The Most Direct Route Is Not Necessarily The Best Route

Kimberism: "The efficiency of God may be understood as either creation or providence." William Ames My personality type is such that I am results oriented. I like to get things done without lolly-gagging around! Even when carpooling my young children I remember picturing the shortest route between point A and B to get to where I was going.

Recently when plans to go in one direction were divinely intersected with an opportunity that took us in the opposite direction I initially baulked. Then I remembered the assortment of opportunities I had received in my life that were doled out in anything but a straight line.

For instance, when viewing land for building our first house, I said, "Absolutely not! This is too far out in the country." It turned out to be the perfect location. When I came to my senses we purchased it and built our beautiful home in New Hampshire there. I did the same exact thing years later when viewing the second parcel of land where Mark and I built another beautiful home. I even had the same reaction when considering marriage, so its no surprise that my initial reaction was similar when presented with an alternate living solution that was entirely different from our original plans.

My plans have now been intercepted so many times that its comical. The truth is that every great thing in my life has come about through a divine curve ball, or alternate route. My husband Mark is a testament to that.

God's ability to orchestrate our lives is not limited by time, space, or a seemingly indirect route. Amazingly God orchastrates the best routes despite our lack of comprehension and the appearance of detours. When we align ourselves with the things divinely initiated in our life, we will always experience an upgrade of blessings and benefits we could have never construed on our own.  How open are you to the unpopular indirect route?

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