What Are You Seeing?

ID-100170974We see life through our own particular lens and because of this our worlds can be very small. Why not? When we were kids it was all about us. We never even noticed that our parents might have been struggling, or that our neighbors were unhappy. We thought everyone saw what we saw and believed what we believed. If we thought the sky was green we were certain everyone else did too.

 It's interesting that sometimes it takes a life-altering event to shift our lens. At first the lens might be narrowly focused, but somewhere along the way we may notice our perception expanding. Suddenly we are aware of others who might be hurting too. We have a new sense of compassion. Although hurting people existed previously our lens was so narrowly focused we couldn’t see them. Suddenly our lens expands to see a larger perspective.

Photo credit: freedigitalphotos.net

The same is true of many things we currently see through our lens. We might think everybody sees the way we do until we learn that our persecution is our perception. We honor others when we allow them to hold their own perspectives without insisting that our lens is the only lens, because clearly it is not.

If you were a kid who painted the sky green and your art teacher insisted that it must be blue, I am sorry, for clearly she was seeing through her interpretation and lens.

The more secure we become about our identity apart from external titles and roles the more we will be comfortable with others differing views. We won’t feel the need to dogmatically plaster our perspective, or lingo on others. We will be more open to ask questions and genuinely understand someone instead of making assumptions about whether they are an inside or outsider. Suddenly the need to be the winner will fade and we will find our vantage point expanding as we ourselves expand and grow.

Take notice of the invitation and challenge to expand your lens. In what area are you being challenged to grow? Practice taking off all restrictors to situations and becoming open to unlimited possibilities. What possibilities exist with an expanded lens?

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