Twitter and Facebook Saved My Life

imagesI am a social bug, so I am happy to be a part of the social media revolution.

Some people dismiss and poo poo the online world going on around them. One thing is certain you can ignore it, but it isn’t going away. Social media guru Sandi Krakowski tells us there are 4.5 Billion "Likes" generated on Facebook daily!

Do you have things in your life that keep showing up even though you poo poo, ignore, or deny them? Do you stumble upon negativity despite your attempts to be positive? Do you find yourself sabotaged by fear and mindsets that derail you? Do you think your free, but then discover an area of your heart under lock and key? You’re not alone!

How are you dealing with it? Are you trying to keep your life hidden like the days before Reality TV when lives were lived in secret? Then you’re living in the wrong decade! You can stay hidden, locked up tight and watch life pass you by, or you can take steps to claim your voice, get in the game and get untamed.

You might be thinking no one cares about my life, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. People want to hear your rants, concerns and your closet secrets (without too much exposure, remember Anthony Weiner) because it gives them permission to own their own their own voice, to share and get in touch with their own humanity. That’s what platforms like Twitter, Facebook , Instagram and Pintrest have recognized and facilitated. 

Why is the world fascinated with airing its dirty laundry? Maybe you’ve heard when you bring hidden things to light they loose their power. Twitter and Facebook continue to save my life one post, one tweet and one interaction at a time as I get to be apart of a community where I share, learn and grow. Jump in the water, gain the courage to say what you need and get freer in the process. 

You have a voice. Whether you know it or not, this is the time to find it, not a copy of someone else, but the you that is true.

If this sounds too scary, like exposing yourself is the last thing you want to do, maybe you’re ready for a small step toward personal expansion. Try tweeting! :) To join me in the conversation follow me at and

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