What Is Filling Your Atmosphere?

Kimberism: Be careful of your thoughts; they may become words at any moment. Ira Gassen  The Latin root of creation is “to bring forth.” Everything we see initially comes from the unseen realm. Something exists in the natural realm because it has been “brought forth” from the unseen realm.

God spoke and creation manifested. Now rather than thinking that creation is making something out of nothing, we could think of it as tapping into what already exists in heaven’s unlimited supply. Everything already exists though it has not yet been "brought forth."

Our words affect what manifests in our lives. Our words merely revel what is in our heart, faith, or doubt. Our words fill the atmosphere around us with faith, or defeat, belief, or unbelief. Although the fruit of our words may not be evident, they remain in the atmosphere until the time for them to bear fruit. The question is what kind of fruit will our words produce? What kind of things are we calling into being by our words?

Our words are like magnets that attract either life or death to any situation.  In response to our words, or prayers, spiritual forces are set into motion to bring them to pass. Prayer is affected in the spiritual realm before it is answered in the natural realm.

Are you calling in those things that are not as though they were through faith, or through fear and unbelief? Isn't it time we became aware of the atmosphere we are creating and “bringing forth” through our words? How are you "directing your heart in the way" by setting a guard over your thoughts and speech?

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