How Do You Find Your Voice?

Kimberism: "The ‘still, small voice’ of God never calls on me to be like another man. It appeals to me to rise to my full stature and fulfill the promise that sleeps within my being." Sam Keen Did you ever wonder what role you were meant to play in the world? I always direct my clients to find clues about their purpose by checking in with their passion. 

If you’re heart is drawn in a particular area, do you put yourself through mental gymnastics wondering if it is a valid pursuit? Look at it this way, the word vocation actually means voice. Where are you meant to have a voice? Your vocation is meant to give expression to your voice.

Does your voice come alive when you are, sky diving, baking cupcakes, organizing, calculating, or when you are teaching, painting, writing or a host of other possibilities?

There is no end to the possibilities that exist. When you begin to own your voice you will begin to occupy the space to live out your vocation. For many this comes in stages. Often women need to grant themselves permission to express their voice and to follow its range.

I have a collage piece hanging in my house that pictures a group of women shrouded in burkas, silent, unseen and unspoken. Next to the row of women is pictured a young girl, smiling, free, unencumbered, radiating joy and life. Below the caption reads, “Don’t Loose Your Voice! Use It!”

Where do you feel stirred to use your voice? If you are uncertain, begin to explore various opportunities. I had no greater cheerleader in my life than my husband who encouraged me to explore every inkling of curiosity I had to find the right space for my voice. I still work to tweak it as it has morphed into my expanding vocation.

To identify your passions, it helps to consider what you loved to do as a child. And then ask, "What about that particular thing brings me joy?"

Take risks to lift your voice, explore the world around you and uncover your unique passion? Once you've clarified you passion, begin to create a blueprint detailing where you are now and where you want to end up. Remember your voice is unique to you and the only on you've got, so use it or loose it!

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