Things that Make My Heart Go Pitter Patter

Kimberism: "Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift." Albert Einstein As I start out a New Year I always reevaluate my goals and dreams. One of the fun things I have done to get my creative juices pumping in years past is to make a list of the things that make my heart go Pitter Patter. Here is an updated version of an oldie but goodie, 25 Things that Make My Heart Go Pitter Patter. What are the things that make your heart go pitter patter? Make your own List. Need help jump starting your creativity? Join Heart through Art and unleash new passion and innovation. 

25 Things that Make My Heart Go Pitter Patter

  1. The way my husband looks at me and holds my hand
  2. Big family life
  3. Helping women live inspired, passionate lives that make a difference
  4. God's amazing creativity and love for me
  5. My creative kids who aren't afraid to be different from the pack
  6. The ability to dream
  7. Hearing and responding to the music in my heart
  8. Stretching, risking and always growing
  9. Living from a place of divine inspiration and vision
  10. Women and our wonderful ways
  11. Communicating, writing, creating and ideation
  12. Color and texture
  13. Girl's get-aways
  14. Dates with my man
  15. Beautiful clothes
  16. Travel
  17. Laughter and fun and more laughter and fun
  18. Recognizing that the only limitations are self-imposed
  19. Joy from the inside out
  20. Selfless acts of love
  21. Beautiful beaches
  22. Liberty to be myself
  23. Good food and good conversation
  24. Dancing
  25. God's kindness and man's embrace

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