Tangled Spaghetti Life



I've been considering the spaghetti nature of life, the bended, twisted, intertwining of human beings, as if curvy noodles in a tangled heap. Throw noodles into hot water and watch them adhere and cling to each other, wrapped up in a mass of loving upheaval like a good Italian family!

When sauce is added to pasta a noodle might be known to slide to the edge of the plate, but generally noodles remain quite connected. You never see a batch of freshly cooked pasta exhibiting independent loner-noodles, separated from the batch. Even though meat, vegetables or a spicy tomato sauce are added, noodles hold on in starchy-cohesion.


Truthfully, I recoil at the thought of starchiness in people. When I sense starchiness I tend to go all independent forgetting that I have my own brand of starchiness, which clings to me like a gnat on flypaper. This is the stiff shirt kind of starch that I am referring to. I have my own propensity for starchiness like the rest of you do. The problem is it gets us stuck with the wrong kind of stickiness! When what many of us truly crave is the cohesion of relational, family-style life together.

So I've decided I'd like to be a little more like a noodle, welcoming the fragrant imperfection demonstrated in spaghetti lives. I've chosen to get untamed, welcome and embrace life and let life's hot water make me more flexible and cohesive in the process. That's what my book, Untamed Heart, Releasing Your Creative Genius is all about.

How are you at embracing this tangled spaghetti-life? How would you like to get untamed so you can truly enjoy the ride?



Join us for a little ‘Untaming’ in our Untamed Heart Online Program beginning July 15th or our Untamed Heart Retreat in September. Learn to embrace your untamed self and release your unique genius! Watch the video below!