What's The Fuss About Getting Untamed?

Get-Untamed There are plenty of people that are content to mottle through, not look up from their desk, cope, comply, bury, forfeit, overlook and deny their true inner wealth, but not me! I've let life’s pressure carve and shape this diamond. Why waste the process? Why let it be for naught? I've been willing to become unraveled, disheveled and dismantled, so I could own the beauty that is here. I am not ashamed to state it. You shouldn't be either.

We each possess and carry beauty. Yours may be different than mine, but I will honor and recognize it and give thanks for it.  I don’t want to hangout with the “good girls” who color in the lines. I've been there and done that. I can recognize a parrot in a second flat! I want to hang among the brave, beautiful warriors, who soar and who fall, who risk and who leap. Not the pristine rule keepers that spout the law and miss the entire point.

Hear me scream, “Let your heart go, so it can be found. Join the risk takers and get untamed!” If that's up your alley, check out Untamed Heart:Releasing Your Creative Genius and down load a free chapter!