The Bandage of Hospitality

Kimberism: Who practices hospitality entertains God Himself. Proverb

After seeing the Movie, The Help I encountered a heavenly conversation with The Upstairs Team where my attention was drawn to the contrast of the characters Hilly and Cecile. In the movie Hilly is a calculating, agenda driven woman, while Cecile possesses a childlike innocence and purity of heart. While Hilly strives to accomplish her self-serving agenda, the pure-hearted Cecile serves up generous portions of grace and hospitality despite her ample servings of disappointment and pain.

This conversation continued to expand within my life as I remembered being asked what I wanted several months before when I realigned my focus. Suddenly I saw a vivid picture of my house over run with people hanging out, an abundance of great food and the sense of extended family. Although I don't consider myself a domestic diva, family is one of my top values, so expanding the vision seems natural. I was then reminded that the word "hospital" comes from the Latin word "hospes" which refers to either a visitor or one who receives the visitor.  The Hotel-Dieu was a French name often used for hospital in the Middle Ages, meaning the hotel of God.

What one of us hasn’t felt like an outsider at one time or another and couldn’t use the bandage of hospitality as in the hotel of God? Most people can pick up the scent of calculated maneuvering that injures and separates in a flash and quickly flee from it. However, pull out a chair and offer a coke-cola like Cecile and you'd be amazed at the affect a little hospitality can have on people!

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