What is Wafting From Your Life?

"When you dream about your life what do you imagine? How do you see yourself?” Those were the two questions I asked a client recently, before I invited her to close her eyes and take a walk into her future.

During the process she discovered some new things about her desire that she wasn’t cognoscente of previously. She like many women was notorious for living day to day; emergency to emergency; taking care of the needs of all those around her; yet lacking intention about her own vision. This exercise began the process of fleshing out the future she desired and wanted to create.

Most of us grow up with messages about being responsible and making a good living. Few are encouraged to be delight-led, or to seek out extravagant bliss. Yet, delight and bliss are factors that tell us a lot about ourselves and the way we were uniquely wired and gifted.

While most of us would acknowledge the virtue of being a responsible adult, responsibility is the result, not the method for creating a passionate future. Responsibility is something one can put on and take off like a hat, while passion is ignited uniquely from within each of us.

Certainly those that are passionate about their work are more likely to excel than those merely driven by duty and responsibility. I for one am not such a happy camper when I stray from my uniquely given gusto and delight, and get caught up in dutybound obligation.

Think about school teachers who demonstrate their abhorrence of teaching, while passion-led teachers have potential to impact students from sheer love of their craft. A person who has connected to their innate passion is rather like a billboard advertising savory life!

What does your life demonstrate? Do you abhor what you do, or does passion resonate from your life in such a way that it can't help but impacts others? Evaluate if you are delight-led, or duty driven. Which aroma would you rather have wafting from your life?

If you are sucking it up and bemoaning a life without delight, try defining one positive thing that you can implement in work, or your activities that will connect you to your uniquely gifted delight?

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