The One Fix that Can't Be Fixed!


Do you face each day with the idea that you are broken and need something outside of yourself to fix you? Do you look for that illusive magic pill that will make you complete when you’re already filled to the brim with gold?

What if instead of believing you're deficient you owned that you're fully complete and have everything you need within you to live a full and thriving life?

 Some things don’t need to be fixed. Some things need a whole new perspective.

What if instead of seeing the world as a victim, out of control, lacking and insufficient, you realized that you're stocked full withGod's utter wealth and brilliance. What if you believed you were absolutely loved to the fullest measure the way you are now?


You see it all has to do with your perspective. I hold to the foundational belief that I am utterly and completely loved. I was made in love and I am sustained by perfect love, so how could I lack anything.

Does that mean that everyone in my life has always loved me? No! Does it mean that everything in my life has always gone my way? No, it doesn’t. It means that I don’t measure my worth or quality of life based on the exterior world, but on the reality of a love that exists beyond the material world in and through me every moment.

That makes me quite wealthy and complete. In fact, I wake up most days believing that I am completely full and have everything I need for an outstanding life.

The Struggle

Do I ever struggle? Yes, there are days when I see life through the lens of fear, caught on a low plane, I can’t see the forest for the trees. There are days that I struggle with what appears to be true, but isn’t. There are days that I measure my worth based on what you and everyone else thinks about me, which instantly reduces my inherent value in my own eyes to someone of little worth. 

The reality is that I know the truth. Circumstances may occasionally rattle me, but I am so completely loved that sooner or later I wake up to this reality and comprehend this fullness. Although there were many a year I lived victim to depression and circumstances, I now rest in and soak up all of love’s overflowing goodness, because Love anchors me.

You may be a naysayer. That’s ok. You can maintain your reality. The reality I choose ( it is a choice) centers me in perfect love, so full and complete that it swallows up all toxicity. There is nothing that needs to be fixed when one lives in love’s goodness. Every difficulty, every notion of lack, every obstacle and shadow of darkness is ultimately overcome by love. Love is my only fix!