Half tribe girl

When I was a little girl I used to line my dolls up on my bed and talk to them about life. Little did I know that the way I played then was something I would continue to be passionate about as a grown up. In some ways my growing up years were short on parenting, so I think I've always found the best way I knew how to parent myself. The process has continued into adulthood as I've gleaned from others whose voice,  message and courage inspired my own.

What I love about the coaching modality is that it assists others in finding their own answers and their own voice. Instead of telling clients what they should do, coaching comes from a place of believing the client is the expert on their own life and through powerful questions assists the client in finding their own answers. I find this so refreshing after many years of being in a culture that is very fond of telling, rather than inspiring.

When I began to hold this kind of wide open space for myself, I began to  encounter likeminded folks. It's remarkable to encounter others who hold the space for another to be and to walk out their own discoveries, rather than telling them who they should be, what that should look like, and the confines of the rails in which they must adhere to. I generally run from those types and I hope you do too!

The spirit of a message is usually between the lines, often in what is not said. It is in the way someone stands, opened or closeness. It is a sense of wide-open welcome, or regulated measuring that keeps one needing to bow and scrape and arrive at something. What if we could celebrate that we have it all now?

Life gets pretty simple when we understand that those we are meant to walk with and work with will gravitate toward us. It frees  us up from trying 1. To be something other than ourselves and 2. To pull others that we're not aligned with into our camp.

Naturally, I am drawn to creatives and those who want to live with abandon and express more creativity and I have a message that creative/heart centered women tend to respond to. I don't need to worry about appealing to the rest. It means I can still be the same girl that talked to her dolls about life as a grownup. :)

The best way to find your tribe is to be YOU!

Thanks for stopping by for Day 10 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days! This is, entitled: Tribes