Kimberism: If we settle for the lesser we will forfeit the greater. Several years ago I had a dream that a friend and her husband were attending a clinic that helped people rewire their minds so they weren't affected by allergies. When I woke up from the dream I was excited and knew that God wanted to deal with my plaguing allergies.

Fast forward two years later when my family and I were offered a house sitting opportunity for a couple that needed care for their home and dog. The crimp in the opportunity was that I was extremely allergic to dogs. Interestingly I was told an amazing story about the family’s housekeeper and her gift of healing. Apparently on the same day that she had been diagnosed with cancer she returned home to find that her two sons had drowned in the pool. Miraculously she prayed and they came back to life! Later she was also healed of cancer herself.

Having been offered this house sitting opportunity I believed I was being offered the opportunity for a divine upgrade. The first day we moved in I immediately asked Anna the housekeeper to pray for me about my allergy to dogs and asthmatic problems. Ever since Anna prayed for me I have had no problem!

This experience has challenged new areas of my faith and thinking. What issues are you tiptoeing around, or tolerating in your life that need a faith upgrade? Look at the opportunities around you that need an expansion. Are you in need of a divine intervention in what seems impossible and ready for a faith upgrade?

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