The Deliciousness of 2012

Kimberism: Internal abundance can't co-exists with fear, worry, or bitterness. The prospects of a New Year can create a slew of mixed emotions for many. Although one wants to hope for good things, unrealized dreams and past disappointments can serve to  anchor one to past or current pain.

Every New Year I spend time waiting for revelation and insight for the season ahead. Interestingly this year I heard the word “hopelicious” in my spirit. Honestly, this past year was a constant exercise in faith. As soon my hope tank was filled something new came along to drain it. So instead of reeling with excitement, I pondered the word “hopelicious.”

But then following this first bit of encouragement I heard, “Faith is the vehicle that moves hope into a reality.” Now were talking! Faith is the industrial strength substance that is necessary to weather any storm and be carried from where we are into the unseen.

The dictionary describes hope as: the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

It also describes delicious as: very pleasing and delightful, especially to taste or smell.

The word “hopelicious” goes well with my current mode of visual inspiration; the cupcake! For months now cupcakes have appeared in much of my artwork. I now understand the metaphor that goes perfectly with "hopelicious!"

Although not everything turns out the way we want or think it should, I have found that in time most things turn out better than we could have imagined. Some of you may not believe that right not, but I have seen it with my own eyes. As a devastated widow my life was deliciously restored. And hope was the single greatest ingredient that carried me to my new destination. I chose to hope in a fresh new future and that is what I received. I made the decision and didn't veer from it.

With 2011 behind us lets apprehend the "hopeliciousness" of 2012! How will you exercise your faith going forward, set a course and not veer from it? What delightful and scrumptious things are you hoping for in 2012? To truly be inspired and led into the world of "hopeliciousness" join the Heart through Art Coaching Group. To find out more click here! Or contact us for private coaching.

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