Wake Me Slowly

Wake me slowly to feel the hair rising upon my arm, not miss a single whisper, not a single nudge to beauty. Don’t let me miss one pulse of my own heartbeat, not the flex to a taskmasters push, or the wobble to a skyscraper’s posing. I must beat to my own rhythm; must know love.


Wake me slowly, as I smell that sweetness of a heart coming to life, as I abandon the old shackles and meet the sunrise. I grasp life in its fullness; you living in me. Wake me slowly, so I can hear my song, and sing my freedom.


Wake me slowly as I bask in the river where beauty tells its story; a splash and a girl’s bliss is reawakened, re-commissioned. Wake me slowly so I can remember that I soar.


Poem and original art By Kimber Britner © 2013