Watch Out! The Giants Are Coming!

Kimberism: “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.'' Corrie Ten Boom Many people are familiar with the story of the courageous Joshua and Caleb who despite the cowardice of their fellow Israelites bravely perceived the giants of their day as their food.  Are there giants looming on the horizon tempting you to hunker down and hide, rather than inspiring an afternoon snack?

Most of us are facing some sort of giant in our life, be it finances, job transition, health, relationship struggles, or other issues. We can allow the reporting of the news, our families, neighbors or even society intimidate us, or we can display the faith and courage it takes to overcome our giants and enter into our "Promised Land."

Below are a few powerful tactics when countering your giants~

  1. Deliberately choose whether you will live by fear or faith.
  2. Become tenacious about setting a guard over your thought life. Allow no intruders to take your thoughts hostage. Close your ears to the whispers of those stuck in fear, doubt and impossibility mindsets.
  3. No matter what you see with your natural eyes work to remain in peace, rest and faith, rather than anxiously flailing and striving.
  4. Determine to let nothing stand in the way of living on top of your circumstances instead of below them.
  5. Muster your moxie and hold your ground by replacing negative mental accusations with the truth. Become and over-comer!

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