

▪    A frame of reference

▪    A compass to steer with

▪    A guide to remind you of your priorities

▪    A foundation to build upon


Without clarity, vision and purpose any action we take will only keep us circling around the cul-de-sac of confusion. A manifesto helps define and state what is important to us. Creating a manifesto helps us identify where there is a need or gap that we were created to remedy, what the benefit is and whom the benefit will impact. This immediately helps us move away for all that is incongruent and outside of the vision.


When we clarify and define our passion, vision and life’s work we are better able to stay the course, remain focused and course correct when needed. This tool helps to differentiate the path so that the ship is not run a drift for lack of clear direction and intentional action. 


Guidelines for Writing Your Personal Manifesto

There are two separate manifestos I recommend clients create. The first one is a personal manifesto expressing, who you are and what is important to you. There is no right of wrong way to express this. The idea is merely to capture on paper statements about yourself. You can continue to define and refine over time as you gain greater awareness and clarity. Below see the example of my personal manifesto.


Personal Manifest


As you gain personal clarity it is amazing how you begin to open up and expand into broader vision. The purpose of the Mission Manifesto is that it declares, “that which will appear” or manifest and as your mission. Below I’ve posted the example of my Mission Manifesto.


Mission Manifesto


Create Your Own Manifesto

Start writing your manifesto by answering the following questions: What is_____


  1. The Need or Gap(s) you’ve experienced in the world? Example:shame,condemnation,fear, poverty of mind, (lack of grounded identity)


  1. The Remedy for the gap and your Passion? Example: Awaken to a fully loved identity


  1. The ultimate Benefit and Reason? Example: Transformed lives! Experience, love, hope, vision, possibility, support for one another, a personal love revelation


  1. Who is this for? Women



Remember to use inspiring and powerful words, write your manifesto in present tense and be sure to keep it positive. I’ve created mine in bright colors and fun fonts. Keep your manifesto as a clear and powerful reminder of who you are, your passion and where you are going in life, as you move forward with action and intentional steps to see your vision manifest.

Have fun creating!




Keeping Your Dream Alive

Keeping Dreams Alive










 There are many perspectives stemming from upbringing, the faith community and the world at large, that can foster a mindset of scarcity and separation. “I’m not enough”, “There isn’t enough”, or “I’m somehow distanced and on the outside looking in” beliefs are fallacies that do not reflect the truth as much as they reflect a lens from which we may be viewing our reality.

It’s important to recognize a skewed lens when it presents itself, rather than allowing a scarcity perspective to place limitations on us, by trying to shrink a limitless God into a man sized stature. It would benefit us to run from any thought or belief that alienates us in our mind and does not align with the promise that nothing can separate us from God’s love.

If nothing can separate us from God’s love, than nothing can separate us unless the separating and disconnecting is on our part! So when we get a tinge of fear about our future, our finances, or life in general that causes us to feel separated or left out from the pack, we must address perspective. God isn’t wringing His hands about the economy, tomorrow or our bank account balance and oversees all he does with love. This perspective pertains to our vision and dreams as well.

When we view God as a harsh taskmaster ready to pounce if we make a wrong move, we keep ourselves immobilized through fear. Although there are very real seasons of being hidden, or what feels like being set aside, so that roots can be established and grow, these seasons of isolation and delay are not punishment or disapproval, but demonstrations of unimaginable love.

If you feel hidden, set aside, on the outside, disillusioned, or debunked, know that God’s love has not been removed from you. You may be concealed, so that more can be revealed. Remember every great oak starts in seed form. Continue to dream and reflect on what’s been placed within you, as you nurture your vision in seed form.

Nurturing a Vision

• Focus on God’s love and not your circumstances

• Focus on the truth and not false evidence appearing real

• Stay out of “Group Think” and comparison

• Show up as you ARE

• Allow your roots to grow

• Continue to dream and nurture your vision, instead of fearing that you’ve been rejected

• Identify the collaborative support you need and begin to build relationships

• Allow your perspective to be altered so you can grasp your true love-identity

• No door can be closed when the time is right, so identity if you’re in a season of rest and preparation, or activation

• Remain in hopeful expectation for the new as it emerges on the horizon, even if it appears in a different form than you imagined

Hold onto your dream!

Need support? Check out the great resources here at Moxieme!

How Do You Handle Change?

Step into changeMy words sounded somewhat robotic as they came spilling out, “Yes, we’re moving again.” 

It’s so familiar, this explaining and answering back to the inquiries. Mom moved us and now work moves us still.

All the while I’ve learned to adapt to the path of change and even celebrate it, because peace is not merely a shingle hanging on the door. Peace is not an outer stability that is relocated with u-haul boxes, or circumstances outside of ease.

Blow winds of change and we will dance in your wake. (I am a transition and transformation coach no less!) :)

Change is a regular component of life

What life does not require transition, change and redesign? We may move here or there, but our spirit man can take up residence in Peace.

Peace is a choice. We don't have to tow the line of hustle and strive. We can glide with grace on our path. My path may not be your path, but all paths can be beautifully crafted with a perspective of possibility.

How are you handling change?

How are you handling change in the world, in your family, your body, your relationships, employment or dreams and vision?

Why not make change work for you?

Learn to become a change shaper and dream crafter. Learn to experience bliss and peace in all circumstances. Stop dreading change. Celebrate it!

Cease-Sriving-ButtonAs I step into change once again and look forward to new possibilities I want to share a powerful perspective-uplifter to encourage you in the change you might be experiencing. Simply email me at with the subject line "free gift" and my fun ebook, 100 Keys to Cease Striving and Enter Into Irresistible Bliss will be emailed to you!

You can picture me poolside this summer as we settle into a temporary apartment and begin looking for a permanent home in Charlotte. :)

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