The Power of Elementary Things

Kimberism: Simple acts of kindness hold great power. Although kindness can appear unimpressive it carries an influence that will far surpass position, prestige, or wealth. Recently when driving by an elementary school I was overcome with a sense of God’s presence. I was a little baffled that I would feel this so strongly since I have never had the desire to be an elementary school teacher. However I probed a little deeper and sensed that the message I was getting was about “elementary things.”

It isn't complicated. From my vantage point loving and accepting people and helping people accept themselves is one of the most elementary things. Through the many roles I occupy I am frequently reminded of the basic desire we all have for genuine acceptance, belonging and kindness.

Although love and kindness are elementary they are far from ordinary, simple, but impactful. I myself remember feeling swallowed up by life and a few simple, but poignant acts of kindness helped to bring balance to my world over the years.

  • How are you incorporating the elementary things in your life and business?
  • How are you seeing people as the gold, rather than the means to a current outcome you desire?
  • How can your elementary acts of kindness make a difference in the lives of those around you?

Don't over look the power of elementary things.

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