The Power of "No"

Kimberism: The power of “no” leaves room for yeses! Life is like a fast moving freeway with consistent on and off ramps. How easily we get pulled to the left or right from new ramps displaying shiny objects. What one of hasn't followed something flickering in the sunlight one time or another? There is a powerful little tool we often forget to make use of to help with the constant barrage of options: the word “no”!

The word “no” gives us the power to keep from veering off in directions that will only distract and delay our ultimate route. If we follow every new ramp we will certainly end up broken down on the side of the road.Unsheathing the power of “no” frees us up to stay on route, or to be in a season of rest, while we are tallying new information for our route.

Where do you see the need to wield the word “no” in your life?  Begin practicing the power of “no.” You make room for authentic "yeses" by exercising the power of “no”!

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